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Sagawa Keina

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Sagawa in a more revealing outfit for a hot day.


Chelsea in her casual outfit, showing what assets she's got.

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Demi sleeping her pajama's on a summer day, looking as good as she always does.

Personal Information
Epithet Ilusionary Princess

Title/ Other Names

The Queen Of Ilusions


Chelsea Swinton


Power Users (The First Power User)

Power User Level 2 (Non Canonically)

Gender Form


Age Appearance



5th of December



Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation



None/Not Affiliated

Professional Information
Affiliation Power Users


Base of Operations Conceptual Seven Resort


Extra Information





Reading, learning, sewing, making new friends

Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, wavy

Eye Color



167.88cm (5'4 Ft.)

Powers and Abilities

Meta Regeneration


Illusion Manipulation

Enhanced Memory

Tactical Analysis (She can seemingly go and see what she has to do for every big battle she's in)

Telekinesis (Advanced Level)

Stealth Combat

Enhanced Assassination

Performance Art Intuition

Weapon Proficiency










A Men/B Phys

Challenge Level



Keina is a strange girl. She loves to sing, but loves to dance even more. She loves to kill much more than sing or dance.

Keina used to have dancing lessons and was always the top-dancer of her group. But even though she was the top-dancer, she gave the big roles in performances to other girls. She always said that hearing she was the best of the class was more than enough, so the other girls deserved the opportunities and experiences. Instead of having the main role in the performance, Keina always took a smaller role, so she'd also get some experience


Keina is a kind and friendly girl, but she can't stand it if someone insults, bullies or hurts one of her friends. This causes Keina to clash a lot with Inna in order to defend her friends (mostly Add). Keina herself doesn't mind if she gets insulted since she'll just ignore it.


Demi was born on Planet Earth, being a normal human, she started off as a power user from a simple blood test they did of her. Demi had an immensely powerful talent in Telekinesis, and it showed from just 5 years old that she could lift giant boulders and even manipulate certain elements.

As she went on through her life however, she mastered her Telekinesis, and while she couldn't control omniversal and godly type powers with it, she managed to end up manipulating all known elements and even some unknown ones. Unfortunately for her though, not everything was about to go smoothly for her.

With her Telekinesis and her newly acquired Illusion manipulation, she decided she would go off to the different areas of Earth one day, to become a world renowned singer. Shortly though, she was about to endure hell itself, and it came in the form of another power user.

Unknowingly to her, she was drugged by this being and was brought away to Helise, where she was tied up. The being took joy in torturing her in every shape, way and form. He violated her constantly, leaving her clothless, constantly forcing her to do things with him as he tied her down. He would make her pleasure him, day in and day out, slapping her as he violently penetrated her, soiling her innocence, and continuing to go, until he would release on her, every single day. She eventually got so used to it, that she just blankly stared and didn't even seemed phased by his constant releases, always just sitting there, crying, but she was about to get an even worse treatment.

Along with this, she was beaten, bloodied, and mauled by him. While he had her under a regeneration aura, he did the most ghastly things you could imagine. He would use things like hooks to do stuff like spill her intestines on the floor, hook her eyes or tongue out, forcing her to scream, but she couldn't pass out due to the aura.

He kept going as he used daggers to slice her wrists open to drink the blood from her wounds and even cut her throat so deep that she couldn't speak till she healed, pleasuring his sickening desires as she just laid there and cried, hoping for some miracle of a rescue. After a while though, she couldn't take it any longer, as something snapped inside of Demi, she broke free effortlessly and slowly, and pleasurably murdered him, giving him the slowest death she could possibly give anyone. With this, she had gained an odd power which somehow empowered her in that state, and thus,she walked out from his burned and bloodied lab (She killed everyone in there too) and was now in Helise, confused, and not knowing where she was.

Now, being stuck in Helise, Demi started to wonder if there were any others like her, and with her luck, she managed to find one pretty early. This being introduced himself as Add Schwarth, and she quickly found out what his power was, with him surviving a car collision, a stabbing and a shooting just to prove it. With this, they got along very well, developing a relationship of sorts, so much so that she ended up not wanting to go out much without him.

Add was oblivious of course to her relationship and was with her more as a friend in his mind. Although, Add and Demi both felt some sort of uneasy feeling. A feeling that, to them, spoke that something horrible was going to happen soon, they just didn't know what it would be, nor did they realize the cost of it.

That feeling they felt ended up being a war, a war spanning the Earth, Helise and maybe even the universe itself. Power users turned on each other, trying everything they could do to gain power, waging war, killing everything in their path. Add and Demi were able to avoid and survive a lot of the war, with Add literally surviving everything, even when he was supposed to die, he took bullets and stabs and punches for Demi, while Demi would either fight or run from the opposition.

After a while, Demi couldn't take it and decided to start fighting others to keep them from hurting them any further. Despite her best efforts though, she was injured several times, along with Add, sometimes near to the point of death for a good long while.

After that good long while, Demi had been training her telekinesis and managed to get it to the advanced level, being the very pinnacle of mental power, and she had enough of this death and destruction. After going into their bunker and meditating, she managed to clear her mind and kept getting progressively angrier at the thought of Add being hurt again.

As she walked out, she waved her hands in-front of her, then brought them out to her side, which in turn ended up destroying pretty much all of Helise in one fell swoop, stopping the fighting then and there. Thus began a new era of peace to Helise before someone disrupted the peace of Helise.


  • Keina is left handed.
  • Keina's favorite colour is purple, but she also likes red.
  • Keina is a master of illusions, and can fool everyone.
  • She is has a hidden secret, only two people know about it though.

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