Geraldios is a strange being, created from a puddle of blood charged with malefocent energy. Therefore, in his primary form, he is nothing but moving and sentient blood. He is nearly 132 years old

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Aliases: The 10th Sphere, The Butcher

Affiliation: The Spheres of the Eclipse

Alignement: Chaotic Evil

Gender: None

Quotes: "Knowing pain is like knowing death...and knowing death is the shortest path to "fear". I, who can't know pain, don't know any fear! And with no fear...victory is mine"

"Respect? There's no respect for the ones who can no longer ask for it. No repsect for the deads"

Motto:: I am Immortal,I can do what i want

Powers: Possession, Blood manipulation, Body manipulation, Semi-Immortality

Although he isn't a human at the first place, Geraldios is able to control a human (or animal)'s body to its fullest. To do this, he just has to make all his blood flow in the body of the target. Therefore he can manipulate at will everything that constituates the body: nerves, skin, bones, bodily fluids. He doesn't feel any pain from all the injuries that might take the body, but he can't make it regenerate.

The most efficient way to beat him is by dealing with the blood that constituates him, by freezkng/desintegrating it.

Personnality: Geraldios, having never known any pain or defeat, is of a very arrogant,violent and sadistic personnality. His battles are often gory as he tears apart the bodies he doesn't like. When he takes over a corpse, his favorite occupation is to humiliate the old owner by everyway possible. His logic makes very little sens.

Clothes: Up to humiliate people's bodies, he often wears bizarre, horrible clothing. Often with disturbing colors and patterns.

Weaknesses: His arrogance makes him blind, and he can't even see that he stays mortal. He is nothing of a stratege.

Rank of power (A-E):A

Trivia: -He finds love and reproduction acts "disgusting"

-Sometimes he breaks the values of his victims, and put the pieces in a box hidden in his lair.