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  • Fllflourine

    Nation Sheet 1

    November 6, 2016 by Fllflourine

    RIP. If I go back to this blog later on, it'll prolly be of something new.

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  • Fllflourine

    Undergoing Revision

    Aegialeus' (A-Jaw-Lee-Us according to themself) origins are lost in time. They are a lone traveler, with no place to stay, who strolls through worlds. Either way, they exist primarily for the sake of thrills and possibilities that are out there in the world. They are known by many names, all lost throughout history, but the one they refer to themselves the most, is "Aegialeus". They often make up stories of the past, sometimes of their own origins in the rare case their identity is revealed, usually by themselves. 

    Status: Alive

    Epithet: The Omnifarious

    Laterality: Ambidexterous

    Classification: Shapeshifter, World Traveler, Globetrotter

    Color Identity: White, though has a liking towards Green.

    Likes: Fun, Excitement, Possibility, N…

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  • Fllflourine

    Character Analysis

    September 14, 2016 by Fllflourine

    This will basically be the first (if I do it) series of blogs in which I analyze fictional characters and determine what kind of powers they have. I know there's like a known users list for every Superpower, but it is only known users and thus doesn't include every user in fiction on a particular superpower, for example (also we don't exactly have individual character pages to list all of their powers and abilities, and searching can be a bit of a hassle at times). But mostly, I'd like to have some fun in this too, wonder what I'll get :). Think of it as a sort of respect thread along with some misc info, like height and weight. 

    Requests in the comments plz, but also start small (small as in either a character that doesn't have a lot of po…

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  • Fllflourine


    September 7, 2016 by Fllflourine

    ^ This means without any addendums

    There is no escape from the Cardboard, as much like in the tale of Midas, all shall turn to Cardboard, even the concept of nothingness shall turn to cardboard. None can control the power of Cardboard except the Cardboardmania itself, which is one with all cardboard which is all things and no things combined. Suns, Planets, Oceans, Continents, and the Universe itself will bend to cardboard. All means Cardboard, and whatever one says, actually means Cardboard in various languages, which are also cardboard.

    It is much like the Gold touch, but Cardboard. Anything can be turned into cardboard, and all concepts shall be turned into cardboard. It is the ultimate power, the biggest underdog, and if one has unlimite…

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  • Fllflourine

    Adam Raflyke

    September 4, 2016 by Fllflourine

    Status: Alive

    Epithet: The Black Rose

    Laterality: Ambidexterous

    Classification: Mercenary, Bounty Hunter

    Color Identity: Black, Blue

    Hair Color: Black

    Likes: Grilled Foods, Meat, The here and now, Bounty Hunting, Success

    Dislikes: Bitter tasting Foods, Unrealistic people

    Hobbies: Shooting things, Eating food and drinking

    Values: Adventure, Thrills, the here and now

    Affiliation: Himself, but otherwise Galactic Directorate, as they hired him.

    Previous Affiliation: Unknown

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Loyalty: Low

    Just an OC for one of my stories.

    Backstory: Born to unknown parents in a spaceship, and unintentionally abandoned by them when they were both drafted in the military by force, Adam had to fend for himself from day one, cooking all of his foods, finding all of h…

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