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Emelas June 30, 2014 User blog:Emelas

I saw other blog say "hero or Villain", "the power you like most" and things like that, sooooo now I ask to all the people to create a "complete" character there are only a rule and 2 limit; the only rule is follow this pattern

NAME: name, surname and/or nickname (write the nickname between "...")

UNIVERSE: write "original" for your own reality or the name of the reality like "X-MEN", "DRAGON BALL", etc.

POWER/ABILITY: the power you want

PHYSIOLOGY: add this if you have a particular physiology

ALIGNMENT: choice hero, neutral or villain

BACKGROUND: optional

the limit are:

1) each character can have max 2 power, 2 ability or 1 power and 1 ability

2) all meta/omni power and similar are prohibited because I don't like "easy win" or as they say in my country (Italy) "ti piace vincere facile" (translated is "you like win easily")

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