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How to not be shit

I'm bored.

So I decided to do the one thing I always do when I'm bored, which is to be an asshole. In the great words of myself a few months ago...

"Life is shit. You are alive, and therefore you are shit. Now go be an asshole to everyone because they're shit too."
― The great words of myself a few months ago. Can you FEEEEEL the intellect?!

So, after remembering this old-ass quote of mine, I decided to make a blog that this wiki's probably gonna need sometime soon. A blog about not making shitty characters. Now some people are gonna be like "but huffius ur shiet m8 git gud and stahp bullying deh coll peeple." And that's completely true, I am shit. Remember my quote above? But I'm different from most shit because I can actually evolve into cleaner shit and learn from my past mistakes. Some people can't. 

I suppose I'll write this in the form of a guide, mostly because I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing right now with both my life and my spare time. So, without further adieu, here is my guide to not making a shitty character.

Don't Pretend Like They're Better Than God- Because they aren't. If your story has an official and grand fully-omnipotent god, they cannot beat them. I really don't want to touch the omnipotence debate at the moment since this is a character-making guide, but really, just don't be that guy who has the character who can do absolutely anything, overcome the objects clearly defined as unable to be overcome, and somehow still have daily problems. I see this kind of shit all too often at this point, and it generally needs to stop.

Don't Make Them a Cliche Concept- This isn't actually much of a problem depending on the writer, really. But it's just all too easy to name someone "Frosty McCoolGuy" and give them every ice-based ability or name someone "Windy Warlord" and give them every air-based ability. It's generally a waste of a good opportunity to do this to a character you could've made great. However, if a character has a few abilities that fall into one category and their  nickname is a reference to the abilities, it's usually fine. But I would still advise centering your characters around their abilities.

Oh, and if they embody the concept through an embodiment power it's completely fine. That's the point of an embodiment power, and the worst thing you could do is give a character Ice Embodiment and give them fire abilities.

For God's Sake Don't Make a Mary Sue- Does your character have problems that make them always appear to be the good guy? Are they loved by literally everybody except for the blatant baddies that are made for the purpose of making said character the good guy? Are they a completely innocent soul that's being tortured by society and forced into being a hero despite being the fluffiest motherfucker around town? Looks like your character might just be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Basically, they're characters that are blatantly favored by the author that try to pull the reader's heartstrings into making them the reader's favorite character ever. Sometimes these characters are simultaneously Author Avatars (physical personifications of the writer). Mary Sues are essentially existent to make up for the writer's lack of creativity and thought when writing a story, or at worse, the Mary Sue in question is an Author Avatar and the baddies of the story are meant to be people that the writer knows personally and dislikes. In conclusion, stay the fuck away from making Mary Sues.

chek ur grammer u phag-  And I mean really check it. Grammar can make a character that would've been good otherwise absolute garbage. The things that you should look out for the most are capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. If you think you should, download a grammar-checking program to check what you write for basic mistakes. Personally, I use Grammarly to check what I write and give me feedback on my writing skill in general through weekly emails. 

Oh, and according to Grammarly, I have made nine grammar mistakes in this so far. All deliberate. B)

I'm still not done yet, just need to think about what my next points will be before I can finish.

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