• EdenHypnos

    Geraldios is a strange being, created from a puddle of blood charged with malefocent energy. Therefore, in his primary form, he is nothing but moving and sentient blood. He is nearly 132 years old

    Aliases: The 10th Sphere, The Butcher

    Affiliation: The Spheres of the Eclipse

    Alignement: Chaotic Evil

    Gender: None

    Quotes: "Knowing pain is like knowing death...and knowing death is the shortest path to "fear". I, who can't know pain, don't know any fear! And with no fear...victory is mine"

    "Respect? There's no respect for the ones who can no longer ask for it. No repsect for the deads"

    Motto:: I am Immortal,I can do what i want

    Powers: Possession, Blood manipulation, Body manipulation, Semi-Immortality

    Although he isn't a human at the first place, Geral…

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