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aka Julie kitchell

  • I live in Fremont, california
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female
  • Feralfan

    morning ppl

    September 9, 2012 by Feralfan

    good morning guys, my damn allergies are going nuts today, hey im wodering if anyone here has skype if so please add edgesrage3200. im also wondering here if anyoone knows if okay if i give out my email addy so that we can keep in contact with each other. that way i dont have to keep asking for help lol. hey im hoping too that we can be friends on here and if anyone has facebook add me please look up julie ann kitchell thats me. i cant add for another day they have me in facebook jail lol.

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  • Feralfan

    hey guys i gotta ask youll something here please. is there someone here that can help me out in my character creation, one i wanna write down is mauler but im not sure where on the page i can write them down at. i know ive asked this in other blogs so i might not get anyone to answer me on this. but if you do answer id love ya for it lol. please help me out id appereicate it the help.

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  • Feralfan

    my fave powers of all.

    September 8, 2012 by Feralfan

    my fave mutant powers of all time are shape shifting, feral looks and super stregth. i know that last ones mispelled. luck givers like longshot and roultte are faves as well. power strippers are faves as well. i love mutants and im glad that there is somewhere i can expess that love on the net without getting laughed at. i love feral and thorn they are amazing characters, i love that they are being used more instead of being killed off or her power stripped like others i loved in the marvel comics. i would love, love, love to see someone write a comic on mutant assassains that kill the baddies, im a writer not an artist im thinking of taking the project up myself, but i have no artist tbh, i can also color and ink but not draw worth a damn…

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  • Feralfan

    good afternoon ppl

    September 5, 2012 by Feralfan

    ok guys i get that my grammer needs alot of help, thanks for the heads up on that.i do have a question here though , is it okay to go ahead and use a name marvel is using for a character? i have several that dont have names and im running out of ideas here lol help.

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  • Feralfan

    im still new here

    September 4, 2012 by Feralfan

    hey guys this is my first time that ive done this type of thing, i have had sereval mutant characters, in my head ever since the killing of the morlocks just not able to get them on paper to tell you the truth. i have made lists of names thats all ive ever done on it, im really scared to do this. IM hoping that you all will really be paient with me, im not really that great at writting too many lines on the powers im more into telling you exactly what his powers are his race and things like that. i love mutants i love the x men, and all the damn x books just stopped collecting them cause i cant afford to buy them anymore. again im hoping yall are going to be paient with me.

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