Hey guys and gals, you're friendly wiki-hood Entity91 here asking you your very own personal Superhero name. Now these must be as original as possible and while Mega-man and Ultra-woman, are wonderful alter egos, please refrain from such names. Also list 3 abilities you (as a hero) are capable of and define them in your own terms, it doesn't have to be in the terms of this wiki (add sub catorgories if you wish). Your powers should, however, be linked in some way to give the sense that they evolved from one central form. To make it slightly more interesting give two other names that preceed the first and identify which of your three powers is primary, secondary, and evolved. (Evolved meaning which of the three is the strongest and should fall under the name you like the most.)

I'll go first:)


  • Ecological Empathy (Primary)
  1. Empathic Projection- The ability to cause a certain emotion in others through an inherent medium (weather).
  2. Enviornmental Symbiosis- The ability to become one with the immediate enviornment and employ that strength to achieve impressive feats.


  • Weather Manipulation (Secondary)
  1. Quintessent Energy Pulse Emission- The ability to harness an immesurable amount of raw inner energy and project it in devestating shockwaves.
  2. Mystical Elements- The ability to manipulate the mystical variations of certain elements to achieve an alternate feat. (Wind= Contorted Telekinesis, Rain=Transfiguration, Thunder= Supernatural Force, Lightning= Spontaneous Combustion via Blue Vital Flames).


  • Transcendent Physiology (Evolved)
  1. Sky Lordship- The ability to possess dominion over every atmospheric phenomenon and the creatures which inhabit the sky, declaring it its own realm seperate and independent of the Earth.
  2. The Descendent God of Majesty- (This is more of a title than anything else. Descendent meaning not the God of Majesty and not related to one either. In my universe there is but one GOD, but certain beings can tap into a specific force. Majesty is likened to Prosperity, Justice, Severity, and Prodigy. Descendent God's have the following base abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Godlike State {Strength, Stamina, Limited Healing}, Wizardry, Precognitive Dreaming, and Nigh-Omniscience.

Note: I realize I went into a lot of detail, keep in mind that is a complex of mine. You don't have to be as extensive as I was, just telling me your name and three powers is good enough:)