• Frowire

    no one knows for sure where and how she came into existence. And when asked, Talia gave them these Answers.

    1. One day, I just popped up into existence. I have no idea why. I just did. Can't remember where or why. But here I am.
    2. One day I was experimenting with the space-time continuum. On a distant planet. The experiment went horribly wrong. And I got stuck outside of time and space. Before I knew it, I had powers, it was the best day of my life. I could go places.
    3. I'm so old now I can't remember how I came into existence.

    Motto: “I adore traveling around meeting new people and extortion their stuff”

    "I like your stuff, can I have it?"

    Theme Song: Adam Lambert - Trespassing
    Archetypes: The Drifter, Bold Explorer, The Con Man, The Magnificent…

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