Basic Information

Stance: Villain

Archetypes: Killer RobotKill All HumansCrush. Kill. Destroy!Spock SpeakAI is a CrapshootHumongous MechaTurned Against Their MastersMechanical MonsterRobotic PsychopathSecond Law My Ass

Theme Song: Pokemon B2W2 - vs. Ghetsis

Motto: "Hunt. Sense. Eliminate."


"Weapon X, at your service. What must I eliminate, Lieutenant?"

"Tool? Machine? Eliminate creator. Must destroy Lieutenant."

"I've found you, human. Prepare to meet your demise."

Personal Data

Likes: Destruction, Revenge, Elimination

Dislikes: Being Labeled, Self-Corrosion and Armor Damages, Those Higher than It

Hobbies: Destroying, Hunting, Persuading, Getting Upgrades, Test Runs, Creating Craters







Powers & Abilities

Disclaimer: Powers listed include ALL applications.


  • Eclipse Bringer - Due to secret projects and equipment, (such as converted solar flares and energy from moon craters) Kajah can control the moon and the sun, along with plants and water (because of solar and lunar energy). It can bring an Eclipse, putting Kajah at its true potential, boosting its mechanisms past their previous limits. The energy level the Dragonoid can withstand and manipulate is so high, actually, that it can use cosmic energy to fly.
  • Hallucinator - The Destructoid can take the form of an illusion, temporarily erasing its existence whenever is needed, and being intangible and immune to orthodox occurences. As a consequence, its senses are disabled, keeping Kajah from finding humans that are unseen to it. This power is often a final gambit in order to escape from being destroyed. 
  • Mecha Minions - Being created mostly from Electromagnetism, the Dragonoid can form creatures out of Electromagnetism, and only creatures. They are immune to most feelings of pain, and possess no emotions other than hostility towards Kajah's target. They see Kajah as a master, and follow its commands through telepathic orders. 


  • Life Locator - As a result of all the people Kajah has murdered, it has absorbed plenty of life force as fuel, being more efficient than the usual Nitrogen. That being said, Dragonoid v2 knows the ins and outs of Ki/Life Force, and is able to sense it, tracking life forms with ease.
  • Fuel Control - Being fueled by Nitrogen, as with Ki, Kajah knows the fuel as well as it does Life-Force. However, unlike the life-force, Nitrogen can be controlled by the mechanism. This allows it to control the nitrogen in the air, as well, making it possible to deprive natural life forms of breatheable, healthy air.