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Type H: The Demon

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Type H

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'You shall feel the wrath of heaven and hell...' '

Personal Information
Epithet The Darkness

Title/ Other Names

Type H

The Demon

Species Transcendent Demon/Transcendent Angel
Gender Form

Above Genders

Age Appearance

Before Existence

Birthday 29th of June 

Izalith Hell's Abyss

Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation


Disability None

None/Not Affiliated

Professional Information
Affiliation The Dark Hunters( Second in command)


Base of Operations Hell
Extra Information






Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, messy

Eye Color




Powers and Abilities
Abilities (Locked)

Meta Power Manipulation

Powers (Locked)

Transcendent Demon Physiology All applications)

Power A++++
Information S+
Control A+++
Technique A++
Speed A++ (Mental)/S++(Physical)
Challenge Level 200


Type H appears to be neither male or female in its gender, but it almost always takes the form of a female in its body type. Type is unique looking in that its literally split when it comes to appearance. One side of it looks like a pure angel, while the other looks like a hellish-demon. Regardless of this, Type H usually has a smaller dress on and has both one angel wing, and one demon wing. Its eyes are red on one side and a bright blue on the other, to signify the split. Its hair is also split, being a white grey-ish color on one side and pure bright blonde, again signifying the split.


At first, Type H was a being of pure and utter chaos, it was malevolent and evil, therefore it didn't care for anyone or anything's life around it. But now that she has been turned a new leaf by being with Sagami she has managed to become a pure good demon since then. With this new good side of her she's become more benevolent while still being a very big threat in the face of danger and is less prone to just murder everything around her because of her once evil and malevolent madness.


When the Void Walkers created the concept of Totality, they created a massive amount of unique beings, but some of them were made by complete accident. It was with this that Type H was made. Born from the fires of Existence coming to light, it was never supposed to be as powerful or evil as it was. But, unfortunately for Existence itself, Type H as it was classified, was about to go on an existential tear. Throughout her many eons of living Type H had done some of the most horrific shit a being could ever do to any being in Totality. During her Tear, she had three, major horrors that she put upon others, and while other horrors she had done were ungodly disgusting and bloody, these three put her stamp on existence.

Her first one came about when she visited a universe that was filled with relatively nice human-like beings. But her being evil and malevolent, she demanded that a whole city bow down before her, threatening to destroy it entirely, but the city would not listen. This, is when it got horrible, for she then had several spikes erupt from beneath the fiery ground as she flew forth, slashing and sticking her claws into anyone she could get a hold of.

Guts spilled across the streets as the bodies convulsed before her, twitching as spikes would penetrate their body and heart, burning them in eternal agony as their flesh infinitely melted. She laughed maniacally as the city fell before her in crumbling pieces, as people were impaled through every part of their body, dying, screaming, screeching as she ripped heads off and bled people from the wrists, drinking it and taking their souls.

This, was her first horror as she then moved on. She eventually came across a peaceful being who was in her own dimension of peace and love, and this is when her second worst horror. She first started off by turning the dimension torturous and evil as the being cried before her and begged her to stop. She didn't though as she then walked up and made the being experiece 100 times the pain by making her drink a potion.

She then proceeded to gut her repeatedly, as she tore her intestines out and would crush them, and unravel them slowly as she would heal her to keep it going, while the being cried and begged beneath her feet. She was repeatedly subject to her infinitely burning spikes and fire as she watched her dimension fall before her, having lost all hope and sanity, after a while, she just stopped feeling the pain and just sat there, crying unconsciously as her mind and soul finally broke.

Bored of her now, Type H left, leaving the being to die infinitely, closing her dimension behind her. Her third and worst horror happened when she found a cute child and dragged it to hell. Because of her malice towards Angels and holy beings at the time, this child was about to meet the absolute worst hell it could possibly have imagined. She first proceeded to physically break the child, as she would systematically break every bone in its body when it cried to her to stop.

The child was always crying and couldn't stop feeling the pain, being damn near infinitely dead by the time she had broken its final bone. After physically breaking and destroying the child physically, she then procceed with mentally breaking him too. She showed him images of his family dying gruesomely and belittled him, making him blame himself for this situation. With this, she decided to finally make him existentially break as she literally went to kill his parents and she tossed the severed heads down at his feet, making his roll back as even in hell, he died from an emotional heartbreak.

She consumed his soul and went along her way. It was then that her evil life would change as she came face to face with The Red Rose, Sagami. Now, she tried to use her powers on Sagami, but due to Sagami's near infinite bypassing skills, nothing was affecting her, and thus, Sagami beat her down without even needing to use her sword.

When she did this, she saw a potential for good in Type H and decided to pick her up and show her the light. She showed Type H that it had more potential to be a good guy than a horrible bad demon like she was as of then. Type H thanked Sagami and then accepted her better side, turning her into a good demon, as she then joined Sagami's team, The Dark Hunters. Now, she resides in her demonic dimension, the Resort when she can and with Sagami as a new friend.


Transcendent Demon Physiology( all applications no limits): Being a half transcendent demon on one side of her, it gives her an immense amount of power, but while she may not have many if not all limits, she still is only a half Transcendent Demon, meaning her Angel side will be used as well for better purposes.

Gender Transcendence: Type H can be any gender it wants to be, as it is not a boy or a girl, its just simply what it wants to be. Although, for some reason it tends to take on the form of a female.

Transcendent Angel Physiology (no limits and all applications): She is also Half Angel on her literal other side of her body, making her able to control angelic elements with great efficiency, but again, its only half, meaning that it may not be as powerful on its own, so the Demonic side does come into play to balance that out.

Power Mixture: Since she is a "split" being, she cannot always use both sides 100% but she can manage to balance them out and use them accordingly to the situation at hand. This is also to prevent either side from completely taking her over.


- Type H, is a malefic entity of pure evil, Sagami was lucky to get it on her side. Type H did the most unspeakable things before it met Sagami, but Sagami turned Type H good.

- It brings fear to demons, even the high demons fear it.

- It was the true Embodiment of Evil.

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