Name: N/A

Alias: Leviathan

Race: Unknown

Gender: Inapplicable

Birthday: N/A

Height: Immeasurable

Weight: Immeasurable

Origin: Unknown. Has presumably always been there.

Occupations: N/A

Alignment: N/A

Motto: N/A

ArchetypesEldritch Abomination

Likes: N/A

Dislikes: N/A


I watched as the void took a single breath. I died as it exhaled. I lived as it inhaled. My soul and mind was snuffed out for the briefest of moments as I stared into the incomprehensible darkness. The world ended as it moved and it was re-created as it stopped moving. Creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. This was the coin and so much more. A heartbeat passed and eternity bled. Another heartbeat passed and infinity was no longer. 'Tis the essence of destruction and end of logic.