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Alice Jameson

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Alice Jameson


'Hey, Look more food.' .

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Alice Transcending .

Personal Information
Epithet True Vampire Lass

Title/ Other Names


Original Female Vampire

Blood Gal

Serious Bitch (Sagami's nickname for Alice)

Species Vampire
Gender Form


Age Appearance

25 (2,458 real age)

Birthday 29th of June 


Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation


Disability None

None/Not Affiliated

Professional Information
Affiliation Herself


Base of Operations Conceptual Seven Resort/ Earth
Extra Information





Taking all Sagami's fruits,

Shouting at Sagami

Hair Color


Hair Style

Medium, Wavy 

Eye Color




Powers and Abilities
Abilities (Locked)

Immortality (Unfettered Body Level)

Alpha Physiology

Powers (Locked)

Mystic Vampire Physiology


Sexual Inducement (Through anybody she bites )

Enhanced Self Transcendence

Magical Energy Absorption


A++ (Human weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10 yrs, strong)

Unknown  (11 to 25yrs  )


 A++(Human , weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10yrs strong)

Unknown (11yrs to 25yrs )


A++ (Human weak)

S++++ (from 2yrs to 10yrs strong)

Unknown (11yrs to 25yrs )


A++ (Human weak)

S++++( 2yrs to 10yrs , strong)

Unknown  (11yrs to 25yrs)


A++Men/ A++ Phys (Human)

S++++ (from 2 to 10yrs strong)

Unknown (11 to 25yrs   )

Challenge Level

100 (As Human

30,000,000 (As Vampire)

Unknown (After Killing Samael)

"So yeah.. I need a drink, please tilt your neck... Please don't make this any harder for yourself. " - Alice about to drink blood from a random human.


She is a kind person, as she has been shown to make friends with Sagami quickly, and she doesn't like to kill people, more or less using the Eat, Erase and let go method of feeding off of people,


On the M-Class planet known as Artrora, a planet known for its fantasy and magic and such by those who live there, there are many things to be fearful of. Due to the spiritual and esoteric nature of everything on Artrora, its easy to distinguish certain species from one another. One such being the Vampires. On Artrora, vampires are made, not born. This was such a case with the one who would end up being called Alice, by her sire when she, a commoner, was bitten one fateful night. She was tricked and was seduced by another common vampire who, after a while, broke the standard vampire code and dumped after she proved to be more powerful than him. Fearing for his life, he tried to get a bunch of Hunters (basically a faction of Helsing based monster killers) to kill her but she managed to avoid them and kill her sire, being one of the only vampires to do so, and she did this before she fully converted. She stabbed him with one of the Hunter's silver crosses as the blood gushed from his chest and mouth, she drank his blood to empower her, looking into the cold, dead look in his eyes as she finished draining him.    

She had become to a more enhanced state of being now. While she was not supernaturally powerful yet, she still had time. Unfortunately though, now, she had no home and nowhere to go, leaving her to roam across Artrora, trying to get her way into kingdoms left and right, but she was refused at every corner due to her vampirism. However, luck smiled on her on one day because of the fact that she heard of a being known by many as "The Great Dark King Malkorath Belenor", a king who accepts all supernatural beings into his kingdom and his kingdom is also the most profitable on Artora, so she was happy at first but got worried as she did hear that he doesn't take kindly to murder in his own kingdom, and wondered how she'd be able to survive, but even with this worry, she didn't think much of it and went to travel to his kingdom. On her travels she met many a fellow vampire, who encouraged her to keep going into the kingdom and kept saying how their friends have said many times that he is a great ruler, so she set off further.     

When she finally got to his kingdom, that's when she was greeted by a massive, dark off setting kingdom surrounded in shadows, hidden from the world except those inside. She used the massive knocker on the gate to request access and with the gate opening, the guards stepped through and politely greeted her, asking her why she had come. She revealed who and what she was and they happily let her in and took her to the palace where other beings who were being entered into were located, and she walked in on a massive party. There, she saw all sorts of beings, even other fellow vampires, albeit very few unfortunately. That's when she felt a massively dark presence enter the room as she saw the most beautiful and handsome dark elf in these shining and amazing purple and black robes walk in as he clapped his hands and all attention came to him and his buddy, Samuel, his guardian Angel. The dark elf then, with a magnificently low, deep and smooth voice welcomed them all, he had almost pitch purple dark skin as she observed him, enraptured by his words and charisma just like the others, but at one point he looked at her, noticing her aura being a bit different from others around him and winked at her, causing her to blush and look away as he continued speaking.    

 He said that each one of the new people entering his kingdom will have their own lot, their own house, and anything they desire as long as they work for it and he would reward them. As he sat on his throne he was addressed by his friend Samuel in the words "All hail King Malkorath The Dark!" as the rest of the beings around her chanted it out. They were all given land decrees and they set off and found their houses and lots and somehow she got a lot that was a little secluded, huge and had a very very nice house right near the palace, but she didn't seem to think much of it. That was until she heard that he was in his palace if any of the newcomers had questions, and she took this opportunity to go and talk to him.

When she did so, she was greeted by Samuel and she was brought to Malkorath's chambers where she was met with the most beautiful palace halls and rooms she had ever seen in her life, till she saw Malkorath, wearing his reading spectacles and reading about godly magic as she walked in and asked him if he purposefully gave her the lot near the palace and he acted as if he had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to get angry and confront him but as a vampire her emotions were substantially increased, so his more than Supernatural Charisma made her less violent as he hugged her and said she'll be alright and to get some sleep for now. He'd talk to her in the morning after.   



Tropes  She naturally gets stronger with age as vampire  She had to stake her Vampire boyfriend because of some virus that happened to him.  She often drinks alcohol even though she can't get drunk She was a hero at some point in her life  She simply put is a quite a ruthless vampire bitch  She has been through alot and tends to keep what she has seen hidden, although Sagami knows

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