Emmaliana 4

Name: Willow Anderson

Aliases: Druid, Terra, Animalia, Empath, Vet

Powers: Druidic Magic, Animal Empathy, Earth Manipulation

Abilities: Enhanced Reflexes, Aura Reading, Enhanced Durability

Alignment: Neutral

Motto: "Animals and Nature to an extent is a part of our lives. If we want to continue living as we do, then we need to take care of what we have."

Quotes: "I seem to prefer company of animals over people. Animals are more simplistic."

"Do you not think that you are in my territory now?"

"And besides, aren't animals loyal to the one that has earned their respect? You have not earned mine, therefore I will not respect you even if you threaten me."

Theme Song: WIP

Occupations: Lady of Nature, among other things

Origin story: The Anderson family can trace their lineage back to the time of Merlin Emrys and Freya themselves. At least one member in each generation has been blessed with the magic of the ancestors: Druidic magic and in this generation it's 19-year-old Willow.

Willow entered the world during a spring rainstorm on her family's isolated ranch. When she was born, her parents knew that something was up and immediately tried to keep her magic and ancestry a secret. Well, their plan completely failed because Willow was visited in her dreams by the spirits of Merlin and Freya and she learned about her ancestry before her parents wanted her to.

This caused problems between Willow and her parents. Willow became so fed up with her parents' overprotectiveness that she left the ranch when she was 17, heading for the city. Now, with the help of animals, Willow has assembled a neat and hidden organization in the shadows, gathering people and animals to her and making them into Guardians that would watch over the city.