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The Golden Beast (M: TA Sheet joke sheet)


Name: Reinhard Heydrich

Age: 35

Shadow Name: Mephistopheles

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Lust


PathThyrsus (What he fits into rather than him actually being on it)

Order: N/A


Merit: Proximus

Concept: Soldier

Arcanum: N/A

Rank: N/A


Motto: "Memento mori."

Quotes: "Man must hunger and lust and crave for as long as his heart beats in his chest. No matter where life takes him, no matter what nourishment fate offers him, his thirst fades not. And yet, that is how it should be. If there existed any being who failed to share in this sentiment… all that would await him is ruination."

"Strip him of his status, and a man becomes no different from any other of his fellow humans. That is about all there is to it — no, that is indeed how it must be. We fall when struck; we die when shot. That is how man ought to be: living his life till death’s hour is struck, and he inevitably returns to the dust from whence he came."

Occupations: Leader of the Gestapo.

ArchetypesThe Stoic The Dreaded Just Following Orders The Sociopath Does Not Know His Own Strength

ThemeDies Irae - Mephistopheles

Use Mental Physical Social
Power:  Intelligence: 4 Strength: 5(8) Presence: 5
Finesse:  Wits: 5 Dexterity: 4(6) Manipulation: 5
Resistance:  Resolve: 5 Stamina: 4(6) Composure: 4

Special Skills:

  • Mental:​ Academics - 3, Computer - 0, Crafts - 0, Investigation - 3, Medicine - 0, Occult - 3, Politics - 3, Science - 0
  • Physical: Athletics - 4, Brawl - 4, Drive - 2, Firearms - 2, Larceny - 0, Stealth - 0, Survival - 2, Weaponry - 4
  • Social: Animal Ken - 0, Empathy - 3, Expression - 4, Intimidation - 8, Persuasion - 5, Socialize - 4, Streetwise - 0, Subterfuge - 0

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