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Fllflourine September 14, 2016 User blog:Fllflourine

This will basically be the first (if I do it) series of blogs in which I analyze fictional characters and determine what kind of powers they have. I know there's like a known users list for every Superpower, but it is only known users and thus doesn't include every user in fiction on a particular superpower, for example (also we don't exactly have individual character pages to list all of their powers and abilities, and searching can be a bit of a hassle at times). But mostly, I'd like to have some fun in this too, wonder what I'll get :). Think of it as a sort of respect thread along with some misc info, like height and weight. 

Requests in the comments plz, but also start small (small as in either a character that doesn't have a lot of powers to begin with, or a character that doesn't have a lot of screentime and thus I won't have to sit through too much), though later on I'll do more :)

Note that I can accept/reject your requests for any reason, but I'm usually open.

Character 1

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