Name: Mu

Imperator: Haven't figured this one out yet.

Age: N/A

Estate: Nothing

Aspect: 3

Domain: 2

Persona: 3

MP: 4 (I think that works?)

Treasure: 0 (From what I understand this is basically your companion or item that is dear to you)



(1) I find it difficult to adjust to reality and its laws.

(2) I am swayed by others, but not forced by others.

(1) I get easily hooked onto something.


(3) Unless I allow it, nothing can interact with me.

(2) I fly into a rage when I see pointless cruelty, not paying heed to the consequences.


(3) Nothing cannot create, only undo.

(2) Nothing is the absence of anything.

(1) Nothing is a paradox.

(1) Nothing is the beginning and the end.

Background: Has apparently existed for a long time, but was at some point given a soul by an Imperator. Has a trauma that it'd rather not talk about. Gets easily hooked on things but lacks common sense. Tends to stalk other Powers when doing their jobs or outright imitate them with no results. Death wasn't happy about its fashion sense.