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Name: Akira

Alias: Serpent Kicker, The One, The Wary Watcher

Age: 21

Ninja suit final by skazi222

Birthday:  23/2/1995

Affiliation: U U E

Personality:  While Akira always has good intentions and is dedicated to both his family and friends, he can sometimes be extremely stubborn and, sometimes, have a short fuse. His was raised in a traditional Christian household. While he is not extremely religious (going to church on Wednesday and Sunday), his parent’s beliefs have shaped Akira's character. After his transformation, Akira is self-conscious of his height (he shrank down from barely 6 foot to 5 foot, 4 inches). With his short-temper, sparks might fly if someone mentions his height deficiency...


Enhanced: His arms (starting from the glenohumeral joints) and his legs (from the tibiofemoral joints) have been replaced by low-grade implants that improved his mobility and force. Akira's capabilities increased with a remarkable margin compared to his physical prowess prior to reconstruction, even though the implants themselves are rather "bare bones" in composition. The bones are made of medical-grade titanium, the joints are rather crude in design and require lubrication to prevent eventual friction, but what really makes the new limbs special is the artificial musculature that not only make up for the lost tissue, they also prove to pack quite some strength in their anatomically-correct morphology. Carbon nanotubes take place for muscle fibers, which contract instantaneously to neurological input. 

Another important advantage Akira has that all basic prosthetic limbs lack is the presence of synthetic proprioceptors lined through the nanotube fibers and crude tactile sensors in the tips of his fingers. He can "feel" where his limbs are, so he can coordinate them properly around his body, the sensors in the very tips of his fingers allow him to control his artificial fingers with more accuracy. The limbs require significant amounts of improvement, but it is a lot better than being completely crippled.

History: Akira was born to Robert and Meredith. Akira lived a practically normal life as a single child in Timber Falls, New York, a small town in Essex County, northwest of Ticonderoga, NY. One of the only noteworthy events of Akira life was, when he was still in elementary school, Akira was swarmed by several wasps and was hospitalized due to their stings. Akira was the star running back at his high school (and practically their whole offense) and was offered a scholarship to play running back at the Albany State College. While attending college, Akira started to date Kelly Brown, a freshman Nursing major. After their first year at college, Kelly visited Akira and his family in Timber Falls during the last weeks of Summer Break. Everyone expected it to be a normal summer vacation; unfortunately, it turned out to be something quite different.

Quotes: "I shall defeat the phoenix"

"A true warrior always speaks, and people always listens to what they have to say but if you care for their words you need to take it in and respond back to them, for if you do not listen, it is you that has made the mistake"

Species: Human.


Regenerative Healing Factor


Enhanced Swordsmanship

Power Legs

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