Tiamat descendant

Name: Domhnall

Race: Deity/Transcendent

Aliases: Tiamat's Descendant - Ruler Of Dragons

PowerSummoningHydra Physiology / Dragon God Physiology All of the dragons have Absolute Immortality. Each dragon represents an element and they all have Elemental Embodiment. They are also imperceptible to anyone that doesn't have the status of Transcendence, but he can allow the opponent to see them if he would so desire. They also have a form of intangibility that allows them to pass through themselves while simultaneously being able to attack their opponents. However, while this is a powerful ability to have, it is weakened whenever they face someone with the status of Transcendent, in that he or she is able to interact with them. They are still able to pass through eachother and physical matter like usual though.

AbilitiesDivine AuraZenithSingularityScience-Magic Ascendancy and Transcendent Physiology. He is the undisputed lord of all dragons, so naturally he commands absolute obedience of their kind.


AlignmentLawful Evil



Theme SongExorcist

Occupations: Ruler

Likes: Nothing in particular.

Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Hobby: Watching human society.

ArchetypesAuthority Equals Asskicking Might Makes Right Lonely At The Top Noble Demon