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:Charles "Beast" Gray

Aliases: The Beast,Johny Boy,The Mad God,


Occupation:Adventurer,Reality Explorer,Women Lover,Mercenary,

Motto:"Everyone has flaws, except me of course."

Quotes:"That was unexpected."

"In a world where there is evil that justice cannot defeat, will you taints your hands with evil to defeat evil or will you stand steadright and righteous even if that means surrendering to evil"

"I once knew a man with good taste his name was "Jack" but the public knew him as "Jack the ripper""

Likes:Simplicity,sushi,japan,japanese,new things,women,science,new places,

Dislikes:Idiots,Stupidity in general,Naive Heroism,gorams,

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Hobbies:Travel through the planes of reality,Scaring,Trolling,Being a Detective


Ability:PlaneswalkingSingularityTranscendent Machine physiology-the omniscient,

Interests:Cooking ,Painting ,Stealing ,Killing

Origin:Charles was created by an ancient race who were later destroyed in the Gorams war. Beast is also a code name given to him.  B.E.A.S.T.=Barbaric,Explicit,Adventurous,Special,Transcendent. words that describe him.


A God Is Born


A long time ago there was a great battle far far away, the battle made more than 162 different species extinct.

There were the Gorams and then there were their greatest Rival the so called "Beast" the battle went on for a few centuries.

Beast destroyed many planets in search for the Gorams home planet, thats why Beast is known as a killer,massmurderer and such. In the end Beast decided to destroy the whole plane of reality that the gorams lived in so they would never disturb him again.But when Beast opened a rift to the next plane of existence a few gorams sneaked through, thats why even until today Beast will always hunt the survivors of their race.

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