Aliases: The Golden Beast / Mephistopheles

PowersConceptual Attacks Post-Mortem Power Absorption Subordination Manipulation Soul Manipulation Infinite Resurrection Origin Manipulation Alpha Reality Unity (within his own multiverse and minus omnipotence)

AbilitiesEnhanced Charisma Transcendent Physiology

AlignmentBlue And Orange Morality


"Strip him of his status, and a man becomes no different from any other of his fellow humans. That is about all there is to it — no, that is indeed how it must be. We fall when struck; we die when shot. That is how man ought to be: living his life till death’s hour is struck, and he inevitably returns to the dust from whence he came.''

"Memento mori, goes the well-known saying. We must never once forget our eventual end. Death weighs heavy upon man’s soul."

"Ah, my body trembles with joy; my soul cries out in delight! Could this be what the world calls rapture; what man knows as dread? For the first time in eons, my heart beats alive!"

Theme SongDies Irae - Mephistopheles

Occupations: General-Commander

ArchetypesBlood Knight Bishonen Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existence