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Erina Winters

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Erina Winters


Erina Winters standard look.

Personal Information
Epithet Naomi's Former Student

Title/ Other Names

Winter, Erin

Species Human (Aema)
Gender Form


Age Appearance



29th of June



Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation



None/Not Affiliated

Professional Information
Affiliation Naomi


Base of Operations Unkown
Extra Information



Naomi (Former Student Of Naomi)


Training, searching for Naomi

Hair Color Pink-ish
Hair Style

Medium-Long, waved

Eye Color



5'6 ft.

Powers and Abilities

Special Attacks

True Power


Time Manipulation

Meta Summoning










S Men/S Phys

Challenge Level


Erina was student of Naomi, until she sent Erina on a mission that took decades, needless to say Erina completed that mission. She then went on a mission again but this time to try to find Naomi. Only to be stuck on a planet called Mepilsa.


Erina is fairly quiet lady, seemingly jaded at times, but she simply likes to listen more than speak, allowing whoever needs an ear to have it in the full. She can handle social situations just as well as Naomi can, even if it calls for a presentation. It's just she prefers to let Ethan do the talking, whilst she comments as she sees fit; most of the time, she need only clarify what her partner means. She seems somewhat sweet and kind, and considerate. A maternal aura graces her actions, especially when she's around younger asylums. But she chooses her words well, even if she must speak her mind bluntly, especially to scold rascals several years her junior. In any case, she is quick to apologize and assure a person that she means well. So, on one hand, one might consider her humble, but some asylums see her as a snob sitting on a very high horse.

She could be both.

For underneath her mask is a mischievous, destructive spirit of her former self trying to revive itself from her distant youth. It peeks through the corner of her eyes, showing up every now and then as she resists it. Sometimes its presence grates an undeniable edge into her tone, reminiscent of a soothing, melodic drawl of a madman. However, when pushed into a corner or just heavily stressed (and if she cannot flee or shelter herself), Erina breaks down. Very quickly, very deeply. For every vice she's ever savored as a teen is brought to the surface, twisting her into a nightmarish banshee that blows the entire situation she's in way out of proportion. Ruthless, crass, and perverse, she forsakes all niceties and retaliates on whim with a huge amount of disproportionate retribution. Surprisingly, this mood of her has never actually got in the way of the mission, and so, ORPA recognises Erina to be Naomi's responsibility outside of getting the job done. On that note, only Naomi seems capable of calming her down, taking her aside and encouraging her, reminding her of their pact. But that doesn't always work, and she's had to put Erina down using her Ice Ability.

She's getting worse, too. And Erina knows it.


Erina was born to Edith and John Winters, two beings who were members of a race similar to humans but were ungodly powerful, but the race who were named Aema were half warlike and half peaceful but were hated by some other races, they were challenged several times and the Aema won but the other race found out a child was born who had a unnaturally strong power than all childs at the time, she grew up to have a middle-class life.

Erina was quickly making friends as she worked through the school, though she longed for something more and sometimes she thought she was being watched by some other force she couldn't hear or see but she could sense a little flicker of energy all the way through her life until she was eight-teen untill a war came again.

Though they were  at a time of turmoil, Erina remained calm and just tried to find the source that guided her throughout her life, she managed to evade the war by hiding in  the shadows but then something horrible caught her eye and she looked towards the sight as her parents tried to defend their house against a large group of marauders and she watched as two of the pillagers grabbed her parents and then began to smile while they slowly skinned them alive, her natural reaction was to run and help them but she couldn't because she would be killed like her parents and suddenly two decapitated heads came rolling to Erina, she tried to scream but something was holding her mouth shut and telling her not to be afraid in her mind, the being introduced it's self as Naomi Anderson and offered Erina to become her student so that one day she would take the fight back to the beings that killed her parents.


Despite seeing her parents and half of her planet die, she is still levelheaded on all things and tends not to speak out to much, she is naturally gifted in all of her abilities and can handle herself pretty well. Overall she has the mentality of a seasoned warrior.

Special Attacks

Time Ravager: She hasn't used this ability as there would be no need to destroy time, but she has to use Chrono-Stop to stop time and then a burst of energy explodes from her hand and then she spins her hands into reverse-clockwise manner and then releases another burst of energy to destroy time.

Chrono-Stop: This is a simple command to stop time, she just shouts the word and it stops time.

Chrono-Backspin: This can be used with Chrono-Stop to destory time thus making it a  big tool in her arsenal and the most valued.

Ultima: This is her ultimate attack, this cannot be dodged, reversed back to the user, this attack happens when she holds her Gun-Sword out infront of her and slams the blade into the ground covering the planet in a gold energy, which ends up destroying the planet. This has been show to slightly injure omnipotent Naomi. But Naomi says otherwise and just pets Erina for trying.


Erina is fond of fish and caviar.

She had a student of her own but the student got killed in a mistake mission.

She is never seen without her gun swords and other weapons.

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