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Juniper and Halsey Sanderson

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Juniper and Halsey Sanderson

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Epithet The Double Protected Duo
Alias(es) June and Haley, The Twins
Alignment Good
Race  Humans
Laterality Both are Right Handed
Gender Females
Age Early to mid 20's
Birthday March 14
Blood Type


Personal Data
Birthplace Earth
Affiliation The Dark Hunters
Headquarters The Conceptual Resort
Occupation Members of the Dark Hunters
Family Themselves
Powers and Abilities

Superpowered Physiology (At Absolute Level)


Abilities Hypercompetence
Eye Color Juniper (Purple), Halsey (Ice Blue)
Hair Color Juniper (Black with Purple Tint), Halsey (Very light Icey Blue)
Height 6'0
Weight 205
Favorite Food Unknown
Hobby They are party animals, so they mostly hang with Jeff and Ray and crazy shit happens
Weapon(s) They both wield swords (Fill This In as I don't know the exact weaponry)

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