• EDN1980

    Apophis, The Darkness

    March 6, 2018 by EDN1980


    Apophis is a disembodied entity, a being of tremendous power and evil. In his own dimension he can assume a physical form and is unfathomably beautiful.

    Apophis is pure evil, extremely manipulative, power hungry, he abhors light and wishes to destroy the Father forever and devour the universe entirely, leaving himself as the only entity in existence.

    Nigh Omnipotence: Apophis is a being of unholy and toxic darkness, he matches the Father in power though he is slightly stronger. He created the Lands Beneath The Earth as well as its embodiment, the Devourer. He even empowered certain weapons that can easily destroy the Father.

    Possession: Apophis can possess anyone he wishes though he requires certain hosts that can contain his power wit…

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  • EDN1980

    Krakis, Of The Great Hive.

    February 20, 2018 by EDN1980


    Krakis is a strange being, he is single-minded, he is powerful, nigh-omniscient and utterly devoted to enacting his revenge on Pythius for imprisoning him. He is unfailingly seductive, his power is truly unfathomable and he possesses more of Pythius' power than any of the Storm God's creations.

    Krakis is the most beautiful of Pythius' creations and possesses a monstrous aura that makes it all but impossible for the younger Leviathans to attack him, even as he drains them to death. Krakis has no loyalty to the rest of the Hive.

    Nigh Omnipotence: Of all the creations of Pythius, Krakis possesses the most power and he is vastly superior to even the oldest Leviathan, his only superiors are his creator and Tanathlo. He created the Brood and…

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  • EDN1980

    Attempt at a User Character

    February 14, 2018 by EDN1980

    New Character


    Pythius is an immensely powerful and intelligent being, he is calm, contemplative, humorous, humble, warm, loving but is prone to losing his temper, especially when it comes to his creator.

    Pythius is unfathomably beautiful and his aura is extremely seductive, in his True Form, he is nothing more than a mass of writhing tentacles made of light, in this form he is so beautiful that he can make anyone fall in love with him. Pythius is unique among his kind as he has the power to feed off of energy itself which also has the effect of making him more and more beautiful.

    Nigh-Omnipotence: Pythius is capable of almost anything and has a vast amount of power.

    Absolute Strength: Pythius has near-limitless strength and can overpowe…

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  • EDN1980

    Ticklish Characters

    August 9, 2012 by EDN1980

    Isn't being ticklish or inducing ticklishness in someone a kind of superpower in itself?

    I think it would be an awesome power to have to escape from bad guys, you make them laugh or turn the tables on your interrogation or whatever.

    Would work great with Supernatural Beauty, my favorite power. Just an idea ya know, no big deal.

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