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It is rather amusing. I could have ended this a long time ago. Yet whenever I look upon your face, your soul, I cannot help but give you a new chance. A new beginning. To see if you can reach the top this time. To see if you can be my equal. I suppose if we were to speak of the adages of old, I would be Goliath, you... as David. Now then, David, how about I give you one more chance? As I always have.

In the same sense that you never give up, I too am a stubborn person. How do you think I am able to wait for you at the end of this long, long road? As if I were the maiden eternally waiting in the tower for my knight. Do you even realize what a remarkable existence you are? Unlike those whose fates are etched in stone, you are like a river, flowing anywhere you please. But I realize that this is becoming long-winded, no doubt you are eager as well to put all of this to an end. To pull down the curtains for good. 


Powers Variable Manipulation


AlignmentLawful Neutral.


Theme SongEpic Score - Ultimate Power

Occupations: King


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