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August 17, 2015
  • Ghostyrilla


    August 17, 2015 by Ghostyrilla

    Name: Aquila

    Alias: Queen of The Sea, Seamother

    Age: Unknown

    Preferred Weapon: Spear

    Affiliations: The Sea

    Occupations: Queen, Defender of Earth

    Alignment: Nuetral Good

    Fighting Style: Uses the environment against enemies

    Aquakinesis: Aquila can control entire oceans.

    Invisibility: Aquila turns invisible like the clearest part of the ocean.

    Super Strength: Aquila has trained for billions of years and can now lift as much as the earth.

    Echolocation: Like a whale Aquila can find things by putting out sonic waves and waiting for them to bounce back to find enemies.

    Ocean Life Communication: She can speak with and control sea life.

    Scaly Skin: Aquila's skin is a tightly meshed scales making her skin practically indestructible.

    Shapeshifting: Aquila can chan…

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  • Ghostyrilla


    August 17, 2015 by Ghostyrilla

    Gender: Male

    Alias: Gorilla ghost, Ghost Lord of The Underworld, King of the Jungle

    Age: Has No Age

    Preferred Weapon: Scythe

    Afilliations: The Underworld, The Jungle

    Occupations: King, Bounty Hunter

    Alignment: Neutral

    Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts

    Practices: Psychokinesis

    Super Strength: Has the strength of a Gorilla combined with his ghostlyness making him superbly strong.

    Teleportation: Can travel through the underworld and extreme speeds and reappear on earth.

    Flight: His ghost side gives him the ability to fly.

    Annoyed: When annoyed Ghostyrilla can kill a person with a thought.

    Necromancy: He is the king of the underworld and can summon the dead at will.

    Pyromancy: His father who he defeated to take the throne was part of the Fireblood family p…

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