For those of you who don't know or understand what "Character Roulette" is, it's quite simple.

Power Roulette

Character Roulette is a process that I created, inspired by the Superpower Wiki Exclusive game, Power Roulette. For those of you who don't know, its a game in which you and 2-3 others click the "Random Page" button this wiki provides (also achievable through this link: ). The page that comes up is your power for the individual round. Once everyone has their power, they compare them to see who has the strongest power, that person being the winner. If there is no clear winner, the people who tied go on to a tiebreaker round, in which they roll again and compare those powers. 

Pre-Game Requirements

  • One or more Friends to play with (Optional, but adds interest)
  • A working Blog and/or a Typing program (Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.)
  • Ability and Knowledge to make Character Sheets

What is a Character Sheet?

A Character Sheet is also Superpower Wiki Exclusive, unless you would like to keep it less public. To make one, just go to your Blog/Typing Program, and, well, create a character! It's a quite simple process, all you need to do is give them powers, a name, maybe some aliases, alignments, and a backstory, and anything else you may add. For reference, you can look at other character sheets on this website, and base the character fields off of others. It's simple, creative, and frankly just a fun process overall!

So...How Do I Do "Character Roulette"?

It's simple. You basically do everything I've said, but here are the steps.

  1. Do the "Random Page" button 5-10 times (preferrably 5)
  2. Record your powers as you roll them, as they will be crucial to the roulette creation.
  3. Look over your final list of powers. They may not work together, and they may be weird overall as a set, but that's the point of the roulette. The outcome should create an unpredictable character.
  4. If unhappy with the results, get rid of all your powers, and repeat steps 1-3
  5. Transfer the powers to a new character sheet, and have fun with your Roulette character!

Here's my example: Character Roulette: Kajah Theos


I don't expect the concept to become too popular, but I'm happy with the general concept. If you want to do it, be my guest. Also, keep in mind this is the best idea I'll probably ever have, so be proud of me ^ ^

Anyways, I'm out. Enjoy!