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Sagami, no longer tainted by her bloodlust, reborn.

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Sagami's out of battle physical look is just as good as ever.

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Sagami's more combat oriented form.

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Sagami talking to another being, possibly one of the Dark Hunters.

Personal Information
Epithet The Omni Hunter

Title/ Other Names


The Red Rose

The White Eagle

The Omni Bitch

Realities Hunter

Dark Sis

Patient # 6863926

The True Omnipotent Slayer

Species Bakeneko/Nekomata
Gender Form


Age Appearance


Birthday 29th of June 


Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation


Disability None

None/Not Affiliated

Professional Information
Affiliation The Dark Hunters (Omnipotent Killer Team)


Base of Operations Conceptual Seven Resort
Extra Information





Killing Omnipotents

Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, messy

Eye Color




Powers and Abilities
Abilities (Locked)

Immortality (Meta Level)

Omega Physiology

Powers (Locked)

Transcendent Mage Physiology

Power Immunity ( to all beings except Alex, Munchausen and Z )

Pain Suppression

Unrestricted Lives/Murdering

Enhanced Self Transcendence


Omnislayer (Completely  NO limits on who she kills. Only under the originals though.)

Omni Tracking

Transcendent Homo Superior Physiology


F( birth, weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10 yrs, strong)

infinite (11 to 22yrs  )


F(birth, weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10yrs strong)

infinite (11yrs to 22yrs )


(birth weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10yrs strong)

infinite (11yrs to 22yrs )


F (birth, weak)

S++++( 2yrs to 10yrs , strong)

Infinite (11yrs to 22yrs)


FMen/F Phys (birth)

S++++ (from 2 to 10yrs strong)

infinite (11 to 22yrs   )

Challenge Level

50,000(at birth, weak) 

10,000,000,000,000 (from 2yrs to 10yrs strong)

Infinite (From 11yrs to 22yrs)

If we can not be strong, how can we ever be the best we can. The only thing I bring is fear, that is the main part of my reputation. But even the strong are afraid sometimes. It is my duty to hunt the gods. But I can't help thinking about my sister, she's my humanity, if i didn't have her to think about, I'd be ruthless." - Sagami

First Impressions

Sagami was a Bakeneko, being a family member of Shunchusii, she was cruel to her sister before the incident that made Shu leave the family and become Hira's student. Sagami then left the family and found a large group of omnipotent beings and one embodiment of omnipotence who gave her their souls in a weapon, which can track people if Sagami slashes or cuts them. She has been known to kill Gods with this weapon. One downside of the ritual was that her Bakeneko species was erased from her and she was given a whole host of other powers and abilities.


As a Bakeneko, she was cruel to her sister, Shunchusii, often leaving her alone when they were out. On a few occasions she even hit Shu, but deep down she loved her sister enough to cry when she left the family but that didn't last long,..

As the Omnipotent Hunter, she is ruthless and even more crueller than before, she'd kill anyone to get to her marked target, but she does have some restraint, she sometimes stops and thinks about her sister, often leaving a gap or herself wide open, often resulting in her dying again or her target escaping, she has been shown to bring fear into all and every type of omnipotent at all levels. Thus giving her the title of The Omni Hunter,

Backstory (Omni Killer Part)

After leaving her Family, she travelled the Omniverse, going beyond that to the Omnisphere, where she gained a information about her sister, but she just ignored that and just began travelling again, going across and meeting several powerful beings who in and of themselves were pretty powerful omnipotent-like beings who didn't seem to pay much attention to her or see her as a threat, until she gained help from one who was said that it was an embodiment of its own omnipotence, but this is when her life would turn around.   

The Being offered to train her, and she agreed, in the weeks that passed she was put to constant energy attack survival, complete annihilation survival, to even erasure, she passed every single test and was ordered to field test her powers on a lower omnipotent, so she went to find it, it took her several weeks to find the omnipotent, she took watch in an abandoned house, she walked to the window to look out of it to spy on the being, as her mouth got covered with a hand and she began thrashing aroung to get free but it was useless, she started to be dragged away to someplace. She couldn't scream for help but she kept on struggling against their grip, she managed to see one of them and heard one of them she was the chosen for the this experiment. She was not sure what their goal was, but the next thing she knew before she woke up was that they were looking at her, observing her, before she then woke up in a chamber. 

They were doing some odd things with some otherworldly machines as she started to feel pain. The pain kept on growing, and growing, and growing as she felt as if her being was being ripped from her. She ended up passing out, prompting them to get her out of there. She was then placed in a glass chamber completely naked so that the Order could watch her. she noticed the leader straight away and slammed her open palm on to the glass in anger before he said that it was useless and she just punched hard on the glass, making her knuckles crack and bleed, thus leaving a big circle of blood on the glass, she walked back to the middle of the chamber. As they let their guard down she ran quickly towards the glass and broke through, managing to escape her captors. She even managed to cause an injury to them, also grabbing some clothes quickly and she made her way around them. She stops and turns to one of them as one of them look up at her, she smiles at him and them walks away, she made her way to a bathroom to change into her clothes and then made her way to find the exit to their base. 

Unfortunately though, she had some guards block her way, but somehow, she easily dispatched them and ran out, with the omnipotents following her. She had to get retreat for now so she went to Lawan, her friend who had the power to open dimensional gaps to anywhere, and helped her temporarily escape from her pursuers, to find a place where she could be safe and become stronger. She was in another universe where her first thought was to find the Everlastings, since she saw a file about them on the other universe, she seemed to recall where the exact location was, and then made her way to find her way, hiding even from the main people of this universe. While in hiding, she managed to track down the locations of the beings known as the Everlastings and managed to find them, asking them for help. She was asked to sit in the middle of a circle of all twenty-eight of them and they said were omnipotents too, but she didn't see them as a threat. The Leader of the Omnipotent beings begin to chant and conduct rituals. At first the leader sensed murderous intent within her, but they trusted her and bestowed upon her a strange weapon, a sword illuminating with strong power. 

She watched as all of the beings around began to automatically starting dying, she looked around her as all of the souls of the omnipotents starting making her way into her and the sword, she looked worried as she looked at the leader and questioned him for that, and he told her that it was necessary to give her ultimate power, she watched as he died infront of her, she stayed there for a moment utterly confused. She grieved for their deaths for a bit and she proceeded with her escape. As she journeyed along, she stumbled upon another female who was also held captive inside a glass. She managed to break the female free of the glass using her sword and helped the female regain consciousness. The female know vaguely of who she was but she remembers her name, "Freya..." With Freya's help, they manage to escape. Sagami looked at Freya and was curious of her. Although she ran with her until she ran out of breath and leaned on a wall looking at Freya. Freya would look back and she gave a calming smile, as if she has no idea what was going on. After she met Freya, she decided to travel alone again, she spent some days, months or years travelling around until she came across a lone omnipotent being, she had many souls of omnipotents due to the Everlasting souls in her body and she looked at the being and flipped her sword around before the being said her name before rushing at  her, and she smiled as she ran to it...  After she had beaten it down to a pulp she taunted it by saying it was useless to escape this fate as she rammed Reality Breaker into it's heart and realising she had just killed an organisation member and realized the power that this sword held within it. It had the power to kill gods, and she smiled as the sword seemingly absorbed the soul of the god before her, making it slightly more powerful. She then realized what she had to do and made it her goal to kill as many gods as she could, no matter how difficult it may be. She decided to learn what other beings thought of these godly beings so she decided to travel to planet earth changing her appearance as she walked back to her friend with the dimensional gap creation power and then told him to make a portal to eart and she stepped through and ended up in a alleyway, at daytime, she walked out of the alleyway realising she is in Florida, she put her Reality Breaker under a bin, to hide hoping no homeless guy would find it and destroy existence with it, within a week she had enrolled into college, to learn about what ever humans learnt.   

She was naturally one of the cool kids due to her laid back nature and sense of style of clothes, she listened to this band called One Direction to satisfy her human friends and she got introduced into more music such as Union J, she liked the beat of both types of artists, and she got invited to parties, clubs, and all, it wasn't long before she got a human boyfriend. This was the first time she had ever had any sort of event like this happen, but after a while, she started to become kind of more apprehensive towards him as he constantly advanced on her, tried to always be in her space, and it made her paranoid, flashing back to when she was confined, and she didn't think she could keep up her human persona for much longer. It only took one night, for her to finally snap. She just wanted a little bit of freedom to breath and just have a night alone from friends but her boyfriend wouldn't let her have that freedom and tried to group, she thought it was an attack and instantly caught his hand and held it out his arm to the side while holding his hand all the while grabbing his other hand before telling to him to stop once more.   

This however, was when she found out about how human instinct and emotions could be corruptible within someone, as her supposed "nice" boyfriend then proceeded to hit her, several times, trying to knock her out as he tried to force himself inside of her. In her head, she felt defenseless, without her sword, she was still human and she could do nothing but cry as he beat her down, forcing himself onto her as she tried to cry out. She saw a glazed look in his eye as he decided to make a choice that would cost him his life. He made the choice that he would prevent her from ever speaking about this, and he put his hands around her neck, bashing her head against the hard floor and squeezing the life from her as she gasped, choked and cried. However, by some miracle, as she felt as though darkness would consume her, a friend walked in, and screamed as she was immediately greeted by her friend bleeding, dying on the floor. Sagami broke out of her human persona and snapped, grabbing a nearby comb he had on the floor and proceeded to break it, stabbing him in the jugular. As she did this, she screamed out as she saw the shock and horror in his eyes, as she got him to the ground and stabbed him till she was covered in the essence of his life. This is when, she decided, to leave the human world, for she had found her answers, and now she no longer felt welcome.  

Sagami then walked out her dead boyfriends' house, walking straight to where she left her sword and then picked it up as her friends followed and seen her true identity and she sighed as they stepped towards her, she did trust them, but was wary on their survival, but they too had been hiding some powers, they were vampires who had sun immunity rings and she nodded and then walked back to the portal and walked through it  where she was met by the omnipotence embodiment she met first  and she smiled as her two friends were wary and stood behind her as she did the talking about how she has got better and then all of a sudden the embodiment said it would enter Reality Breaker, giving her unlimited power to kill omnipotents and embodiments, she then heard a child like voice as the soul finsihed going into the blade as she turned around to see what the voice was, Masumaki lunged at Sagami but Sagami reached her hand to catch Mas's throat and thrust her blade into her shoulder just  as she hears a whisper's from Mas for someone to teleport her out. Sagami didn't understand why she was talking to herself but she swore she could hear words being spoken that shook her, saying to Masumaki in a quiet voice, "Stop...". Sagami watched as Masumaki was suddenly whisked away from her as that presence from the voice stopped shaking her too.    

Suddenly  over one hundred godly beings surrounded her in a multi pincer movement as she flipped the blade as she grinned at this suicide fight, she had to win this fight to get her tracked target and she got into combat stance as the being instantly rushed her with her impaling five in the space of five seconds, she then kicked a few as she ducked under attacks surviving their almighty powers with ease, she even survived the full power of their most destructive attacks, scaring others, making them drop their guard just slightly enough to help her kill about 25 more of them in about a minute and a half. As she effortlessly slaughtered the rest, by the end there only a few left who survived for just a bit longer. This didn't matter in the end as she then continued to flourish her sword as she d to flourish her sword as she slaughtered the last few without any sort of effort, getting almost no scratches on her. Afterwards, she managed to clean alot of the godlike blood off of her and with her sword even more empowered, she found a rift nearby that opened as she saw a bright light through it, and stepped through, seeing Mas talking to some other beings.

She walked through and came across this ungodly beautiful, tropical like place as she then sensed that mark nearby and walked into the room, seeing Masumaki surrounded by several varying beings.  However, her mind was focused on nothing but getting her kill, but before she could, the leader of these beings stepped forth. He introduced himself as Alex Iuden, the leader of what she found to be a resort and the Five most powerful beings in all of totality, the Original Five. Sagami recognized them as enemies at first and tried to attack Alex, but she didn't understand why, but all he did was lift a finger and she was paralyzed beyond belief. After introducing themselves fully to her, Alex said that he saw potential in her, and decided to make her a deal. While she was reluctant at first, she made her own terms to the deal but Alex made his terms perfectly clear. Alex then ended up making another small suite to the resort for her, and she now had a place to stay, to which then she agreed to become Alex's most powerful herald, as that was part of the deal, and from that day forward she is part of Alex's team and she kinda finds it strange.

Powers And Abilities 

Meta Immortality: After absorbing so many omnipotent souls, Sagami has managed to gain a meta sense of Immortality, allowing her to survive nearly anything that doesn't completely bypass things like Alex, Mun and Z can. With this, all other Omnipotent beings fear her for this very ability along with her killing power.

Omega Physiology: She is indeed the Prime Being and has been helped in getting her to where she is, mixing her with three different species of being.

Transcendent Homo Superior Physiology: With this power she is definitely considered to be a miracle walking among existential kind.

Badassery: Not much to say here other than she manages to break certain parts of logic and reality through her feats alone.

Unrestricted Lives: Using her sword, the Reality Breaker, she can kill all sorts of Omnipotent beings and even personal embodiments of Omnipotent beings, almost effortlessly. Through her usage of the sword she's absorbed a total of 300 Omnipotent souls and one Embodiments soul, which makes it almost limitless. However, the only beings who seem to be completely immune to her killing power are the Original Five, Alex, his brother Munchausen and even the supposedly non-omnipotent being, Z. Along with this power she has Infinite lives, proving indeed that she does have Unrestricted Lives, her having this ability means that  Unrestricted Murdering can't work on her.

Enhanced Absolute Self-Transcendence (Excluding Life Transcendence and Invulnerability): Due to her being trained by an Omnipotent being she managed to overcome her own physical limitations, allowing her to gain absolute physical abilities, even enhanced versions.

Transcendent Mage Physiology (No Limitations):  She is a master of all magic, due to her Bakeneko and her limitation removal powers on her Bakeneko magic powers. She is able to perform Ultimate Magic feats from sealing powerful souls into weapons and other feats alone easily.

Power Immunity: This power is very iffy as she's only immune to certain things, while beings like Alex and The Originals have the power to go through anything like, even immunities. But outside of them and Z, this power makes her almost completely unaffected by other omnipotent beings powers. She could even be immune to Lawrence Selforge's powers, including his absorbing powers.

Pain Suppression: Due to her physical limits being overcome, she can hide all sorts of pain from her body, making her far more intimidating to beings lower than her.


If we can not be strong, how can we ever be the best we can. The only thing I bring is fear, that is the main part of my reputation. But even the strong are afraid sometimes. It is my duty to hunt the gods. But I can't help thinking about my sister, she's my humanity, if i didn't have her to think about, I'd be ruthless' - Sagami opening up to Alex about Shunchusii


- She once had a god boyfriend but he was foolish and got himself marked by Reality Breaker and she had to end up killing him while crying as she killed him.

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