Name: Alinafe

Aliases: Jagdhund

Power: It functions like a denial of the supernatural. Were he to face a demon or some other such entity, his arsenal would tear through them just like they would a regular human. In a sense, you could say that he reinforces his concept of what common sense is. However, as he uses normal weaponry and has the physical abilities of a trained fighter, they are attacks that could be easily dodged. In addition, this ability of his hinges on his knowledge of what reality is like. The more he gets into contact with the supernatural, the less effective his ability is.

To name an example: Take a magical barrier. If Alinafe would shoot a bullet at it, the barrier would shatter like glass as it passes through. 

In short: He is basically the antithesis of everything supernatural. A by-product of this ability could be said to be Power Negation .

Fighting: He employs modern weaponry and disguises to fight the supernatural. He also has help from his organizations information network in order to gain a tactical advantage on them.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quotes: 'Sometimes a bullet provides a far better answer than pretty words or gestures.'

Theme SongKarma 

Occupations: Hitman

Activities: Elimination of the supernatural.

Likes: Chess, flowers and reading books (particularily the works of Honoré de Balzac and Émile Zola).

Dislikes: Sloppiness, loud noises and people that talk a lot.

ArchetypesCombat Pragmatist  Crazy Prepared Just Following Orders Professional Killer Master Of Disguise Tykebomb Awesomeness By Analysis


The very first memory that was available to the young man was that of holding a gun and the resulting recoil of using such a thing. He remembered how the pain had shocked him into silence rather than to cry out loud like a child would. He remembered how the old man would nod and smile, ruffling his wild hair rather than to scold him. That feeling of exuberance rising within him was a moment he cherished. Indeed, his childhood had been a far cry from a normal one. 

The years continued like that. Use a weapon, get praised and feel joy. It was something he realized early on, but he was trained as a tool of war. Not that it mattered to him, as it was all he was. A tool that is to be praised when useful and discarded when showing a defect. Such was his life and so it was for his compatriots whom fell one by one as the years went by. 

His mission was simple: Exterminate any target that Guilty Crown deems a threat. 

A mission he would fulfill; one bullet, one corpse at a time.