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    Zaffre City, nicknamed "The City of Cobalt Blue" due to its constant blue hue and radiation, is a chain of islands located off the well-known New York City. It stands home to over 3 billion people and some of the most beautiful sights in the world. On the other hand, It has the highest crime rate in the USA, all defended by a single man and a police force, the ZCPD. Due to its constantly growing population, the city is upgraded immensely on a near-monthly basis thanks to its leader, Zenon Takis's, large amount of money and ownership of the city. The citizens, as a consequence of the zaffre radiation emanating from the islands, all possess resistance, beauty, youthful energy, and ease of access, all while remaining the same person and being…

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  • Emperors Arise

    For those of you who don't know or understand what "Character Roulette" is, it's quite simple.

    Character Roulette is a process that I created, inspired by the Superpower Wiki Exclusive game, Power Roulette. For those of you who don't know, its a game in which you and 2-3 others click the "Random Page" button this wiki provides (also achievable through this link: ). The page that comes up is your power for the individual round. Once everyone has their power, they compare them to see who has the strongest power, that person being the winner. If there is no clear winner, the people who tied go on to a tiebreaker round, in which they roll again and compare those powers. 

    • One or more Friends to pla…

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  • Emperors Arise


    Stance: Villain

    Archetypes: Killer Robot, Kill All Humans, Crush. Kill. Destroy!, Spock Speak, AI is a Crapshoot, Humongous Mecha, Turned Against Their Masters, Mechanical Monster, Robotic Psychopath, Second Law My Ass

    Theme Song: Pokemon B2W2 - vs. Ghetsis

    Motto: "Hunt. Sense. Eliminate."


    "Weapon X, at your service. What must I eliminate, Lieutenant?"

    "Tool? Machine? Eliminate creator. Must destroy Lieutenant."

    "I've found you, human. Prepare to meet your demise."

    Likes: Destruction, Revenge, Elimination

    Dislikes: Being Labeled, Self-Corrosion and Armor Damages, Those Higher than It

    Hobbies: Destroying, Hunting, Persuading, Getting Upgrades, Test Runs, Creating Craters






    Disclaimer: Pow…

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  • Emperors Arise


    Stance: Omnipotent Being

    Archetypes: More Than Infinite, The Omnipotent, God, The Omniscient, Physical God, Omniscient Morality License, Gambit Roulette, God is Good, A God am I, God in Human Form (sometimes), Cosmic Entity

    Theme Song: Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade

    Motto: "Even being Almighty has its flaws, don't believe you are perfection."

    Quotes:  "Go, for this is the life I have granted to you. For you have been blessed my power, and so you have been blessed my will."

    "Now, no one said ruling a universe was simple, did they?"

    "Why, you fool! You shall be banished from this reality, and reanimated in a hellstorm of flames and wrath! Off with your soul!"

    Likes: Power, Fate-Breakers, Followers, Healing Wounded

    Dislikes: Fate-Avoiders, Disbeli…

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  • Emperors Arise

    we don't talk about this

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