"A god? let me make this perfectly clear! I'm not some all powerful god alright, I'm only that in my own world. I'm not here to be god, I'm here to be the Ultihuman, the most powerful human being there is."
― John making it clear to everyone about what he is.
John Mercer












Species Ultihuman aka Ultimate Human-Life Form
Race Superior Alpha Human Being
Aliases The Ideal Human, Paragon of Humanity, True Human Being, Ultihuman, Alpha Predator, Superior Life-Form
Alignment True Neutral
Status Eternal
Occupations Humanitarian, Freedom Fighter, True Hedonistic, Plane Adventurer, Seeker of Absolute Truth, Transcendent Scientist, The Pornomancer, Uplifter of Humanity, The Man That Pairs With Gods.
Archetypes Pragmatic Hero, All Loving Hero, Good Is Not Soft, Ethical Hedonistic, Giver of True Happiness, Chivalrous Pervert, A God I Am Not, Sex God.
Hobby Advancing, Experimenting/Playing With His Powers, Sharping His Skills, Dreaming, Adventures
Likes Kids, Video Games, Training, Learning, Partying, Adventures, True Justice, The Truth, Honesty, Fighting Bad Guys, Hot Girls/Getting Laid, Good People, Being a Badass, Righteousness
Dislikes Racism, Disrespect, Injustice, Selfish Evil, Ignorance, Unnecessary Bloodshed, Abortions, Lies, Tyrants.
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"Dream like you live forever and live like everyday is en adventure."
― John Mercer

Powers: True Power of Humanity.

Abilities: Meta Combat, Unrestricted Murdering, Specialist Powers.

Natural Abilities: Spiritual Meditation, Instant Learning, Training Regimen, Enhanced Potential.

Catchphrase: "I'm only human and thats all I need to be to beat you."

"It's true I can't save everyone, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't try."

"You have no idea what I'm capable of."

Motto: "A random act of kindness, the act that shows what it means to be truly human"

"Party, have fun and never let anyone tell you what you can't do"

"Live the way you want or don't live at all"

"It's doesn't matter what you believe in, it doesn't change anything, unless you act."

Quotes: "My mind is more then a computer. My body is more then a temple. Death is meaningless to me. Extinction is battle I already won."

"All my best friends are my family, there apart of my heart as much as I am part of theirs."

"Humans aren't inherently good or evil, we just are what we choose to be."

"True death is existential, that's why there no such thing."

"I know there are beings stronger then me, I just intend to surpass them all."

Inspiration: Superman, Batman, Goku, Jack Frost, Spartacus, Naruto, Kratos, Sora, Riku, Delsin Rowe, James Heller, Dante, Deadpool, Rico Rodriguez.

Origin Story

In a dark era where human beings have forgotten the way to be true to themselves and embraced nothing but the greed for power, money and the pride in abandoning their humanity in obtaining them. The world became so corrupted by the unnatural ways of mankind, to the point where they lost all hope, even amongst themselves. But from the unrepentant evils this world brought upon themselves, came a radiant hope born from boundless love, power, clarity and ambition, this hope was named John Mercer a true human being who could no longer bare or tolerate the drowning despair, unfairly injustice, futile carnage and the mind corrupting lies mankind placed upon themselves.

Personal Info


MANY YEARS ago I lived and struggle in a world where human beings at the surface of their nature and life present imperfect images: lack in harmony, limitation, disease, injustice and full of nihilism. These are the overlays resulting from past experiences and the opinions and beliefs of both individual and collective consciousness, which people have accepted into there lives, but not me, I refused to think this way. Humanity isn't perfect, but is that such a bad thing? Humanity it is such a beautiful creation, they can live life to the fullest, they are humble, compassionate, loving, accepting, people can do great and terrible things in life. Humans don't need to be perfect just better. My love for humanity was too great that it gave me a passion towards them, ever since then I found this need to fined what it means to be truly human in everyway possible, to find the potentialities to what a human being truly lives up to be and become.


Through my newly found status my personality as a human has advanced beyond the levels of mundanes. I've developed into an all-loving, self-confident, free spirited, open-minded, sexually active and a highly independent person ever since my quest to find out what means to be truly human in every fundamental way and all aspects possible. Ever since then I felt more then capable of taken on anything and corrupted forms of human stupidit: meaningless envy, futile ignorances and unhealthy mindset became obsolete to me.

I've always been a far more determine person, reaching my limits in every aspect only to trancend them to there highest degree yet and beyond, only to realize that I don't have any limits at all. I always train myself in both mundane and supernatural levels because I know the value in being ordinery just as much as I see the glory in being extraordinary, never lose sight in who you truly are inside, its the best thing about you.

I'm a more balanced out being in every essential way do to me transcending the futility of duality, having concern for any kind-hearted and benevolent person I came to care, love and befriended, but my augmented nature made me a very brutal monstrosity to all those who selfishly and sadistic people who torment other for there own sick, twisted and corrupt satisfaction. My new inherited state of being and nature, puts my heart, mind and spirit right where there supposed to be, allowing me to pursuit the full aspects of my humanity, leading to both natural and supernatural human behaviors in both good and bad aspects.


I travel from one world to another to see the infinite glories of the unlimited multiverses and thanks to newly found powers I collect in my unending journeys, I'm more then capable of defending myself from any threat that gets in my way regardless how powerful they are be them mundanes, extraterrestrial, transcended or otherwise, I can handle anyone and anything and still hold my ground. With the endless adventures and travels from infinite realities, I collectively gathered great knowledge and wisdom to aid me in new quests to come, with my unending supplies of experiences, skills and powers to collect I've become the perfect adventure of the infinite.


Pool parties are fun, especially with hot friends.


"Hay John! could you help me out with this? It always keeps falling off. I swear if this thing doesn't stay on I'm going topless"

I mostly prefer to befriend many kind and good people to share my adventures mostly throughout my journeys because; I love spending time with friends to have fun with especially the ones who now how have real fun and to party like pornstars. All the friends I make are very kind hearted, opened and understanding people, most of them I saved from cruel and terrible fates they don't deserve, others came from my boundless inner worlds, but ultimately all my friends taught me the value of never having to be alone. We all party like we mean it and likes theirs no tomorrow, we all live a hedonistic lifestyle especially when we help spread the happiness for others and each-other, with me their is no room for depression only compassion. I always love to make more friends then powers, I'm kind-hearted that way and when I want to be.


Life if a beautiful thing to have, especially when it's eternal.


Have fun, enjoy life and be happy that's all that matters right.

Thanks to my new views and perceptions of all things in existence I can now perceive things far more clearly then I could've ever hoped, this new found enlightenment made me realize that all that matters in life is to just be happy, joyful and free especially when life is eternal, that's where life has more meaning (or at least to me). Ever since then I wonder of to the infinite to see what else is out there, learning new powers, having great and endless adventures, partying wildly like there's no tomorrow and making new friends to share the eternal glory in the experience. Life is good for me and I love to share the good things that come from life with everyone who deserves it.

When I'm not of planewalking from dimension to dimension, I go of into my internal infinite multiverses where can I go and live my life blissfully and be the master of my own infinite realities. Here I can literally do absolutely anything I could possibly want, I've created endless worlds based on my infinite creativity, memories of my never ending adventures that I can remake to my own personal perspective and manifest that come from my subconscious. With this power I not only create but I can also meta summon anything I want in and out of my multiverse to aid me. My world can either be safe haven for any good innocent being in need of healing and those who cry to be saved from destruction or a tormenting realm for sinister beings as punishment for there unrepentant and immoral transgressions towards good people that deserve better.

Limitless Potentiality

As the ultimate human life-form, my transcending potential can reach beyond the cosmos, I'm capable of feats humans never even imagine could do. I train myself not to just get stronger, but to see what else I'm truly capable of, from my basic human peak capacity to my transcendency. I can do anything from magic, science and divinity all together and so much more and thats just the beginning. The applications to my capabilities are as limitless as the number of particles in the entire multiverse.

My never ending potential comes directly towards my newly found transcending status. Through the status of my being I can develop powerful structures that connects to the central and most fundamental nexus points embedded in my humanity at a personal level to a never ending series of applications linking to each other. With the apex status of my humanity I can not only became the most powerful human being alive, but I've also changed and transcended the definition to what it means to be truly human.

I possess limitless powers, abilities, traits and more within myself and with time I learns and discover new powers and abilities I never knew I had. These powers are just a small grain of sand of an never ending desert to what I'm really capable of. With time I learned to master them all allowing me to use them to my advantages and with each new power I discover, the stronger I become.

Ulti-Human State

The Ulti-Human State is my newly found and personal human state of being that I achieved through the aid and training of the True Omnipotent One and The Aspects of Omnipotence, they saw that I had what it took to live up to be the paragon of humanity in every way to they accepted me. This ultimate human state granted me meta form of transcendency that help me obtained the true power of humanity completely, which made me truly limitless. With this kind of transcendency I could pare with even the strongest cosmic entities and other self-proclaimed deities.

When the True Omnipotent One and The Aspects of Omnipotence first trained me, they helped me unlock nonexistent and fundamental cores of my power within myself that also acts as the core of true human transcendency that develops at various paces and to extends the true power that lies within my very being, granting me a pre-existing potential the very principle to what it means to be the true and powerful human being.

  • Meta Transcendence - The very cornerstone of my transcendency beyond my inner world, a power so great that goes beyond any of the self proclaimed gods. With this I not only transcended my human status, but can also help me transcend all my limitations, weaknesses and boundaries of my nature at will. This allows me to surpass my extensional limitations, with no negative effects whatsoever, making me capable to develop new abilities, correct my flaws, change my form, essentially opening new worlds of possibilities with each use, or closing them when I aspire to a simpler life, perfectly self-defining my true nature, sense of self and meaning as a True Human Being.
    • Conceptual Transcendence - I learned to unbind myself to almost any form of concepts, conceptual powers, definitions/meanings and/or forms of logic, allowing me to exist in a state outside of any perspective, understanding or method of classification.
    • Fictional Transcendence - I have the power to transcend the boundary between fact and fiction and travel through each domain. With this power, I ascended to a state of mastery and maximum use potential to overriding the boundary separating fact and fiction. I am both a fact and a fiction, I am not defined by either, I can do anything in anyplace regardless of the nature of any universe.
    • Self Transcendence - I can self-transcend my potential/capabilities beyond their normal limitations, whether physically, mentally, existentially, etc, to become the one of the strongest and most powerful human beings there is.
  • Potential Creation - I can awaken abilities within myself, that develop and bloom at various paces and to extends, from my personality/nature factors, the power may also be slowly shaped by circumstances, or remain latent until specific conditions are met, which grants the potential to created limitless abilities that take shape and process a wide variety of abilities, traits, and powers that are always different yet always fitting, that will bloom and evolve alongside me, the experience and knowledge that have, like a supernatural extension of myself.
    • Meta Ability Creation (Uncontrollable) - Do to my transcending status, I can create any supernatural abilities without limit. Mostly depending on the reason, circumstances and situations what and why I create them, with the never ending adventures and experience I gain, the amount of abilities and powers I can create are potentially without any limitation, enhancing versions of existing abilities or specific countermeasures for any of them, and accumulate an unlimited number of abilities with almost no negative side-effect, even take it further and thoroughly customize a power, like designing a power to only harm a certain thing or activate after a certain condition.
    • Ever Increasing Potential - My potential is virtually limitless, which grants me access to all the powers any human being is capable of using, but not all of them at a highly respected level. I wield all the known powers based on my particular nature and classification, that can expand to the infinite with the more I learn about what's out there and the more I learn about myself.
    • Zenith - I have reach the apex status of all my human kind, ascending, evolving and transcending my very condition, powers and abilities to the highest level allowing me to obtain unparalleled might, making me an unstoppable force. With this access to the ultimate level of power that is capable of transcending the boundaries of my own kind, I have become the paragon of humanity and most importantly, obtaining the this kind of zenith grants me full mastery of my own powers with the utmost potential and that is just the beginning to what I'm capable of.
  • True Form - I have have achieved humanities true status completely, with newly reborn state of being I became not just powerful I also became whole, transforming my human status and existence into its true forms that is said to be mentally sealed, physically restrained and completely inactivated, so I was forced to unlock my dormant power in order to drastically increase my regular power and mere abilities to unbelievable levels that go beyond the understanding of mere mortals.
    • Inner Power - Everyone has a hidden power within themselves, I can push my hidden strength within myself and amplify it, gaining much untold power due to my incredibly strong force of will, I am able to bypass all limitations I possessed on my extensional and fundamental capabilities along with my overall abilities, increasing them to the fullest extent, whether it be from the heart, mind, soul, etc.
    • Legendary Form - You ever heard these rumors, myth and folklores where humans will one day evolve, ascend or transcend into some sorts of supernatural godlike beings, those legends first inspired me to be the bests. I was able to go into a state that puts me in a class of my very own that not only makes me live up to those legends, but also beyond any of those myths could possibly perceive. A legendary state of being that deliver a wide variety of self transcendency as well as unspeakable power that "makes me a human, put the fear of God in devils themselves".
    • True-Self Projection - As a result in obtaining humanity's true state of being, I have found my true higher self that is said to thrives within my inner subconscious, this higher being not only piloted my very fate born from choices of my desires and reasons, but also embodies everything I envisions myself to being with little to no constraints visualize and impose my perfect self, they day I chose to become the ultihuman was the same day my higher self and I truly became one single and complete being unbound.

Complete Status

Complete Status is the essential features of my human statuses that makes me whole. All the most important and cores that makes up the true human state of being, granting me various powers, traits, abilities, natures that makes up the Ultihuman a.k.a. Ultimate Human Life-Form status together. With this new human state of being I have become the most powerful human being in existence, humanities ultimate state and power.


  • Ability Mastering - I can master every aspect of an ability to the fullest extent.
    • Ability Transcendence - I not only mastered my powers and abilities, I am also able to transcend them beyond there limits granting me brand new branches of applications to unprecedented heights of power and efficiency of my capabilities and with any ability of mine being perfected and amplified way beyond normal.
    • Activation & Deactivation - I can activate and deactivate any and all of my powers at will, this way I be normal anytime I want just for fun and to have a little bit of peace a quiet, and when I'm done I just turn on my powers and the fun adventures begin again, the party never ends people.
    • Adaptive Power-Level - My levels in power can adapt itself to any potential levels for various purposes.
    • Superpower Evolution - All my powers can upgrade or evolve any kind of other superpower, to unlimited number of times and virtually any level.
  • Absolute Immortality - The day I trancended my state of being, I have achieved humanity's birthright, true immortality in every and all aspects.
    • Meta Resurrection - You can kill me again and again, but I will always come back, one way or another.
    • Life Transcendence - My very lifespans has transcendent to the point where I conquer death itself, no one can kill me and even if you could I will always come back.
    • Unfettered Body - With my new status, my body is more denser to most damage, making me virtually invulnerable, but not truly invincible.
  • Adaptive Attribute Assimilation - I can grow stronger through experimenting and experiencing with everything in my disposal that I can adapt and augment with.
    • Ability Tier Activation - I not only can master many powers and abilities, I can also unlock new sets of abilities through sheer training, experience and/or various empowering circumstances.
    • Class System - I can develop special abilities depending on the Class/Category/Job that I can choose at a limitless level.
    • Independent Growing Booster - I have an independent growing system that can boost my abilities and gives me new ones.
    • Reactive Attribute Enhancement - I can gain enhancements in attributes, in response to a situation I may be in, which can be either temporary or permanently.
  • Badass Adaptation - I like being badass, especially the kind that knows how to own death.
    • Badassery Embodiment - I am a complete badass in every way possible, any other questions?
    • Logic Defiance - I don't care what people think is logical, I have defied logic time and again through the my endless adventures, I'll leave caring for logic to you ordinary people.
    • Meta Combat - I was trained in the ways of combats by the Aspects of Omnipotence and the one above them, I can fight anyone and anything and win
  • Balance - A truly balanced human excepts the fact that their will always be a good and bad to everything in existence even within themselves, but should never be conquered by either.
    • Duality Transcendence - As true human beings we aren't inherently good or evil by nature, we are what we choose to be, we don't have to live in dualism.
    • Probabilistic Equilibrium - Chance can sometimes be the only fair thing in a cruel world, people throw it away, people kill/die for it and God know what else. But know this, chance is my gift to you do what you will with it.
    • Yin & Yang Manipulation - Both the The One Beyond All and the Anti-God taught and trained be in how to wield and master good and dark powers of my inner balance, as a result I gained the opposing forces within myself in perfect harmony through the power of balance, inheriting divine and demonic power of my own.
  • Destructive Dominion - The Aspects of Omnipotence taught me the balance and principles of existence, and so granted me the knowledge on how to be true and just creator, destroyer and remaker of existence.
    • Creation - The Monotheistic Deity taught me how to be a creator of my own, but most of my creations aren't perfect but that's ok with me.
    • Cycle Manipulation - All of my creations are have a permanent or temporary cycle of existence I made for them that determines their beginning and end.
    • Destruction - The Anti-God taught me how destroy a lot of things, from the smallest atoms to largest galaxies in existence, but personally I try not to destroy good things.
    • Existence Manipulation - As a master of creation and destruction I learned how to manipulate fragments existence, not all of them but just enough.
    • Remaking - The Omnipotent showed me how to remake thing perfectly, and everything I've remake is naturally my new creation waiting to be.
  • Freedom - The day I trancended was also the day I was set free, I could have never felt so happy.
    • Anti Storage - I am free and cannot be imprisoned by any type of storage power, absorption, sealing, consumed, banished, imprisoned or affected what so ever.
    • Choicifery - I can present myself with set of options for me choose from, that can affect how future events will unfold and every choice will have consequences.
    • Path Maker - I finally learned and understood what it means to be free what it means to forge your own path.
    • Personal Probability Manipulation - The power to have absolute control over your life, why not, with this power I am the master of my own fate.
    • Totality Connection - The day I became truly free, I discover I was unbound to any omniverse, I can go anywhere.
  • Immutability - I can't be alter by anyone except by myself, I'm permanently one of the most powerful human beings there.
    • Power Anchoring - All of my powers, abilities and traits are anchor to me and me alone, no one can take my power.
    • Reflective Immutability - As I once learned that many beings that tried and failed to alter my status, I learned to develop my immutability to use as reflective defense and attack, even those that try to bypass my defense it'll just be counter.
  • Meta Mode - I have all the forms any human can obtain, this grants me good advantages and great powers and none of there traditional weaknesses what so ever.
    • Mode Switching - I can switch from mode to mode, which grants me different advantages for me to use.
    • Multiple Forms - I can develop to sets of forms and modes with each new adventures I travel to.
  • Parallel Existence - My existence is highly multiversal, I am aware of all my alternate selves and my existence is absolute compare to my other selves. I am the ultimate.
    • Dimensional Link - I can gain powers from all the dimensions that first originated from the alpha reality and that are connected to it.
    • Existential Plane Manipulation - I am in tune with all the existential and infinite planes that first help build the cosmos.
    • Parallel Reality Synching - My existence is not just multiversal, I can also synchronize with all of the realities, planes, dimensions I existed and visited into my own state of being and personal reality.
    • Reality Condition - My very condition can be enhanced by my very own reality, granting me limitless natural abilities.
    • Reality Selection - I can select an infinite number of realities and make them my own personal true reality.
  • Prime Being - I'm the very first successful form of true human state of being, to obtain this ultimate human form through sheer force of will and dedication.
    • Absolute Embodiment - I have become the incarnation of humanity, I am the most powerful and the absolute human being in existence to have ever lived.
    • Human Physiology - I am perfectly human in every way, hell I'm even more human then you will ever be.
    • Transcendent Embodiment - I have become the living embodiment of true humanity's state of being and potential.
  • Pure Form - I am the complete and pure definition of humanity, I am completely human in everyway possible.
    • Hyper-Instincts - My instincts have advanced to an incredible level, that I can processes any world in the most advance and efficient ways.
    • Natural Human Impulse: We humans have natural urges, needs and impulses and even I learned to accept them as apart of my life, but I also learned to never be corrupted by them, ever.
    • New Human Nature - My very human nature has been perfected and change, to its true state of being, making me a true, complete and better human then most.
    • True Humanhood: When I learned the true meaning to humanity, I finally understood what it means to be truly goodwill and has proven to be my greatest strength as a true human being.
  • Self Sufficiency - I am highly independent, to the point where I gaved the power of one a whole new meaning.
    • Dimensional Independence - I became highly independent of regular three dimensions like most people are.
    • Hypercompetence - I'm naturally skilled in various fields at unnatural levels, I'm skillful and more independent that way.
    • Indomitable Will - I've seen the will of man, the strength in humanity is admirable, the will and spirit to never break and to never give up.
  • Superhuman Physiology - I am both Super and Human, the strongest and most powerful definition of humanity.
    • Alpha Physiology - I am the Alpha of all true human beings, that makes me the most powerful human being there is.
    • Demiurge Physiology - The Aspects of Omnipotence once taught me how to be like them, but I can never be truly as perfect as them, then again perfection isn't in the center of my universe.
    • Godlike Physiology - With all that I can do, it's only natural that you'd see me as a god among men, even tho I'm just another human being with godlike potential.
    • Homo Magi Superior Physiology - As a true super human being, I am more then capable use just superpowers, I am capable of magic just as much. I am not limited to your ideas of what true power is in your world.
    • Modified Physiology - Ever since my I got my new status my physiology is more modified then most mundane humans, having powers and abilities that aren’t gained from birth or have abilities beyond the limitations of my race.
  • Supernatural Dominion - I can channel and draw power from my infinite dominion which grants me infinite verity of abilities, a home of my own and legions of minions.
    • Absolute Command - All the entities I master are under my every command, I can command their very existence.
    • Domination - Yes I am a dominant being and I thank the human race for that heritage, but personally through my eyes everyone is my equal especially the ones closest to my heart.
    • Entity Lordship - I have obtain a mastery over every single kind and form of entities granting me absolute power over them, especially every one that dwells within me and with personal training can master any entity outside my world.
    • Meta Summoning - Thanks to my dimensions of infinite possibilities within me, I can summon any kind of object or entity, with any traits and abilities of any level, each and every sharing an absolute and unbreakable loyalty towards me, being fundamentally incapable of disobeying or turning against me.
    • Perfect Life Mastery - I have master life itself perfectly, to create, control and erase the very existence of any form of life.
  • Symbolic Power Manifestation - By nature I can manifest a power/ability that pertains, represents and stands for by my unique individuality.
  • Trickster - Humans are weak but cunning beings by nature, I just happen to be one of these things.
    • Cartoon Physics - Admit it cartoons are funny, they always bring smiles to hearts, might as well live up to the funny.
    • Fun Lord - I love making funny jokes for the kids, always making them laugh, smile, happy and making there dreams come true, good kids deserve that especially in such a cruel world.
    • Unpredictability - Sometimes being unpredictable can be a useful attribute, am I right.

Core Aspects

The Core Aspects are the main fundamental branches of all of my powers, abilities and skills based on the main trinity archetypes that makes a human being. These aspects are ever expanding and fundamental for the true human state of being by both natural and supernatural potentialites and far more, and the more I learned about myself, the more powers I access from my being from these aspects in mind, body and soul.


  • Body Supremacy - I have total superhuman coordination over my entire body and thus having perfect control over my body.
  • Energized Body - My body is a conduit of energy.
    • Adaptive Energy - The energy I generate is highly adaptable, and for that I can use every energy there is.
    • Bio-Energy Manipulation - I can manipulate the natural biological energy within me and other biological things.
    • Chi Manipulation - I manipulate the flow of inner and outer natural energy that is present in the physical body.
    • Infinite Energy - I can generate an infinite amount of energy that it can reach cosmic levels and it can never run out.
    • Energy Source Selection - To consciously change/alter my source of energy to any energy source I want.
    • Transcendent Energy Manipulation - I can transcend my very own energy in every and all aspects.
  • Enhanced Body - My entire physical body and fir more enhanced then most.
    • Bio-Augmentation - My biology is far more enhanced to everything connected it from organs, functions and all.
    • Bodily Aspect Enhancement - The aspects of my body, are for more enhanced then most people, granting more advantages then anyone
    • Body Modification - My body can modify itself to even genetic level, enhancing my physical capabilities.
    • Status Empowerment - I am empowered by my new physical status.
  • Enhanced Senses - All my sense are naturally far more enhance to even the supernatural levels, I can sense things I've never sense before .
    • Enhanced Synesthesia - I can sense the most beautiful things I have never imagined, things that where always there, but nobody can perceive.
    • Protected Senses - All my senses are protected that way nobody can ever nullified my senses against my will.
    • Sense Focusing - I can focus all my senses at will that way I can deprive them to understand and experience things differently or augment them perceive thing greatly.
    • Sensory System Enhancement - My sensory system is for more advanced then most I can perceive things most people couldn't.
  • Evolution - I am evolving to the infinite, especially when I visit new worlds for me to evolve for.
  • Genetic Perfection - My genetic coding has been perfected.
    • Dominant Genetics - My genetic material is far more dominant then most, essentially making sure my human genes stay as they are.
    • Enhanced Health - My more perfected genetics grants be complete and perfect health from physical, emotional and so on.
    • Genetic Evolution - My genetic code evolves just as much as I do, making my genetics just strong as I am.
    • Regenerative Empowerment - My regenerative healing factor can empower me, that the more you attack me the stronger I become.
    • Sanitized Metabolism - My metabolism if completely sanitized, my completely and perfectly clean.
  • Natural Physiology - My physiology is a product of nature, I am more the most natural being on earth, practically a more natural then most.
    • Genetic Traits - All my genetic traits are naturally more enhanced and perfected then they ones used to be.
    • Peak Human Condition - As a true human being I had to master the natural physical condition of an ordinary human to begin.
    • Physical Attribute Augmentation - My biology is naturally more advanced then most, changing, enhancing and augmenting my human attributes.
    • Strong Heart - Yes I have a heart just like any other human being, the heart is strongest part in human being both spiritual and physical.
  • Organite Manipulation - My body have evolved to the point of it creating a programmable mono-molecular biomachines, natural organic machines bound to my consciousness.
  • Supernatural Body - My body has reached its most powerful state yet
    • Supernatural Bodily Aspects - All my physical aspects and attributes in my anatomy, biology and physiology are perfectly upgraded the same with my existing physical abilities.
    • Supernatural Cells - Every single cell in my body are extraordinary for more powerful then ever before.
    • Supernatural Condition - My physical condition is at its highest and supernatural degree yet, making me faster and stronger.
    • Supernatural Eye - My eyes are very powerful for ocular based abilities and visual powers of their own class.
    • Supernatural Fluids - My essential bodily fluids such as my blood, spinal fluid and more have supernatural properties to supernaturally enhance my anatomy and biology.


  • Spiritual Ascension - My spiritual state of being has ascended to its highest degree yet.
    • Ethereal Essence - To possess essence that made up the substance that pervades all Universal Space.
    • Guidance - Everyone has a moral compass, mine is the one that taught me everything about what it means to be human.
    • Self-Soul Manipulation - I can manipulate my very own soul.
      • Soul Channeling - I can not only manipulate my soul, but I can also channel it and utilize it for many different effects.
      • Soul Resonation - I can resonate with other people's souls, with this I can empathize with them, empower them and a lot more.
    • Sephirot Empowerment - I can be empowered by the universal tree of life.
    • Soul Anchoring - To have a soul untouchable by any.
  • Spiritual Perfection - To be at the pinnacle of spiritual advancement.
  • Spiritual Status - We are all spiritual beings by nature, I'm just more aware of it.
    • Aura Manipulation - I can manipulate the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds me and everything around me.
    • Spiritual Assistance - I remember what it's like to be afraid, to be helpless, hopeless and alone facing stronger beings when all the adds are against you no matter how powerful you can be, but in that same moment, I could feel everyone that I have ever loved being their even though their gone, then I realized in that moment, that I am and never will be alone.
    • Spiritual Awareness - I have perfect awareness over the spiritual world.
    • Strong Soul - My soul is very strong, so powerful that not even that it won't let itself be taken by anyone who tries.
    • Unbound Soul - My soul is unbound and untied by the rules of the afterlife, or anything related to it, even in spirit I'm free.
    • Transcendent Soul - Even the very aspects of my ver soul has godlike capabilities and advance spiritual potential.


Outer Spheres

If The Core Aspects are the fundamental concepts of all the powers, abilities and skills based of trinity archetypes that makes a human being, then The Outer Spheres are a basic sub-class of sphere type and set of new powers and abilities I have been learning and training myself to access that can revolve around, outside and within the the Core Aspects of my new found human nature, endless potential, capabilities and more.

This personal metaphorical and metaphysical concept distinct all the innat and learned powers and abilities that exist, can exist and will exist within me, much like the Core Aspects, Outer Spheres can not only adds to learned abilities but can also innate aspects of the human being and as I grow stronger so do my powers, they grow more potent as I gradually and intuitively master them all, and the more abilities I invent, manifest, learn, combines etc, the more capable, better, dedicated and stronger I become.


  • Inner Beast - We all have a monster inside ourselves its part of being human, but how you use defines who you are. Beware when ever I release mine I'm practically a juggernaut and only the ones I form a bond with can get through to me.
    • Animal Imitation - I can respectively imitate practically any animal on any world, mimicking their abilities, traits, and even their behavior.
      • Animal Blending - I can also blend with any animal as if I where one of them.
      • Animal Empathy - Humans that can empathize with animal is very powerful gift to understand how they feel.
      • Animal Intuition - I am highly intuitive with any animal, making me capable of taming them, understand them and even connect with them.
    • Atavism - I can access and gain traits that has been said to be lost or disappeared years ago, reverting my primal state, making me more one with the essential primal aspects of my being.
      • Berserker Physiology - I'm a real monster in battle especially when I don't have to hold back, I can become a far more dangerous savage then most.
      • Killing Intent - I can be a very terrifying person, even hell learn to fear me more then they could fear.
      • Primal Imprint - Humans are primally imprinted with essential instincts that makes a human, and I master just them all.
    • Barbarianism - Many years ago people used to be quite barbaric, eventually I had to learn to be the same.
      • Battlefield Adaptation - In battlefield I can learn how to fight at any form battle and fights in any environment, making me stronger with every fight.
      • One-Man Army - I have fought so many fights, battle and wars, some where hell, others where glorious and others where worth it and most I fought by myself.
      • Supernatural Survivability - We humans are very resilient and real survivors, we have what it takes.
  • Enhanced Instincts - All the aspects of human nature are far superior now, well at least mine are.
    • Fighting Instinct - I am a natural born fighter at heart and the more I learn about my heritage of a warrior the more true I became in fighting.
      • Auto-Reflexes - I needed to learn how to let my body fight for itself, that I develop extraordinary reflexes that perfectly reacts in combat even in my sleep.
      • Fear Masking - No one can kill the spirit of the lionhearted, especially if comes from humanity itself.
      • Ultimate Fighter - Throughout my years I gained enough experience in fighting that eventually became an ultimate fighter.
    • Killing Instinct - I am the ultimate killing machine.
    • Predator Instinct - They say humans are consider the most dangerous predators of all, they had no idea how right they where.
      • Feral Mind - I can enter into an animalistic rage, but only when I have too.
      • Hunting Intuition - I know how to hunt and most importantly I know how to hunt with honor.
      • Locality Tracking - I can track anyone or anything, regardless on where they are nothing can hide from me.
    • Prey Instinct - I can sense when there's danger around, to know who is are dangerous kinds of people.
    • Sexual Instinct - I am a sexual being just like everyone else only more ultimate, my sexuality just transcendent to even supernatural levels, I'm so not complaining their.
      • Enhanced Beauty - I am very beautiful in my own personal way from mere to potentially supernatural levels , maybe that why all the girls like me.
      • Sexuality Embodiment - Yes as an ultimate sexual being I embody the true and pure fundamentality's of human sexuality and everything connected to it.
      • Tantric Manipulation - I can manipulate raw energy from my sexuality for all kinds of fun stuff.



  • Transhuman Transformation - I can trans-humanize myself for potential technological powers.
  • Cyber Transcendence - In cyberspace I wield incredible powers.
    • Cyberpotence - I have total and absolute power in cyberspace and even in reality, cyberspace and everything connected to it is under my control.
    • Virtual Warping - I can warp the reality like a computer system especially IN cyberspace to my benefit I can do anything in cyber-reality.
      • Data Warping - I have absolute control all kinds of data in the cyberspace reality whether it be ones and zeroes, alien, etc.
      • Reality Interface - Thanks to my cyber transcendency I can interface with with my own personal reality like a super computer system it's cool.
    • Digital Form - When I enter cyberspace I can form myself a digital avatar.
      • Cyber Mind - With a perfect cyber mind applications I am capable of pure cyber control, even in the real world.
      • Digital Soul - And with digital soul capable of manipulation all forms of data, I can have all kinds of fun stuff.
      • Digital Interaction - I can interact with the digital cyberspace at will.
    • Electronic Communication - I can perceive and understand various forms of digital transmissions.
      • Computer Interaction - I can interact with any computer and control them all.
      • Cyberlingualism - I can understand any form of cyber coding and technology and tell them what to do.
  • Transcendent Science - The level of science that I learned is crazy powerful.


  • Divinity - They say that humans have divine nature that they inherited from a higher power, I just found out how right they where.
    • Almighty Ascension - I ascended to a degree where I can take on anyone one in the cosmos no matter how transcended they claim to be.
    • Angel Mode - I can enter an angel-like state that enables me abilities, skills and traits of angelic capabilities and powers that drives from my divine state of being and nature, it's was so strong I was practically mistaken for an archangel by many. A power I master by embracing my better angels.
      • Angelic-Like Soul - A beautiful angel named Anael gave me one of her feather before my birth, so now I inherit angelic-like traits from one of archangel of creation that represents "The Joy/Grace of God" even tho I'm not an actual angel.
        • Angelic Symbiosis - Whenever she need a place to stay or a haven of some sort place to rest, she will always have a place within me, but only if she respects the laws of my infinite world.
        • Eternal Bond - Anael and I both have a very powerful connection she and I respect and love each other with great compassion, she was always their for me even tho I never saw her. She will always be their for me no matter where we are, will never be part.
        • Guardianship - Even tho I don't need her to protect me anymore sense I transcended beyond the angels, she will always be my guardian angel, she and I are always willing to take care of each other because we care for each other. Even in battles we fight like a team we fight together like we where extension of our own fighting spirits.
      • Halo Generation - I can generate a halo of light of my very own that represents the level of transcendency I reached.
      • Wing Manifestation - I don't really need wings to fly, I just use them for a symbol of hope for the those who need it most and because I like the air flows through them.
    • Divine Force Manipulation - The One Beyond All taught me how to wield divine powers of my very own.
    • Divine Empowerment - I can be empowered by divine forces especially by the Omnipotence One even when I pray with all my heart.
      • Divine Conduit - I can channel the divine powers from my masters through me in moments of prayers.
      • Holy Gift - The monotheistic deity and the one called Christ both taught me that no matter what happens they'll always be their for me when I need them most , and that is by far the best gift they have ever given me.
    • Divine Presence - I can emit a transcendent presence which has supernatural effects everywhere I go, depending which mood I'm in.
      • Divine Aura - I generate a divine form of aura because of my divinity.
      • Divine Protection - I am protected by the divine forces that exist within myself and the most high.
    • Divine Sense - I can tell when divinity has been use, this really help me tell difference between what is real and what is not.
      • Divine Sight - I can see incredible, beautiful and glorious things, things you couldn't possibly imagine, things that just can't be explained with the words of mortals.
    • Divinity Nullification - I can very much strip any self-proclaimed god of their divinity making you mere mortal versions of your kind.
      • Divine Banishment - I can banished the most divine beings that have misused and abused their gifts of divinity to even the most dangerous of places they would never dare go.
      • Divine Power Negation - I can very much negate all the powers from any divine being that dares to harm any of my people (humanity) no matter what.
    • Faithifery - Faith is very powerful thing, you have no idea how truly powerful faith can really be, you think moving mountains is all faith can do, that's nothing compared to the amount of faith I have.
    • Holy Voice - My voice is just as powerful as my divine nature, I can do just about anything beautiful with it.
      • Empathic Voice - Anael taught me how to use my holy voice to produce empathic effects.
      • Healing Communication - I can heal any kind of wounds of others just by simply telling it to heal itself.
    • Miracle Performing - Miracles can be many things, hope is the best thing any miracle can possibly be.
    • Omnilock - I have transcended to the point where I can exist outside of everything, I am completely boundless.
    • Salvation - I once met the one call Christ the Child of The Omnipotent One, he saw that I was capable of so much more then just a powerful human being, he saw that could be savior of my very own, so he taught me how to bring salvation people the right way.
      • Exorcism - I've seen the cruelty of being controlled by something that doesn't care about you or how feel, but now I give you back what is rightfully yours, I give you back your freedom.
      • Forgiveness - Sometime forgiveness can be a very difficult thing to do in life, some say impossible and I understand why, but sometimes those who found the strength to forgive others for what they did to them proved more stronger and better people then me.
      • Purification - Many beings regardless of their nature have always tried to corrupt something beautiful in their own dark a twisted version making us slaves their own desires and shame what we love, I'm here to undo your corruption.


  • Divine-Demonic Physiology - The day I transcended duality was the same day my inner good and evil intertwined with each other in perfect harmony, my inner demons embraced my better angels.
    • Anti-Devil Mode - When I gained both the powers of divine and demonic I ultimately became an Anti version of demons and devils, I became an Anti-Devil. A being all of hell feared more then Angels.
      • Ascended Demonic Traits - I gained the powers and traits of that of an ascended demon do to evil and good aspects about me being at true harmonizing peace. Humans have proven an example true redemption and finding these new dark powers are example of that, and do to my divine nature I'm a far more powerful version of a redeemed being, practically far more powerful then any fallen angels in existence no matter how powerful they claimed to be.
      • Anti-Demonic Force Manipulation - Even my inner demonic forces repels all evil that isn't mine.
      • Horn Protrusion - Horns can be irritating, but I can shame them to look whatever I need them to be.
      • Prehensile Tail - Having a tail isn't that bad it's actually kinda fun.
    • Benefic-Malefic Force Manipulation - My inner evil and benevolent nature are at bay, and since my transcendence from duality both sides refuse to let go of the other.
    • Divine-Demonic Force Manipulation - I can control both divine and demonic forces that thrive within me.
    • Tormentor - I was trained by master tormentors in some realities and they taught me how to torment the proud and unrepented evils in existence to the point of great agonizing realization. I won't tolerate your evil in this world, beware for I can be far worse then hell.
      • Penance Stare - It doesn't matter if you don't believe in sin, mostly cause I will make you drown in your sins and transgressions against the innocent people, all the pain you caused them you will feel and even greater suffering.
      • Psychic Torture - You will suffer not just in body, but in mind and soul, your suffering will be extended to your very core, now suffer the pain you caused to others.
      • Punishment - I refuse to let just let you get away with it, not after what you've done. Consider yourself unfortunate that the punishment I cause is exactly what you deserve.


  • Emotional Source - I once learned how to become my own source of all my emotions and love became the center of my emotional strength and true nature of my humanity.
    • Empathy - I can empathize with anyone and anything.
      • Clairempathy - I can feel the emotional resonances flowing through me from many locations and times.
      • Empathic Conversion - I can synchronization with anything I empathize with making them truly loyal friends and allies.
      • Emotion Detection - I can detect the emotions of anyone and anything around me making me aware of how anyone truly feels.
      • Empathic Echoes - I can send and receive powerful emotional glimpses of the past, re-experience the lives of others.
      • Intuitive Empathic Replication - I can intuitively replicate the abilities of others when I empathize with them by heart.
    • Emotional Attuned Physiology - I am an emotionally attuned being.
    • Emotional Trigger - I can utilize powerful emotions that triggers a massive amount of power that all my powers based on one's emotions.
      • Emotional Consistency - my emotional powers are dependent on my certain emotional state which I draws most of my emotional powers from.
      • Emotional Power Link - My emotional powers are bound to my emotions by nature, and in more ways then one makes me even stronger and more dangerous.
      • Emotion Aura - Aura usually changes by emotion, with different emotions I gain different abilities.
      • Emotion Empowerment - I can draw emotional states of empowerment from my anger, love, passion, etc, mostly depending on the emotion.
      • Emotion Infusion - I can channel my emotions and emotional energies to into objects empowering and energizing them and their qualities and efficiency.


  • Nature Unity - I can become one with nature and natural forces in existence making me in-tune with everything connected to nature itself.
    • Beast Lordship - I can total dominion over all the animals, beasts mundane or mythical alike.
      • Animal Scrying - I can scry with the animal and see understand how the see the worlds through there eyes.
      • Zoolingualism - yes I can talk to animals especially only when I'm willing to listen to them.
    • Elemental Connection - I am very much connected to the elements that their practically apart of me.
    • Nature Awareness - I have become more aware of nature itself, making me more understanding of what the true meaning to nature really is.
      • Compass Sense - I can sense the planetary magnetic field of any planet making me able to know where north and south is.
      • Ecological Empathy - I can feel the ecosystem making me sense the damage it's in and what it needs.
      • Nature Communication - I can communicate with nature itself and through its teachings I can understand the nature of other and what things are meant to be.
      • Natural Perception - I can perceive the energies of nature granting me the ability to see and hear natural/biological patterns of forces in the world around me.
  • Natural Warping - I know the codex of nature making me able to access the fabric of existence by utilizing the natural forces of the cosmos.
    • Environmental Unity - I can unify within the environment, making me in tune with everything connected within the environment I'm in.
    • Nature Manipulation - I can control the very forces of nature itself capable of using natural resources to aid me in different ways.
      • Plant Manipulation - I can control the plant-life born from nature, I can make all plant life grow, prosper etc, making me capable of granting possible create for plant life to flourish.
      • Weather Manipulation - I can control the weather and its natural phenomena making me capable of using it to do anything weather related.
    • Nature Channeling - I can utilize natural force from different sources and use them for different fields of abilities.


  • Living Database - I a living archive of pure knowledge, knowledges which I can use as I see feat, I can learn anything from any world.
    • Enlightenment - When I transcendent, I achieve unimaginable truth and secrets no one could ever believe in, I will never question the true power of possibilities again.
      • Buddhaic Plane Manipulation - I became in tune with buddhaic plane of transcending understanding and unity.
      • Cosmic Knowledge - When I achieved enlightenment, I also gained incredible knowledge and understanding the nature of the cosmos and even the true power that comes from love.
      • Reality Clarification - With this enlightened state my eyes couldn't have been anymore clearer to reality , to the point that I realized the whole and incredible truth that so many excepted and rejected into their lives.
      • Supernatural Wisdom - Through this new found enlightenment I have obtained great wisdom, that has proven time and again a trait proven to be just as equally valuable as knowledge.
      • True-Self Recognition - I have not only found great power and wisdom in life, I also obtain something more important then that, I found true and higher self.
    • Instant Learning - I can instantly learn anything, making me capable of understand what things are and what things are suppose to be.
      • Enhanced Ability Learning - I can intuitively learn any power at its fullest potential, and transcended to its absolute level.
      • Knowledge Replication - I can replicate many forms of knowledge and information from kinds of sources.
      • Omnilingualism - I can learn and understand many forms of language and truth be told my mouth can't always keep up with the mouths of the extraterrestrial beings I use telepathy to understand and teach each other's tong.
      • Craft Improvisation - I can improvise in many forms of crafts, making me a very talented and capable person even without my supernatural powers.
    • Intuitive Aptitude - I am a very intuitive person, having an innate capability to understand many forms of complexity of many things.
      • Numerical Precision - I am very precise with numbers that I can view the universe as a numerical system like a map, but numbers alone will never be enough at least for me.
      • Scientific Prowess - I am very skilled in science even as an ordinary human being, science is a vey powerful tool, but everyone else use it as nothing more but a weapon of control and destruction.
      • Tactical Genius - With all the information I collected and everything I learned, I became nearly infallible with tactics and strategies.
    • Indexing - I can index any and all different kinds of information within my very self for safe keeping and protections.
      • DNA Indexing - I can record the DNA of many species I encounter for replication, a re-creation of the species, genetically enhanced beings or even save them from extinctions.
      • Encyclopedic Knowledge - I possess a vast amount of innate information and knowledge on many things and grows the more that I learn.
      • Instilled Knowledge - I can assimilate, instill and infuse vast amounts of knowledge and information into my very mind by various means.
      • Knowledge Transcendency - With the more knowledge I collect endlessly the more capable and powerful I become by knowledge.
    • Claircognizance - I can gain information/knowledge of many things through intrinsic means.
      • Akashic Plane Manipulation - I am in tune with akashic plane that expands through all of existence granting me access to a fair amount if limitless knowledge for me to share with anyone worthy of the untold secrets.
      • Epiphany Inducement - I can induce epiphany to anyone granting others sudden realization and understanding of something previously unknown, this is my gift to you my friends use it well
      • Omnilegence - I gained access to knowledge written recorded material in existence, including computers and the internet granting major understanding and the more I learn my knowledge grows.
    • Psychometry - I can obtain unaltered historical information from concerning beings and objects generally learning life-history.
      • History Absorption - I can assimilate pure history of anything anyone granting me all the information and history of the thing I assimilate while the object in question will be cleared of it's previous history.
      • History Reading - I can read the history of many things, helping me understand the what people have been through to understand them more.
      • History Recording - The more I historical information I gain the more unaltered records I can organize within my state of being.
      • Psychometric Ability Replication - Through historic info I gain of the area that the powers were used in recently, I can gain gain the info on how to use it.
      • Psychometric Telepathy - by reading the history of an object I can open a telepathic link with anyone related to the object.

Favorite Abilities

Throughout my never ending adventures I've learned, collected, develop an endless variety of powers, abilities and tricks from countless of opponents, enemies, friends and a lot of beings and species.

These are my most favorite of abilities that I develop by different categories of power that I love to use for a lot of things like fun, fighting, etc, do to my nevering ending potential I can expand this structure and see what other powers are is out there for me to collect, the possibilities truly know no end.


  • Accelerated Perception - With this high speed perception, I can think fast with ease and without worry and see how fast my opponent are.
  • Combat Merging - Merging many of my powers with combat strategies is fun and I make it look awesome.
  • Combat Perception - With this I can understand how my opponent think and anticipate their fighting styles.
  • Constructs Creation - I can create any form of construct from any form of energy of material, now that's fun.


  • Meta Luck - I'm the luckiest guy in the whole universe, talk about having an awesome life, am I right.
  • Possibility Reconstruction - I learned this trick while exploring the Godverse with my teachers.
  • Subjective Reality - I can manipulate the boundary between fantasy and reality, to the point where the area I'm in is no longer bound to reality and instead becomes an extension of the my soul, a place where fantasy and reality are one and the same
  • Tetralogy - why would I limit myself with Justin one when I can have it all.
  • Reality Modding - I can modify reality via the creation of "mods", customized fragments of reality overwriting the original.


  • Ocular Techniques - I can learn how to develop new visual type of powers and abilities granting me applications for my very eyes.
  • Boundary Perception - I can see any/all boundaries, including the metaphysical boundaries and dimensional boundaries between worlds.
  • Chaotic Vision - I can see the chaotic states the make up existence, allowing me how everything comes together in reality.
  • Energy Perception - I can perceive the energies that binds the universe together and everything related to energy.
  • Essence Reading - I can perceive the true essence/nature of anything, no one can hide who they really are from me.
  • Orbital Optic Array - I can shoot lasers from my eyes, and not only that I can also materialized energy spheres conduits that can control and change lasers nature and direction.
  • Penance Stare - You may not believe in sins, but you will after what you did.
  • X-Ray Vision - Every little boys dream power, lets not pretend like you ever wanted this fun little trick.
  • Ultimate Vision - My eyes have great potential of their own and a such making them capable of great things.


  • Blood Manipulation - Oh ya I can bleed just like any other human being, but it's when I bleed it's when you should be worried.
  • Fundamental Forces Manipulation - I can control the fundamental forces of nature with these abilities I can do a lot of really awesome stuff.
  • Weather Manipulation - I can tell the weather to do whatever I want, that's useful to use on rainy day am I right.
  • Vector Manipulation - I can change the magnitude and direction of anything to my desire, I dare you to hit me with everything you got.
  • Vibration Manipulation - Everything in the universe vibrates, I can harness any and all of those frequencies for me to control.




  • Planeswalking - Now that I am unbound, I can travel anywhere in any existence, endless adventures and endless fun.
  • Teleportation - Is in more ways then one a very useful trick.
  • Subspace Travel - I can use subspace to travel anywhere like literally anywhere in the cosmos.
  • Instant Transmission - I can teleport completely instantly so that why I want have to waist any time at all.
  • Flight - Oh ya! I can fly and I dare say its a lot more fun then teleporting I can soar to the sky then skip my why to other places it's everyone dream power I'm I right.


  • Dimensional Interaction - I can interact with other dimensions without really leaving the ones I'm at thanks to my multi-dimensional status.
  • Elasticity - My body is very malleable that it's almost elastic in a way.
  • Humanization - The power to grant the ultimate gift in being human.
  • Lightning Calling - I like summing lighting from the heavens, it makes me feel... cool.
  • Power Warping - I can wrap powers no matter what their based on.
  • Telekinesis - I love moving things with my mind, I mean who doesn't, with this you can do almost anything, it's the most common power everyone would use, am I right.
  • Immunity Bypassing - I can learn to bypass immunities of almost any kind.


  • Corrupting Madness - This dark and most dangerous power that I have ever encountered in my life. This has proven for to dangerous then anything I have ever seen, more dangerous then the power of time travel. Butterfly effects I can live with that but this is to much I can never dare to use it unless it's against another users of this, I'm lucky that my madness comes from benevolent nature.
  • Explosive Hell - I can generate and launch a great number of highly explosive projectiles in a single blow, the collateral damage this power can cause is extremely high. I only use this as a last resort for fighting at a lesser states the damage this power can cause is to much to bear.
  • Mass Resurrection - To resurrect one person god bless, to resurrect too it's godsend, but to resurrect multiple people is unthinkable the world can't support so many people at once for a reason. The chaos it can being is far to great for the people, this kind of power can only be used counter act a mass genocide or a worldwide extinction.
  • Sentient Control - I support the freedom of choice and that includes freedom of thought. I can very much control people, but I see no reason to I prefer people to follow their own path in life. I only use this power on people who abused their gift of freedom for their dark and sinister purposes.

Inner Mastery

I possess a personal endless dominion full of of infinite planes, power and knowledge dwells within me, that provide a incredible basis and explanation for my absolute state of being and powers that appears beyond understanding. In this endless world I found someone an absolute being that personified an inner alter ego that extends as my higher and better self, this soul-bound being was the one that first piloted all my personal causality that led me to my true destiny born from my true and just ambitions.

This personal entity granted me a great revelation about everything of my true heritage, I was overwhelmed with this incredibly truth and from this new found secret, I was more then ready to be become one with this entity in order to take my first step as an ultihuman. When the Aspects of Omnipotence trained me to be like them, they taught me how to be the master of my own worlds, they taught me the laws of my internal realities and the difference between the worlds within me and outside of me.

Tho I may not be as all powerful outside my own reality, I always preferred it that way it gave me more reason to explore new worlds to expand my own. Outside my inner worlds I'm am just an ultimate version of myself, but in here I am absolute, in here I can create worlds perfectly unlike the most worlds I created outside and in here I make the rules.

  • Living Conduit - I draw and channel most of my great powers from essence of my boundless inner world through my body gaining access to an infinite pool of endless energy, power, knowledge and wisdom within me that grants me access to such abilities, knowledge and individual traits based on me state of being.
    • Boundless Inner World - They say they there lives an universe within all of us, and it's true I just transcended mine to an endless multiversal level, an infinite dimension full of power and knowledge dwells within me, if you think I'm strong outside of here you'll be surprised how all powerful I can be in my world.
      • Absolute Existence - My existence is absolute within my boundless inner world which makes me completely in control of my own existence which is completely beyond all there is, even reason, physics and logic, no rule or law can apply to them other than my own. I can perfectly rewrite myself on any level, at anytime, anywhere, without any limit of any kind which allows the me to access to any ability in my own existence within my multiverse, said abilities being as absolute as I could possibly want making me truly omnipotent in here. "Christian these day believe that God is the father of all of humanity, if that's true then in here I AM MY FATHER SON!"
      • Author Authority - A wise man once said that the universe isn't made of atoms it's made of stories, well in my world I have more then plenty of stories to tell and with the more worlds I go to more stories I collect. And absolute control of all aspects of the Verse in which they exist, and can freely alter their nature, content, inhabitants, history, destiny, etc. All rules can be changed on a whim or flat out ignored, as the I can literally the one dictating them. I have full transcending existences, as both "characters" and "storytellers" of my own realities, controlling it like an author controls a work of fiction, with the same absolute power and overwhelming authority. I can notably grant myself any life I wish, change any aspect of it, or simply start whatever they desire.
      • Conceptual Lordship - I can manipulate all conceptual idea/definition for anything concrete or abstract within my world, which grants me absolute power over my anything and everything in my own personal multiverse, which makes me able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways and change existent concepts beyond their boundaries and infinite, transcending all normal understanding of my boundless world.
    • Dual Warping - I mastered the untold power that comes from mentally redefining the fabric of reality both in rationally and irrationally to the an infinite extent is so great that it could reach even outside my infinite realities. A power of this magnitude is so great that I came to respect it, so I take full responsibility for this ultimate power and the infinite glories it offers.
      • Meta Art Manipulation - My first master taught me everything there is about being an artist, art itself is the cornerstone of creation. Everything in my world is a work of art. I can manipulate the art of my world without any limit, allowing me to manipulate the world and beyond as it were a work of art along with its aspects. I can also interact with my creation and manipulate them as well and through my art and can control the principles of the world I create or live in, along with the infinite possibilities. However the one thing I learned about art isn't just about sight and colors it also about putting your heart into it.
      • Metapotence - I possess unfathomable power far beyond any reason and understanding within my own world, allowing me to achieve anything and everything without any limit, no matter how impossible or contradictory, overriding all other forces and abilities like they didn't exist at all. I can do anything I can possibly want in here.
      • Multiversal Lordship - when I first learned about my infinite dominion, I became make the very master of my own infinite multiverse. Here I make the rules no questions ask. Thos I control of everything existing within my own multiverse. Every plane, galaxies, dimensions, realities, etc their is no end to my multiverse.
      • Reality Dreaming - My inner world is as real as both the reality you perceive and the dreams that you have. All aspects of reality are brought about by my subconscious desires and emotions, and evolve according to these shifting currents. In essence I am unquestionably the supreme being, with limitless power and indestructible existence, but at most times the possibilities may be indirectly restricted by the awareness of my own condition, which comes and go depending on my desire to be either special or normal.

The Gifts From Omnipotence

These absolute powers are known as the ultimate gifts given as a reward and basic graduation presents given by The Aspects Of Omnipotence, the ones who first trained me in becoming so much more then I could possibly imagine in being. These gifts are totally absolute and lacks any form of development, evolution, etc. These powers are tied to me in a highly binding level and can never be taken by anyone, with these gifts I am truly capable of impossible things that not even higher beings thought possible not even the ones who call themselves gods.

  • Nonexistence: My ultimate and most feared technique that it said to rival Omnipotence itself, its a force of concentred essence of pure nothingness that can truly obliterate anything and everything. This dark gift was givin by the Anti-God for our times in hard training together, making him proud (And s/he never gets proud at anything). I was given one of the most feared concept in existence, He warned me that I should never use this forbidding power unless I truly and utterly have to in times of great need and desperation, her/his motto is if your gonna truly kill someone be sure that it's forever. I grew a constant fear of this power, I always knew that when something dies they move on to some whatever it's is out there waiting for them to rest in peace, but with this feared power there is no peace, no war, no anything "true death is extensional".
    • Nothingness Manipulation: The Anti-God taught me how to harness this fearsome power, so I would be able to manipulate it various degrees, s/he gaved me this power, I might as well learn how to use it right, the more I learned how to use this power the more fearful I became of it. It's only natural to fear the void/unknown in life, but it's takes true courage to stand and keep moving forward.
  • Erasure Immunity: The power to never be obliterate into nothingness, now not even nothing itself can stop me, it was a gift from the Anti-God as a reward for saving the Godverse (birthplace of all omnipotent beings) from the Cosmic Otherness that one time. With this power I would never have to be afraid of nonexistence, I was set freed from oblivion itself forever, I have not even nothing to fear about.
    • Existence Recovery: By developing this very power I have been able to not just be immune to nonexistence, but I am able to even develop restoration application based of this very power. With this even if someone is able to bypass this immunity I will always come back Always.
  • Absolute Restoration: Also known as True Restoration, it was a gift from the One Beyond All for my time training hard with him/her and teaching me the way, it was design to restore anything, especially any and all form of damages caused by me, even from Nonexistence that way I won't have to hold back in fighting at extreme cost. With this power I can undo any mistake caused by me and others, even bring salvation to anyone and anything from pain, death and oblivion.
    • Flawless Restoration: I can flawlessly restore anyone and anything back to its true state of being with a little practice I have even restore people back before purely and perfectly, healing any trauma of any kind, granting them a fresh beginning to all who deserve better in life. With this beautiful gift I can make anyone whole again.
  • Origin Transcendence: The One Beyond All gave me this ultimate gift, the power to transcend my own origins giving me absolute order to that of an inconsequential force. I can sustain my own existence, no matter who try's to manipulated, overthrown, or destroyed my origins I will never cease from existing. This state of existence makes me an entirely unique and free entity, no one controls me but me.
    • Singularity: And as aresult for personal protection, no one can copy my uniqueness no matter how much anyone else would proudly dissect me for answers, no one can take my power. This power prevents any being that can copy, replicate, mimics me and so on, making me personally unique from any other being in the cosmos. I'm unique not because I have all these powers, abilities or skills, I'm unique because I'm me, I have the spark that makes humanity so special in me, I can never be replaced. Anyone can obtain all theses powers of mine just not from me, you want powers go get them yourself just like I did.
  • Almighty Link: I was given an almighty connection to the Origins of All Power, it's one of my most powerful and flexible of gifts given to me by the True Omnipotent One. It grants me access to the all the powers in existence, the true omnipotent being once told me, that one day I would wield great power, s/he thought that it would be better if I had it sooner then later. He taught me how to carefully harness this power link, if I access powers too great and too soon to master, I would suffer great agony as a consequence for accessing powers that I'm not ready for, whenever I use this link I enter a state of Omnipotent.
    • Omega Physiology: Thanks to this link my physiology and statues has vastly evolve and transcendent by the traits of the Omnipotent Force, that it made me into an even far more superior being and immensely far more powerful then ever before. With this new found power I learn to harness the primordial force that was said to be used to forge everything in creation, empowering myself with it making me stronger and stronger.

Fighting Style

When its it come to my fighting styles and combat strategies, I intend to fight fair and dirty if necessary. I learn and use fighting skills in both weaponry and none-weaponry combat from basic an ordinary human hand to hand combat and superhuman combat. I've learned to advance my fighting skills and develop my fighting instinct with each new experience from every fight and for every new battle the smarter, faster, stronger I become.

With my fighting potentiality in combat became very improvising with the object around me, that basically anything to me can be weapon, no matter what it is. My honor as a fighter has taught me the value in fighting fair to fight humans equally or fighting superior beings. I first learned how to fight with the original creator of my universe, s/he taught me to how fight with honor and dignity. S/he was impressed on how advanced my fighting skills became even as a human. I essentially became the product of war that when I fight, I fight like one-man army, no one could've beaten me even in a fair fight, I became the ultimate fighter.

When I fight, I fight with honor. When I fight normal people I suppress my powers and fight them at equal terms, When I'm ever stripped of power and forced to fights beings stronger then myself, I forcefully drag them straight to mere humans levels and strip my opponents of their powers, so I when we fight, we fight at equal terms, it's all a matter of chance and it all depends on how we fight to live.

I can willfully deactivate my superior powers, binding my being to a much less intense degree, making me a mere ordinary human being, allowing be to fight as truly and utterly on my own. When I strip myself of power in combat I become more dedicated to win battles and sometimes that's what can make me for more formidable for someone that's only human.

Before I master my powers, I first needed to learn and master all of my peak human natural abilities, I learned that there would be times when I needed to be an ordinary human in some situations. I also wanted to prove that even ordinary human beings can be so much more even without supernatural powers. When I completely master all my natural abilities, I proved to myself that I can be far more dangerous and just as superior even as a mere mortal, that almost every being even the self proclaimed gods grew to fearing me, especially when I fight like hell. When I use my full and determined strength of that of a mere ordinary human being, I proved to be a very formidable force to what a real man is capable of especially when they have something to live for in life.

When I use my powers in combat, I fight noble and honorable beings that understand the value in both the use in power and the value in not using it or when I fight against a so-called superior beings to won't hesitate to misuse their gifts against the weak. Some of theses entities may prove to be to powerful to drag to my levels, so I just simply adapts to there levels in power instead.

I learned to self-transcends my condition to supernatural levels, when I was training with the higher beings. When I learned to push my physical capacity to higher levels, I became powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with actual gods higher then myself especially when I activate all my superior powers at will for further supernatural combat. So long as I wield the power, I become one of the most dangerous warriors in existence that not even a galactic army is capable of stopping. And as I rise with great power, I will rise with the glories of heaven and earth, there will be no end for my people's existences, humanity's existence.

By combining my powers and my combat strategy I learned the way mystical martial arts. When I fight in my superior state of being I transcended my fighting styles to a far more superior level, that when I fight, I fight with divinity. With my combat and my knowledge of the supernatural I developed a very special signature move called: Summoning Combat. This very special technique allows me to infuse my summonings basic mystical material arts, so that when I make a attack with or without my powers I can bring a any kind of summon to support it, that way I can summon and attack at the same time.




Yes I also have my fare shares of limitation like any other human being out there, most of my powers have respected limitations of their own even when I transcend them to a new kind of level.

Even tho I can control the minds of others, I never like doing it mostly because I see the glory in freedom of will and the futility in turning people into the extended version of ones will, there is no point in controlling people, there's just living amongst each other and accepting them for who they are and who they want to be.

Their are some lines no one should ever cross, I've seen the horrors when it comes to killing, and from such terrible experiences I realize that I can never allow myself to kill someone under my mercy, especially someone so powerless and weak, unless absolutely necessary. I understand survival of the fittest all to well, the affairs of war and doing what's must be done, but what kind of man kills things weaker then themselves for sports and seeing the glory in killing? I only see the glory in battle, the fighting for fun, freedom, truth, love, those are things I learned to respect, but there is no glory in killing there is just facing death with honor.

I have transcendent the very meaning in being human, but as a result I will forever be and stay human. And there will be no changing that part about me, ever. And I will always embrace that part me, I'll get tired, hungry, emotional, even when I overcome such things it will always be apart of me, but hay I'm only human and that's the best part about me. Being human is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I thank God everyday for that ultimate gift and there is no way I'll ever let that go.

In general there are no limits to my powers I can do anything, so far my imagination is my only real limit. With so many powers and abilities that I've learned it's very hard to decide which one to use for fun, combat and so on, even with the knowledge I've collected through out my eternal years on how to use them it's hard to decide which one I should use.


Winning The Battle

Glorious Battle

Dark Empowering Combat

Dramatic Realization

Party Like There's No Tomorrow People


"I've had many lovers through out the years, but there was only one that stole my heart and gained my ever transcending love."
― Anael taking about John
Anael Daystar











Species Angelic
Race Transcended Archangel
Aliases Angelic Mistress of Sex/Love/Passion, Archangel of Creation, Celestial Paragon of the Cosmos
Alignment Chaotic Good
Status Ageless
Occupations Sexual Liberator, Life Giver, True Hedonistic, Lover Of Humanity, Original Trouble Maker, The Only Angel That Lays With Man
Archetypes Angelic Beauty, Heroic Seductress, Good Bad Girl, Ethical Slut, Magical Girl Warrior, Love Goddess, Buxom Is Better, Big Breast Pride.
Hobby Partying, Orgies, Exploring, Reading, Belly/Exotic Dancing, Sexually Liberating Others.
Likes Good Sex/Sexuality, Good Experience, Loving/Positive People, Her Breasts, Sky Animals/Birds, Humanity, Nudism, Eroticism, Intimacy, Pornstars.
Dislikes Egotistical People, Rapist, Sexual Abusers, Sexual Shaming/Demonizing, Her Fallen Siblings, Corrupted/Corrupting Humans, Real Sins
Theme Song [10] [11] [12] [13]
"I may be an angel and I love being one, but I'm also the type of girl all your parents warn you about."
― Anael Daystar

Powers: Transcendent Sexual Archangel Physiology

Nature Abilities: Love Embodiment, Supernatural Beauty, Supernatural Sexuality.

Catchphrase: "Yes I'm Angel, but that doesn't mean I'm soft, so don't test my patience, if you do your already dead"

"Only good little angels like me know how to have some real fun, here let me show you"

Motto: "Adventures, sex, fun, freedom, happiness that's all anyone needs to give life meaning"

"Party hard and without a care in the world"

Quotes: "Love is an omnipotent force all on its own, that's why heaven is where your heart it"

"Love is the only thing that can save the world"

"Friends come and go, but real friends stay in your heart forever"

Origin Story I was their when creation was first brought into existence, I was their to spread the joys of life as an archangel, I was their when so many of my kin betrayed us all, I was their since before the beginning. All of earth was once a perfect paradise for everyone to in joy, that is until the war for heaven that brought a cataclysmic event that affected everything, that made earth fall to imperfection from that day on. When humanity was brought into creation, they taught glorious things about myself I never thought to experience, from that day on I decided to be on my own as I left heaven itself to live amongst the humans.

Because of so many flaws and mortality of humans I had for lovers and friends, I could never have a more lasting or understanding relationship with anyone to share my life and experience with, I was so... lonely. I was lucky enough to at least have relationships at all. I was never interested with my own kind, humans are more fun to connect with, at least they know how to party.

But I was shown a personal prophecy born not from fate, but from a force more powerful then fate, I call this greater force... love. I was meant to be with a man that pairs with gods, a human that can master his true nature as a true human being and a great power that knows no end, just by seeing him I knew he was the one I was meant to be with. And I was satisfied of the true woman I could become, I saw that I wielded great and special powers beyond even my own kind, a goddess of my own class with the blessings of the most high. When that foresight had ended I saw everything I needed to do to become such an independent and powerful woman with a life full of love, wonders, joys and so much more, a life I can share with someone I can truly love and have a life worth living eternally with.


In the beginning, when I was first created by God (The Monotheistic Deity) to be the incarnation of Joyfulness, my original purpose was to spread joyfulness, happiness and positivity throughout existence, granting every planet, salor system, galaxies the promise and potential for joyfulness and when I finished everything in the cosmos felt true happiness ever since then. I'd finely made everything in creation feel joy, but personally somethings where missings in my own life, but as humanity was brought into creation this missing gasps where made whole.

Humanity taught me things about myself I never even know I'd be capable of and I'm supposed to be enlightened, they taught me about my own transcending sexuality, love and so many joyful things I wished I knew in my past, I fell in love with humanity so deeply I understood why God favorited them more then anything in creation, I favorited them just as mush as s/he did. I'd spent most of my time in Eden with Eve rather then Adam, she and I where basically the original girlfriends, we always dance in sun and moon without end, shared personal feelings with each other and then she would teach me more about being a sexual being, it was such a glorious time. I was originally genderless like God in the beginning, but ever since Adam and Eve came into existence the concept of gender came to my curiosity and I was deeply satisfied with the results, so from that day on I chose to be a women forever with no regrets.

Humanity came to be my most precious and favorite part in creation without humanity the universe would be a darker place, or at least for me. But since the fall of humanity caused by my dark and fallen brothers, I became was filled with sorrow and heartbreaking suffering, the most precious thing in creation was now in forever struggle, between forces between good and evil.

I fight for humanity, not you brother.

And from my sorrow came an rage and unending fury of what my corrupted brothers and their evil master the Anti-God have done, and from my fury I joined the war in heaven against so many of my destined to be fallen kindred. After the fog of war lifted so many slaughtered brothers and sisters on both sides where either spiritual sent to the netherworld or back to the essence of God waiting to be resurrected, but as the fog continued to lift completely I saw a human (John Mercer's pre-exiting form) standing on top of a hill made of slain fallen angels, I saw his very power radiating from his own body that I practically confused him for the legendary Omnipotent One. As I saw into his very eyes I could feel this incredible pounding feeling in my chest filled with love, lust and a burning desire, that made me feel like we were connected somehow and then he vanished.

After the war ended the first of the fallen was stripped of power, class and name, and then banished to the darkest pits of the netherworld never to live in the glory of God or the cosmos ever again. When humans continue to live on with their lives, I saw the most horrific and most beautiful things they've done through out the centuries and so I've come to walk amongst them and as the years past, I slept with many man and women, sharing my transcending sexual pleasures and having glorious moments to remember with. My beauty and sexuality became is so divine that inevitably any man and woman alike would liberated themselves to the glory, joy and passion of sexuality, but humans in power (authority) had killed so many of my human companions for claiming to be agent of evil, even when they where innocent and I was forbidden to interfere with the affairs of mankind. So far ignorance, fear and their egocentric nature where the greater evils.

God had summoned me to heavens because of my forbidden actions of laying with humans, I had no idea what was waiting for me or what s/he had in store for me, but I was more then willing to embrace the consequences with honor, I have no regrets for loving humanity. But as when I confronted her/him, s/he showed me a glorious vision of my future self instead and everything I could become and in order to do that I had to abandon heaven and my siblings, so I did. After God let me go, I want to the mother of the one I'm destined to be with, as I see her sleeping in her bed I plucked one of my feathers and place it on top of her belly which it assimilate itself into her unborn child, so the little one will gained angel-like traits and the bond between us will grow, the very same bond I first felt during the end of the war in heaven. And as I lay beside her I embrace her belly and kiss it like child waiting for her siblings to be born and then I say to him "I love you John and I'll wait eternity for you" so then I fly away.


You always made me feel stronger, especially when your in my arms.

As the years passed I would watched over John Mercer from clouds like any guardian angel should to see if he was safe and sound, when ever he was trouble in deep depression I would be their in spirit to aid him in times of need, and when he finally got to his prime he and I finally met officially. And ever since then he and I become each other's companions of eternal adventures. He and I formed a bound no mere human could possibly understand, we became so much more then just friends or lovers, we where soulmates. We aided each other in battle, we shared glorious experiences and so much more. We have a very sexually healthy relationship with each other and many lovers we come across through out our journeys, there was no end to our happiness and love for each other. He gave me a home of my own in his infinite dominion within himself and gave me a world of my own where I can do whatever I wanted, he was always so generous that way. We became so much more when we where on our own, but with each other we became absolute lovers in every way.


I always been was a kind and good person by nature as an angel, I like to help others in need it always felt so natural to me. I love being so loving, caring, compassionate, supportive and positive. I'm proud to be good and a kind person in heart and soul, and I don't see why I shouldn't, being good is it's own reward in life, and I don't believe their shouldn't be reason to be good I know I don't, I just am.


I love being a woman, it makes me feel... sexy.

I love being a woman, being a female figure makes me feel so full of joy and confidence that I take pride in. Man are cute and fun to play with, but personally woman are so much more fun and more connecting then most, almost every woman are so daring and cunning, they do whatever they want, however they want, with out a care in the world, one of many, many reasons why I decided to become one. And as a woman I can do anything a man can do only better and sexier with a feminine tune to it, that every girl would admire. I always felt more complete and comfortable like apart of me has been made whole when chose to be a woman, I love feeling in such a way. Becoming a woman is the best thing that could've happen to me, I like man and woman alike but I love being a woman.

I've have always been more of a independent person as much as I am stubborn, I always like to make my own rules, do my own things, be my own person in general really. I've lived normal human lives mostly on my own in the beginning, pay my own bills and so on, I can fight my own battles, I take good care of myself. I don't anyone do protect me or tell me what to do, cause I'm not some damsels in distress (not that don't appreciate the help), but I'm a strong, powerful and capable angel, I am my own person and proud of it. However there was only one thing that I've always been depended on, and that was Love, without love I don't see reason in living.

Girls like me don't care about other people's opinions, I live the life how I want regardless of the situation and I lives life at its fullest with out a care in the world, I do whatever I want, whenever I want, how ever I want. I always get everything I want just by thinking it, mostly thanks to my powers, I can do anything with out care or worry. I never follow anyone's rules except my own, I'm completely carefree of any responsibilities and a truly free spirited woman, happiness is my own priority. I love to have fun, I love to party and I even like to brake in houses when the owners aren't around and have some real illegal fun with my lovers. Ever since I came to the 21st century I had more fun then I can count, the parties are wild and with me I make them insanely fun.

I like having adventures, taking risks, experiencing new things and having a life full of excitement and activities. Exploring new and unknown territory to experience, making new friends and so much more, one of many things John and I have in common. I love adventures cause they keep my life filled with endless possibilities and purpose, after all life is supposed to be fun, I intend to live up to it.


I prefer to be naked, but I respect your rules. Now come to me.

Nudism is such a beautiful word, being naked is the most natural things to be, I don't mind wearing clothes their useful and pretty, but personally I hate always having to wear them when I don't have to. It is such a pain not always having to feel the sun's ray on my beautiful skin, unable to feel the rain and rivers flow through my beautiful breasts fluently or to lay on the grass freely and without such judgmental stares. I literally curse the day when people forced the law on making everyone have to where clothes, to the point where everyone began to thinks that being naked is evil, shame on them. I love being naked, even before humanity came to creation I like being naked, I was born/created that way and I take noble pride on it happily. I'll always embrace everything about nudity and all it's essential connections, unity with nature, comfort and my personal favorite, eroticism. I respect you people and your rules on clothes I understand even clothes can make people look beautiful really I get it, but I love being naked don't like it deal with it.

Sex is such a glorious thing to me, it so transcending, so divine, and so much fun. I love being sexually active, it's the best thing to have happened in my eternal life, I practically fell in love with concept and principles of sexuality and I praise God everyday for giving me the potential for sexuality, the greatest gift of nature ever given to both me and humanity. I've slept with a lot of man and woman all my life since the dawning of humanity that I practically became an ultimate sexual angelic being, but I'm not so easily satisfied by most humans and most angels are don't even like to have real fun, I even have to use supernatural means to be really satisfied at the least. Everything about me is potentially sexual that sex became one of the fundamental centers of my being that I practically breath it, sex it's sacred and special to me and many others and I basically treat it as such that use it for worship, my life is full of never ending pleasure.



Just us girls having some real fun want to join us

I love being a wild party girl so much, that when I explore new beautiful places like states, countries and cities, I basically go on a real party rampage to have some real fun and make new girlfriends and lovers to share all the real fun with. In my never ending travels from place to place to see what new wonders are their in creation for me to explore, I first go to nightclubs, raves and parties where me and the girls meet in their cities to party like there is no tomorrow. We dance wildly that we flash our breasts for everyone to see, drink shot from out bellies and cleavage (I always win that game), we make out and play with our tits while everyone watches, find hot guys to have one nigh stands, we have sex in parties and more wild craziness and when I want to have some extraordinary experiences to share I use my powers to grants them all the supernatural fun for them to play with. When we girls party, we party really wild and love it, especially with me in the group.

As true hedonist, I always love to bring joy and happiness to people and myself however I can, spreading the love of life like a virus. Real fun should never be subordinate from humanity so I decided to take matters into my own hands, and liberate people to have all the fun they should be having, party like theirs no tomorrow, have sex in public when no ones looking or when they are (I don't mind putting on a show), flash our breasts in raves and at wild parties, make orgies with all types of people, go out on late night fun and so much more illegal fun, to be happy and live life to the fullest without shame. I love to have fun and people should to, they shouldn't be ashamed of that, they should be damn proud that they did it at least just once like me, people should be ashamed that they didn't do it at all. I've done the most insane kind of fun I could and still do, I've even been a pornstar for the fun of it and it was glorious, I've made parties so wild that the their cities run out of power for it and they where fun, I've even used my powers on others for the fun of it and much more. Happiness is universal, do what makes you happy without a care in the world, consequences be damned.

When John gave me a world of my own in his own multiverse, I've live my own life as a goddess happily, I live in my own world to rest and relax in peace with my own people.

Me with my beautiful creations

Here I filled it with the magical wonders as and beautiful sceneries for everyone to enjoy, and full of amazing magical animals of my own creation. All the humans and other beautiful humanoid creatures like angels or aliens that I made are beautiful especially the woman, mostly cause here woman make the rules and here we are in charge. Everyone is a sexually libertine nudist, here we all have lots of sex, so much its the new normal for pure fun and more, we all can use magic is for fun and to make life luxurious. I can do absolutely anything here as an angelic goddess, I always come here to be at peace and have fun as their creator in my perfect world. This was the best gift John has ever given me.

Me in John's arms

I love having someone as special as John to share my life with, I could never have a real relationship with humans cause I was an immortal angel, everyone died of and many angels don't want to anything to do with me anymore, but I consider myself lucky and blessed to have John in my life, to have someone to spend eternity with is a gift especially with someone who love you truly and endlessly. He and I do almost everything together, we share our lives and lifestyles together, we shared so much adventure together, making new memories and gained new friends to together and our sex life has been more then we hoped for, our bond transcends all. I love having someone to share my life with, especially with someone like John, even tho most people think it's evil cause where not the same species, him being a human and me being an angel, but we looked beyond such futility.


Power was never my specialty in the beginning of things, but when I joined the war I had to force every drop of my power within me as an archangel of creation to make sure I would win every battle I could. Ever since then I've gained new power's through the years bound to my personality, when God set me free s/he gave me transcendency I need order to become far more powerful to face threats to great that no mere angel alone couldn't possibly win again, God wanted to age sure I could take care of myself. With these new powers, I've become almost a godlike being of my own class I've become a Transcendent Sexual Archangel.

With my new God giving status I've had more then enough power to make hell tremble before. My very sexuality became supernaturally far more powerful even transcending and with sexual based powers I came to love. All my powers are fundamentally based of my angel nature as a celestial and a cosmic being, even as a sorceress all my magic comes directly from my angelic nature.


  • Angel Physiology - I was created an angel by God's will, but unlike most I'm no ordinary angel.
    • Angel Soul - I was made an angel in every way, even by soul.
    • Cosmic Awareness - As a celestial being I am aware of the cosmos.
    • Blessing Inducement - Granting blessings is what I'm good at and I've blessed so many people to live life full of pleasure, love, joy and happiness.
    • Halo Generation - Yes I have a have a halo, what do you expect I'm an angel, but I wear mine like a tiara.
    • Maximum Quintessential Control - I have an infinite amount of life and spiritual energy I can generate to the maximum.
    • Purification - You have been tainted by evil, please let me give back you're purity.
    • Spirit Physiology - I'm a spiritual being by nature no different from humans.
    • Supernatural Condition - Angels are physically far more powerful then ordinary human by nature.
    • Tattoo Creation - I can make tattoos for myself especially for my wings when I banish them into my skin.
    • Wing Manifestation - All angels have wings and we can summon them at will.


  • Archangel Physiology - When God made me, he granted me the status of an archangel which makes me far more powerful then most angels.
    • Badassery - I am a real, how do you say now these day... a real badass.
      • One-Man Army - When I was at war for heaven, I took on legions of fallen single handily.
    • Divine Combat - When I fought the fallen angels during the war for heaven, I fought with everything I got to make sure humanity might still have chance.
      • Divine Slayer - I've killed divine beings before the first ones I've killed were my fallen siblings, and so help me if they ever return I will kill them all if I have to.
    • Ethereal Physiology - I was made with the universal essence that connects to all life and pervades all of space.
      • Cosmic Telepathy - Do to me being made of ether, it grants me the advantage of cosmic scale telepathy.
    • Holy Voice - My very voice is blessed with holiness that makes me far more then just a good singers.
      • Empathic Voice - My voice became an empathic force that can make everyone feel each other's emotions.
    • Human Form - Archangels have the potential to be almost human and I thanks God for that opportunity to this day, I love being human.
      • Human Physiology - Thanks to my feminine human forms I gained most of their traits for my own, even tho I can never be them this is as close as I can get.
    • Miracle Manipulation - I can manipulate miracles, which makes me a very fear angel among humans and the most loved.
      • Miracle Performing - As such I can preform miracles of my very own. Not as supremely like the most high, but enough to shake the world.
    • Sephirot Empowerment - I'm empowered by the tree of life and as such I became far more understanding in humanity.
      • Divine Empowerment - The tree of life is a divine creation and as such I am empowered by its divine creator, my creator.
    • Virtue Embodiment - I embody the human nature of love, joy and sexuality.
    • Love Embodiment - Love is a lot of things in life, to me it's the fragment of my very being.
      • Soulmate Connection - To me we are all soulmate to each other. We are all sitting in the same boat... we are all connected with the same silver string. We all come from the same source. Separation is an illusion of the physical world no different from the horizon or death.


  • Angelic Sorcerer Physiology - I am far more then just an angel, I am angelic sorceress, and magic is what I'm good at.
    • Angelic Magic - Angel magic is as natural to me as magic is to wizards and witches is to them.
      • Astrology - Astrology was one of many forms of magic angel's mastered with ease.
    • Divine Magic - God taught me the mystical side of divinity before I left heaven, granting me divine powers of my own.
    • Love Magic - You have no idea how powerful love can really be with or without its magical qualities.
      • Love Manipulation - Love is it own force of great power, a power that I can use to spread through for the better.
    • Magical Energy Manipulation - Magical energies are the primary lessons for all mages to learn to use magic.
      • Mana Manipulation - Legends say mana is the sentient source of energy, and it's true I would know I was their when it was made.
    • Magic Mode - In my Angelic Sorceress form I am both mystically far more powerful and incredible sexy.
    • Spell Casting - The spells I cast are more simple then humans ones, just by a simple thought I can cast it.
      • Spell Creation - I can do more cast spells, I can create them at will.
    • Mysticism - This kind of magic is very special and pure, anyone truly faithful and true at heart can wield it the right way.
      • White Arts - Thanks to the aid of mysticism I can also use the white arts.


  • Sex Angel Lord Physiology - I love sex, a lot. As such I am a sexually active angelic being and proud of it, and ever since I discovered sexuality I decided to be an angelic mistress of pure sexuality and I love every moment of it, most people believe that we are asexual beings I'm more then happy to prove them wrong.
    • Beauty Embodiment - I the incarnations of the concepts and principles of beauty itself in all things, especially as a woman that I choose to be I am supremely beautiful. I love being beautiful it's so satisfying and it brings me confidence in life, as such I can see the beauty in everything.
      • Absolute Beauty - I am absolutely beautiful in every way that my beauty might as well be supernatural on its own, everything in existence see me as a beautiful being of divine nature. Any man would fall for me and as much as any woman would, regardless of their sexual orientation, all can't resist me.
        • Beauty Manipulation - Beauty is a precious gift, it has been since the beginning. And as such I can manipulate beauty of everything their attributes principals and all. Thus I can grant or take beauty of things depending if they derives the gift they've been given.
      • Seductive Magnetism - My beauty can radiate an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibitions. Everyone affected can remain fully themselves, but can't help but long for me, favor and affection, and can't bring themselves to cause them harm except as a last resort, like an irreplaceable treasure too precious to be lost.
        • Mesmerizing Presence - My very presence is overwhelmingly mesmerizing especially my breasts, my beauty is very dominating on the minds of every being around them. It's only natural that anyone would desire me, my very presence can do that to everyone and I don't mine, I like to get a little attention every once in awhile, it makes me feel special.
      • Supernatural Beauty - My beauty is at its highest level as an angelic form of heavenly beauty, mine are ultimately concentrated on my breasts, it's so influential that anyone fulfills most smallest suggestion, but not against their deepest principles. My supernatural beauty is always perfect and under any circumstances, physically, personally and socially perfect, graceful and flawless.
        • Enchanted Allure - Do the supernatural nature of my beauty, I enchant myself to obtain powers of persuasion as well as seduction. My beauty can have a "trigger" that makes people around them obey my every commands. Once under my spell, targets are at my command and willing to do whatever it is I want, anything at all.
    • Powerful Breasts - I love breasts, ever since I met Eve I've loved breasts, and as a angelic woman my breasts are the incarnations of both the beauty and power of womanhood that I choose to embody. I granted my breasts with numerous powers of their own class and with great beauty, any man and woman would love them, I know I do. I am so proud of beautiful breasts, as any woman should.
      • Adaptive Breasts - I loved my breasts not just because their powerful, but because their adaptable to any size and use, making my breasts able to be any size needed. My breasts can adapt perfectly to any sized for any situation combat, sexual pleasure either by themselves or by will, making it easier for interactions in life and to use for fun. Let's not pretend like you wouldn't want this fun trick.
        • Breasts Modification - Because of my adaptive nature I gave to my breasts, I can also be able to modify and manipulate my breasts perfectly, enhancing their physical capabilities and their fundamental aspects and quantities, modify them to be able to uses certain mystic powers, I can even modify of other woman.
      • Breasts Domination - I love my breasts so much, I granted my own cups total dominion over man and woman that they practically worship them which is kinda fun sometimes, I can dominate everyone with just my breasts, which makes me extremely powerful as woman alone, tho weirdly I just can't seem to have dominion over John, one of many reason why I love him.
        • Breasts Submission - Everyone who has ever seen my breasts yielded to me because of them. Men and women alike obey my every desire especially the ones who love my breasts, so by the time good people yield to them I let them embrace me to enjoy my breasts happily so I can have some fun. Even my enemies become subordinates to me, the power of my breasts are overpowering to all who gaze upon them.
      • Supernatural Breasts - My breasts are filled with supernatural properties in every aspect, I can use their mystical qualities for various purposes mostly for combat and fun. With my breasts I can do anything fun, no one can resists them, my beautiful breasts are just as powerful as I am. I love my breasts so much I take great pride in them especially when their huge.
        • Lactational Source - The milk my breasts produce has far more qualities and far more potent then female humans and with the unique mystical properties, my milk became is its own source of magic that I can manipulate perfectly and can with be use as I see fit. With my breasts I can provide unique forms of magical possibilities needed, from natural nourishment, empowerment and so on.
    • Sexuality Embodiment - As a sexual angel, I embody absolute concepts of sexuality in total and the benevolent purities of lust. I am a complete sexual being in every way, from the most common mundane experience to the most transcendent experiences of sexuality beyond earth-bound. Sex is fundamental to me, as such I'm not so easily satisfied by mere humans, that's why I consider myself blessed to have someone like John in my life, he's the best one who really satisfy me perfectly.
      • Desire Form - I can take on any form your heart desires, whoever you desire I'll give it to you, just don't feel bad that I don't look like your girlfriend. Everyone has someone they desire and I don't mine being them, I actually like taking on new appearance, especially since desires is what drives us.
        • True Love Visage - A lot people tend to have a soulmate somewhere, I mostly take the form of the one true love for most of my lovers so that way they can know who their destined to be with and how they'll look like.
      • Sexual Instinct - My sexuality imprinted nature is more transcending compare to you man and woman, if I'm too much for you I suggest you humans just watch the fire or you'll get burn. So far the only one person in my life that can handle me at my fullest is John he's the one I'm meant to be with.
        • Sex Specialist - I'm the very first original sex specialist in existence and with experience, I learned about the human body, desires and the art of seduction. Anyone can learn sex with practice their nothing wrong with that, but true sexual joy comes from that one person that comes into your life with true and caring love.
      • Sexual Liberation - Oh how it brings tears to my eyes every time something as beautiful and universal as sexuality to be tainted by evil. I hate it when people pervert and shame sexuality and their glory, but for victim of such futility I will liberate you and your sexual at divine level so greatly no one will ever shame you again.
        • Nudism Inducement - We are all born naked, their is nothing to be ashamed about that at all, I would know I was naked my entire life no different from Adam or Eve, well until they fell, please allow me to show you your most glorious and most natural form.
    • Sex Appeal Combat - My sexuality is highly transcending that it can be use for many things even for battle, my sexuality is so radiant it can nullify all evil and bring the best in people.
      • Pectukinetic Combat - My breasts make powerful weapons mostly thanks to the divine and mystical nature, which makes them perfect for combat, I'm pretty sure any man or lesbian alike would love to meet their end this way. Woman should be proud of their breasts no matter the size their nothing to ashamed of.
        • Holy Breastmilk Projection - I can channel the divine and mystical nature of my breastmilk and project them as bullets attacks with transmuted supernatural properties that I can alter into anything lethal for any combat need.
      • Sexual Shame Salvation - I see your undeserving shame my sister, let me show you that your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, come to me and see that you can be the joys of it. Let's prove those holier then thou people that poisoned and corrupted your beautiful mind that they where wrong about what they told you and make them feel the same pain you never deserved.
        • Forgiven Lust - Lust has been the downfall of many relationships, some became ashamed of their lust even when it was natural and benevolent. Lust can be evil when it's used for evil, I know this because I've seen it happen before, but I come here to tell you that you are forgiven. You don't have to live in shame of corrupt lust, let the sacredness of sexuality give you strength to over come the dark and corruption of lust that was never meant to be.
      • Erotic Purification - Demons like to possess good and believing people, but John and I shared the same hatred towards enslavement from our glory in freedom of will, luckily with my eroticism I can instantly destroy demons out of people by my power. No demon shall ever again lay a hand on you my dear child, not while I'm here.
        • Sexual Sanctification - As an aftermath of my power, I can sanctify your sexuality, purifying the malice that was never meant to be. Sex is holy to me now come and let me show how divine your true sexual nature.
    • Sex Empowerment - Sex is my affinity, it imbues me with great power and satisfaction. With any other mere ordinary human it makes me strong, but with John it makes me feel complete and infinite. Sex is such a divine gift it has been since Adam and Eve, I understand your desires all to well.
      • Love Empowerment - Love makes sex better trust me it's does, John proves that to me every time where together, sexual love makes me feel invincible especially with my true love, I don't know what I would do without John in myself luckily I won't have to find out.
        • Bond Empowerment - The bonds I make with my lovers are made me stronger, sexuality can create bonds most people don't realize, especially the bonds created by love. John and I are true and absolute lovers to each other our need for each other makes us strong our bonds makes us stronger.
      • Tantric Metabolization - I crave sex so much, I practically feed of it and its radiant and glorious energies, from self-stimulating myself to full on orgies feeds me greatly, but don't you dare confuse me for a succubus they kill and rape their mates, I never take more then what you can handle.
        • Lust Empowerment - Most people say lust is a deadly sin and it can be from my experience, but with me it can be a virtue. Lust is perfectly natural, but that's what makes it dangerous, I feel your desires, your fantasies feeding my power and giving breath to my soul, here let me make your fantasies real, let me satisfy you.
      • Pleasure Empowerment - Pleasure of any kind from reading books, walks on the beach to sexual excitement empowers me, I take joy in everything that brings a smile on my face. Life is good, the joys humanity offers are so full grace, I cherish each and every moment of them, for they give my life meaning.
    • Sex Magic - Sex is my best specialty, it has their own mystical quantities that I love to use so much so I decided to make my own sexual form of magic and mysticism from it, a magic I am more then happy to use on anyone.
      • Lust Magic - I can utilize my virtuous lust into magic. Sexual lust is such powerful desire to me, its mystic applications are very erotic when used by angels like me. With this I can cast your strong desire to reality assuming you want that.
        • Sexual Sight - I can see your sexuality, all your hidden desires and your future of it, that's how I know so much. I see every dirty little thought your heart beats to, everyone you've ever desire, love and lust for and everyone your going to be with.
      • Tantric Manipulation - Sexual energies is so primal and so divine, one of many of God's glorious creation. This kind of energy is a highly underestimated force of nature, it's so much fun with this I can do all kind of fun with you humans and don't pretend like your not curious.
        • Sexual Life-Force Manipulation - The sexual energies are fundamental sexual forces that can allows life to grow and flourish throughout the existence, sex is its own source of life because of that I can control life forces bound to sexuality in general.
      • Sexual Inducement - I can bring out the best part of yourself you never even knew about, your desires and pleasures of all forms you never experienced. Don't be afraid of your sexuality it's a perfectly natural thing, here let me show you what you true nature.
        • Orgasm Inducement - I can even induce the most intense sensation of sexual orgasm ever experience. Orgasms are amazing and with with I can induce the most transcended sexual experiences ever experienced, and with my sexuality I can grant you all orgasm of incredible pleasures ever given.
    • Eternal Bond - The infinite love John and I have is beyond the silver strings that connects soulmates, their is not a force in existence that can stop us, not even death. This kind of love that we have can be understood by others who have the same bond with others, humans are luckily to find a bond like this at least.
      • Companion Allegiance - The powerful bond John and I have is sacred and powerful, the union between us is so transcending, harmonizing our flows of pure energy, love, desires and so much more, making us the most strongest and most passionate when together, John and I are meant to be together and no one can deny us that.
        • True Love's Kiss - When he kisses my neck, I feel a transcending rush of uncontrollably electrical desire flowing through me, but when he kisses me in my lips I feel like not even the multiverse can stop us from being together.
        • Undying Loyalty - Because of our bond with each other we became unimaginable loyal to each other. I can't even think of betrayal John, I love him way to much to ever go against him on anything. Love, honest and loyalty is what makes relationships ever lasting and functional after all.
      • Emotion-Connective Immortality - The connections of our love for each other makes me eternal through John, because of that death has no hold over means with John being an absolute immortal and a conquer of death, I am an absolute immortal just as much.
        • Meta Regeneration - Because of my immortality my regenerate can restore myself from any damage perfectly at even the meta levels at any extend of my state of being to mental, emotional, spiritual and so on. I can even regenerate from nonexistence.
      • Symbiotic Connection - The supernatural connection John and I have is incredibly strong, we can link our minds and souls making us one. Our mind meld and souls resonate with each other our thought, consciousness, emotions together, synchronize with each other, sharing our experience, our bond is beyond your world
        • Empathic Teleportation - John and I are very emotionally connected to each other that we can teleport to each other regardless of location, through our intense and overwhelming feelings for each other. Whenever we want and need each other for any reason at all, we will be their for each other through our love, passions and more.


  • Transcendent Angelic Mage Physiology - When God let me go he gave me the gift of transcendency just a he gave it to Metatron the first human made angel and our keeper, but do to my mystical nature my magic transcended just as much as I did making me mystically far more powerful as he is and stronger then any fallen will ever be. God warned me to never let this power get to my head for I maybe transcended now, but I am not omnipotent.
    • Creation - I have the power of creation and I intend to use it well. With this gift I can create anything I want from planets to living things, I've always wanted to be a creator of my own now I have my wish.
      • Angel Creation - I've created angels of my own, tho I created them differently from my own siblings, but they will be just a as beautiful as I am. Their the most noble of my creations and just as kind.
      • Sapient Race Creation - I've created sapient races and species of any kind and more, but I will always create my favorite one, humanity. All my sapient creations are ultimately sexy and breathtaking as my imagination can give them.
    • Enlightenment - I have been give a new level of enlightened. A state of mind that help understand creations made by God, from such I understood many different things from earth and extraterrestrial worlds.
      • Cosmic Knowledge - Just like John we shared each others cosmic knowledge of many things in existence beyond ourselves. With our experience of our adventures we gained more knowledge.
      • Knowledge Transcendency - With the adventures John and I share together, we learned a lot of fun things we can use to our advantages. Even universal secrets that would blow everyone's mind.
      • Tetralogy - I wield great power and knowledge unimaginable.
    • Freedom - God had set me free from so much. From my this new found freedom I could travel anywhere I want and nobody can tell what to do, I do whatever I want, however I want with whoever I want.
      • Anti Storage - I can never be contain by any means at all. Not even hell itself can contain me like my fallen brothers, no one can trap me, I'm way to freeing to just be contain by anyone who thinks their in charge.
      • Meta Teleportation - I can teleport anywhere and everywhere in existence. I can travel anywhere from different universes, timelines, realities and so on, I can even travel to the heart, minds and soul of entities.
    • Magic Transcendence - My magic had transcended far beyond minor angel mages, which makes me the most powerful sorceress their is. With this kind of magic I became unimaginably powerful, my immeasurable physical and spiritual might is only equaled by my transcendent understanding and mastery of the mystical arts.
      • Almighty Magic - My magic can surpasses all the rules and has no need for any justification as to how or why feats are accomplished, my magic don't have any limitation, I can simply do as they feel, tho it's nothing compared to the power of god.
      • Magic Lordship - I have absolute control over my magic, allowing me to have limitless control over everything that relates to magic, and as well manipulate all things related to magic, including potions, spells, mystic artifacts and magical entities.
    • Omnifarious - I have absolute shapeshifting powers, and I love having fun with them. With limitless shapeshifting powers I can do all kinds of insane fun things like multiple myself, self modification and more.
      • Absolute Condition - With my more perfected shapeshifting powers I've obtain perfect and absolute conditions beyond my siblings. I can reach a degree of that make my fallen siblings quake in their feet.
      • Absolute Immortality - I am a true immortal like John and we have eternity together now and that is only the beginning. We live our lives however we want from and live without and happiness, in our eternal years their is no room sorrow.
    • Absolute Will - Almost everything is under my very will especially in my world, sometimes I wonder what it was like to be like my creator, now I know. Nobody can resist my will, if anyone try's to defy my will, then they are just as foolish as my fallen brothers.
      • Absolute Command - Practically anything is ultimately under my command especially everything I dominate. My word is beyond just law, it's absolute and as such my command can reshape existence itself.
      • Supreme Voice - My voice is supreme thus I can do anything with a single word, everything I brought to existence is under my power by nature, but everything else that isn't even John I can't not only because he far more powerful then me, but because not everything is my creation.
    • Summoning - I can summon great many things I wish to aid me in times of need, from combat, social or even for company.
      • Empathic Summoning - Everything I summon is an empathic loyal to me directly so it's impossible for of them to betray me.
      • God Summoning - I can summon God because s/he trust me, and will not dare abuse this power not without paying the price.
    • Zenith - I have obtained the pinnacle status of angelic kind, making me the strongest then most. Even the great Metatron of my brother Michael couldn't achieve such power by themselves.
      • Nigh Omnipotence - I have virtually unlimited powers of my own, which makes me unimaginable more powerful then most of my siblings, but even with this I am no match for many other beings that are still more far more powerful beings then me.
      • Spiritual Perfection - Spiritual perfection is the icon all angels respect. With this I can be the most spiritual angel ever known.

Homestead of Ascension

Within my infinite realms of boundless realities, full of endless worlds of pure adventure of self creating and evolving nature born from my endless imaginations, I created a home for myself and for my beloved guardian angel Anael, here she and I can live our eternal lives however we see fit, free from trouble, responsibilities and everyone who don't appreciate us. In this endless world I am absolute by concept, nature and logic, here anyone can live life filed with prosperity and eternally. In my world happiness is the first thing for everyone who's kind and good, experiencing good things eternity has to offer or it can be a tormenting realm for anyone filed with malice and void of heart where all truly evil will live in misery, shame and fear will be the only thing for them to feel, for those who's ever harmed others for cruel selfish-indulgence.

Home Islands


Me creating my islands, my home


The Islands, there is no place like home


Welcome to my world my friends, please make yourselves at home

Within my own endless world I created a home for myself, an island of divine nature with an endless oceans all around filled and with beautiful yet terrifying animals which are proven to be mans best friends all of them and in the endless sky filled with galactic worlds and nebulas that grants my home incredible, beautiful and breathtaking views.

In this island I created my dream mansion/villa that I've always hope to create one day, it's built with highly advanced technologies imbued with magical properties for luxurious purposes, I created my home with perfect structures and artistic views near the beaches, waterfalls and forests to enjoys. Everyone here have advanced ships where me, my crew and friends can explore the high multiversal oceans and universal seas in search of new islands and worlds that I created perfectly and evolved themselves to existence from my subconscious desires and memories.

Everything in my island is free for everyone, there is no need for profit or money here the only wealth is compassion, friendship, respect and experience. Everything works perfectly and without trouble for anyone, even tho everything is free here food, clothes, etc, everyone knows their limits on how much people can get in a day and by common sense their are things people can't take from my islands such as personal properties of others like homes, private property and so on everyone has this right.

Anyone can prosper peacefully here cause nobody has any reason to do wrong in my islands, everyone respects everyone, everybody can empathize with each other and mind meld to truly understand one another completely freeing themselves from false judgmental ideals other may have.

Everyone who came from many cruel worlds that I brought from, came to forget the ideas of love of money (greed), pure self-importance (ego) and the cause to irritate others, making everyone find a better meaning in life and better reason for living life for the better, everyone and everything here is at peace with each other and will stay at peace with each other from the most smallest of insects to gigantic creatures of existence, humans and animals happily coexist.



A home full of joy and peace for my friends and all

Here me and my friends stay to hang out, party and explore new worlds within myself together.

In many new planets that we explore, we've learn a great magnitude of things my inner multiverse has to offer, we could tame cosmic beasts as great as they are mighty, master advanced powers, learn new forms of exotic knowledge, and far more the we could've hoped experience.

The more and more new worlds we explore even outside my multiverse the more my islands expands with possibilities and with the more we all explore, the more new people we recruit, saved and welcome to our adventures the more experience, abilities and experience we get.

With our technology and magic we can overcome any obstacles that we may confront with both combat and non combat, with our technomagic we can even create shelters, camps and defenses for our rest in natural territories, some of my friends even choose to stay behind in some worlds to start new lives however we see fit, mostly cause they feel like they belong I that world.

Grand Gourmet


We chefs love food and cooking, especially, when we add a little magic.

The food products here are perfectly healthy and tasty, and thanks to the aid of techomagic, everyone here more has more then enough food for everyone and editable ingredients yet to be discover.

All the cooks can produce any kind of unique to common food that anyone can desires to cook with, mostly do to their supernatural cooking skills, but also their perfect technique to cook, making them incredibly tasty for everyone, even healthy food like salads can also have the best flavor taste of pizza so everyone wouldn't complain about gaining weight.

Most cooks can use supernatural properties to create special kind of cooking that can grant anyone from the most amazing transcending experience to temporary or permanently supernatural effects, people who eat it will get from fire breathing, flight, strength, etc.

Mostly everyone are empowered by the food they eat that most people use it to help themselves in any difficult situation.

Even the drinks here are incredibly well made, the water could keep anyone hydrated for days, sodas grant are well made and just as healthy as the food and even the wine grants amazing taste and so much more.

Animal Companionship


Here everyone came to love and respect animals with compassion

All the animals around the islands are friends to all, most of them are ordinary mundane type animals like killer whales, dolphins, and even predatory type animal like lions and panthers while other supernatural and extraterrestrial type animals like dragons, sea serpents or space tiger, space wales, etc are at peace with everyone on the islands, we all swim with them, hunt with them, we even play together and make shows for everyone especially for children.

People here have an empathic sense and understand with animals and their emotions, so that way humans can understand that fundamental differences of animals. Animals and Humans can develop a remote symbiosis with a specific animal to develop powerful bonds no one could brake, making them even more close and loyal to each other then most.

Every animal is loyal to all who are kind to them and even the most dangerous ones, predators who protect children from any wildlife danger, sea creatures bond with humans, and so on, even tho some are bond to their nature everyone found a way to make peace with them and coexist happily.

Tho people are at bay with animals, their are some beasts way to dangerous to coexist with in some territories, so I choose to develop suitable islands and areas to keep them in so they can have home of their own. Most people who develop bonds with such dangerous animals can visit these islands to reunite with their friends, but I advise you to be carful for most of those islands are filled with dangers beyond your world.

Natural Synchronization

Everyone can came to respect the natural forces and can selectively sync with nature by spiritual and mental mean, granting soul sense of deal of peace with all of natures contents and aspects.

Anyone who syncs with nature can sense and feel the living creatures specifically animals to forms strong connections with them making animals less aggressive or even lose their aggressiveness completely stand.

Everyone can even sync their emotions to the ecological environments that can also grant empathic connection with plants life as well, granting an intuition with plants to better understand them.

Everyone learns and practice the harmonious and coexistence with nature, which make everyone and everything very powerful and dangerous humans to all who dare threaten the unity, even animals themselves would protect that unity.

Even within the forest are free from any form of discomfort and with everyone being more empathetically in tune with nature, anyone can blissfully rest by a tree and happily, the tree produce a glorious aroma that keeps everything in the forest healthy, all the animals in the forest ultimately befriend kind hearted people and guides them throughout to make sure no one gets lost.

The plants around here have each has unique mystical properties within themselves that anything and anything, humans and nature can benefit from.

Some plants contain medical and regenerative properties to help everyone in need and others can contain deadly quantities that when used right can offer people new possibilities cures for any kind of diseases.

Dream Home Construction

All the houses here are very luxurious, and very intuitive cause of technomagic technology.

All the houses are self-powered and self-sustaining for everyone, each powered by positive energies that keeps everything perfectly functional.

Each house can has technological modification systems that allow people to shift the house into early anything imaginable, making everyone capable of creating their dream home how ever they see fit with no negative effect what so ever.

Each house can contain an empathic A.I. System with a soul duty is to protect, interact and care for their owners, making sure they remain well care for.

Mystic Mechanics

The ships in our homes are highly adaptable technology, capable of attending specific needs and sustaining crews with everlasting air, water and food for everyone.

Our ships have transformation applications that adapt to specific forms based on the environment: space ,sea ,air , etc. They have powerful and intuitive defense mechanisms that are capable of scanning and reading any potential threat, that they can adapt to.

All the ships are ready for any kind of battle that comes their way.

The ships have an emergency self-destructive and self-repair sequences to prevent anyone who isn't their captain from obtaining there secrets or to be used against there true owners, once it enters its self destruct sequence it can repair itself when summoned by their captains reconstructing herself back from scratch do to its nanotechnology.

We have hundreds of ships in my island with advance tech for everyone who wants to travel my inner cosmos and interstellar transportation.

Exotic Ecosystems

The natural areas of my islands are breathtaking as much as they are comfortable for everyone to explore mostly thanks to the unity of nature.

The waterfalls, rivers and lakes here are amazing, their fairly large and naturally sanitizing making them perfectly clean anyone can drink from any stream, do to their supernatural properties these aquatic areas everyone who would bath in lakes would feel out of body experience when they float, everyone came to love the the waters of nature here that everyone baths in their refreshing quantities.

Loving couples came to the waterfalls for because the waterfalls here bring the best forms of intimacy couples could hope to have.

Ocular Guardian

Because the home islands ultimately thrives within me, it doesn't need defense or security from outside threats. So instead I choose to create an imperceptible guardian to watch over everything and keep things in reasonably order. I designed this guardian entity with a semi all seeing system to identify and notify potential threats and to keep my islands safe.

I designed The Ocular Guardian with the abilities to control cause and effects specifically determine to keep things at in order by causing positive things to happen to good people, while negatively effects the bad. Making sure that the choices that we make and the concept of fate remains in balance, the actions and reactions that we make and the cause and effects that are affect everything else.

Do to limited form of all seeing capabilities it can't see the within the homes or personal property of my islands do to the privacy right I that everyone has rights to. And because of everyone's right to choose The Guardian can't effect the chooses of others, it can only granite the cosmic order in my islands and beyond.

I programmed it to keep a watch on children and to guide them for those who get lost similar to guardian angel concept. Children who tend to get run of and do all kinds of harmless fun and with the freedom and joyfulness of children, the guardian can guide children to spirited away adventures of their own while also protecting them from anything threatening.

Psychospiritual Self-Awareness

In my islands I taught people a unique forms of personal enlightenment of internal awareness of the self. Everyone who practices this advance form of personal awareness people began to be see their own forms of meaning in ones life, including esteem, concept, sexuality, and one's relationships to a higher order and being.

When someone practices this they take part in personal development in mental healthcare, physical activity and spiritual growth, personally by a means of finding their own path in their existence. Some who develop in this form feel a need to leave my islands to see if they can find a reason elsewhere, should they choose to return is up to them.

Second Chances

I've met people who have done great deal of wrong in their lives, so many took great pride in it while others took unimaginable shame for their deeds. Many cried and prayed for forgiveness/redemption born from that same shame while other screamed in rage to escape their just punishment for their transgressions in life.

I came to a great deal people who have suffered greatly from their guilt and granted them a their redemption, mostly because I came to understand their pain and because their agony grows so heavy in my heart to bare.

So I decided to grant those worth saving a second chance to atone for their wrong doings by granting them the opportunity for redemption for every they did. By those who came from such despair, I reach out to their hearts and minds for them to face their sins and those I who succeeded in doing what was right I granted them a place in my islands to start life anew.

Anael's Territory


"I am Anael the angelic goddess and queen of this world, welcome"


As an angelic goddess mage my magic is almighty here let me show you


A magical home for anyone with an open mind and a loving heart

As a gift for my beloved soulmate, I gave Anael her own infinite plane of dimension where she can rule as the angelic queen and goddess she was destined to be. She filled it with beautiful human and humanoid creatures, angelic, extraterrestrial, mystic and with the more creativity she develops through our adventure, she can fill her ever growing dimension with new possibilities for creation. Here only love, happiness, wisdom, compassion and sexuality are the icons of dimensional wealth of life and desire in her reality.

She made her world into a near all-female population of eternal mystical superhumans, divine angelic beings and other forms of beautiful supernatural creatures, that she uplifted by her will. Through her teachings, she granted all her people they ways of life she choose for them for their beginning with no end, ways everyone came to love and with noble reason. The ever expanding nature of her world can reach to its respective boundaries of their reality, having enough room for everyone and anyone.

Do to being the angelic goddess of entire infinite plane she imbued her existence to potentially omnipresence state over her reality. So that way she can always help others of her world find love and keep things in order, at peace and free of pure sin and evil. Anael never told her people about her omnipresent abilities because she knew people are at their most honest when no one is looking, that way when she senses a troubled she'll it who are the ones who did it.

The laws of her world are simple and acceptable for everyone, because everyone has no need to break or bend them, most of the laws are based from common sense. She can live among her people to enjoy their company, friendship and love, sharing and bonding with her most precious of creations and maintain her world with ease, free of troubles and a hedonistic lifestyles for everyone.

Anael loves to spend most of her time in her own mystical castle, where she can freely be with all her female friends and lovers, especially when I come to visit her to share moment and mystic adventures with my friends from the islands.

Everyone here are equals, man and woman, humans and inhuman species alike are all equals just like in the Home Islands, even tho she always had a sexual hunger and love for man and woman (do to her supernatural sexuality) she always made sure that woman are the ones in charge here especially her because she's their goddess that loves women a little more then man cause of female bonds she made with them.

Even tho she may be the goddess, nobody ever made a religion for her and that's how she prefers it, everyone loves her eternally cause of her kindness, love and respect for them even, when Anael likes to treat men like her playthings it's ultimately just for fun, but when she's real their just as equal as woman.

The world is located as a nebulas very close in the sky's of the Home Islands everyone can see its beauty as near as a moon, so that way Anael and I wouldn't have to be so far apart, we love each other to much we can never want to be separated for anything for any reason at all. Anyone with our ships or mystical portals can travel in and out of Anael's Territory freely, everyone who's accepted by Anael is welcome in her world, everyone who isn't worthy will be either rejected or banish.

Arcane Materials

The exotic, mystical and supernatural properties and materials here are not only easily access for anyone to use their magic for practice, but can also help everyone prosper beautifully with their already impressive skills and both spiritual qualities and enhanced physical conditions, the people can defy the known laws of physics outside my inner world and use it to upgrade existing abilities/effects and grant new possibilities of their very own.

They can customization their supernatural materials, which can extend to new matter of any highly theoretical forms of materials which can be manipulates by using their immense power to imbue and extract properties of their choosing.

Any form of material that their reality has originate from Anael's magic. Her gift to their people can ultimately be used to create whole nearly anything from creature, energies and ideal materials anyone needs for creation.

Creation is not of the normal variety that grants new ideal powers to its wielder, but can have properties and structure that can defy the established laws of physics outside my world. Experts of Arcane Material are the strongest manipulators that can quantum foam, to smallest level and foundation of reality.

And with their access to my islands Anael can gain new opportunities for better advancement I can provide for both her and her people, the unique prosperities of both our homes are at perfectly and mutual harmony with each other so that way we can all live together with love and endless possibilities, blessing everyone with amazing lives.



We are the Maidens of Anael, we love being women and we love being sexual


We woman, are strong and capable, warriors of our own class, you can't handle our fury


We girls all have magic and love using it, praise our loving goddess Anael

When Anael first brought her human creation into existence in her dominion, she decided to teach them the true and noble arts of hedonism, nudism, erotism and self-empowerment. Making sure that every woman of her making would be proud and capable beings with magical applications. Because of Anael's teachings all the human women engaged in the pursuit of happiness and pleasure; sexual, social and cultural, they take their pleasure seriously and especially for the happiness others, when they party, they mean it.

Anael made every woman incredibly beautiful and very large-breasted, their highly capable mages of their own class, each capable of common and unique abilities of their own, they take pride in their athletic and naked bodies especially their perfect breasts, regardless of their use for them sexual and non-sexual purposes, their breast contain special substances that Anael design for them that's nearly identical to hers. Anael also created men of their own class, very athletic strong and very masculine males, the woman would love as mates.

They desire, take pride in their womanhood, they love being women, they love being sexual, and above all they love being mothers. Their sense of womanhood are extraordinary divine by their own perception especially then their mages.

When Super-Maidens get pregnant they can know it instinctually by the time of conception and once they do they tend to take a powerful form of happiness and tears, to them being mothers is their greatest joy in life and they above all take absolute joy and noble pride in their beloved children, they happily die for.

Their are more women in her dominion then their are men, do to her experience back on earth that the men where more dominant then women and mostly because it made a great excuse to visit my islands for her women to find worthy mates, she saw the men in my islands worthy cause she saw them far more for more stronger and more masculine do to their hardships and extraordinary experiences they had in the past.

All her women have sexual hunger so extreme and high need for intimacy are so advanced they basically reflect their benevolent nature, because of their sexual needs and love for each other they trusts each other on who they want to do spend their time with sexual or otherwise, their sexual and romantic life is extreme just as much as it healthy, especially with their trust and loyalty for each other.

Women are free spirited by nature and indulge in true and kind happiness and love for each other. Their fundamental sexuality is beyond mere mundane origins by nature, they are extremely sexual in every aspect. In her world practically every single women born or created alike is a sexually libertine nudist, free to be themselves and be filled with immense love, power, compassion and acceptance, here pure magic and mysticism is freely practice to aid each other and to have fun with. All the women are very beautiful and powerful beings capable of using their magic and powers to their liking, they take pleasure in their lives through they're magic and share it with others happily.

Priestesses Of Sexuality


We are the Priestesses Of Sexuality, sexuality is sacred to us as such we teach and respect it


Our magic is just as strong as The Maiden but our divinity makes us stronger


The union between us Arch-Priestess and our mistress Anael and lord John is beyond the mundane ways

Because of Anael's spiritual practices and teachings on the concept sexuality and its nature, Anael taught many of her people the divinity of sexuality. As a result of her teachings many of her maidens became known as Priestesses Of Sexuality aka Tantric Priestesses, the are the keepers sexuality, caretakers of love and guardians of intimacy. They are the most sexually active beings in Anael's Territory and are the most wisest of her maidens, they never relinquish the sacred well-spring of infinite sexual energy, but nourish within it's radiants and divine pathways of sexuality itself.

They are extremely faithful to be me and Anael, because she is their goddess and I am the master of my multiverse by reason. They never worship Anael or me because we never saw the need to be worship at all, so they respected our wishes in such. Even tho they don't worship us, Anael taught them the most fundamental and spiritual principles of sexuality and sacredness of it. They saw sexuality as something that should be adored, experience and express of reverence with and without sacred rites for something they love doing.

Tantric Priestess are extremely in tune with their supernatural sexuality at a divine level then anyone else in Anael's world, more so then Super-Maiden. They are absolute experts in everything sexual: their bodies, spiritual experiences, mental residence and so on. They wield divine and sexual magic granted by Anael as a gift for their love and appreciation for their endless happiness. Their divinity and mystic nature grants them advance sexual magic greater then Super-Maidens and with a divinity that grants them miraculous abilities and an infinite capacities for love, benevolent lust and compassion for the care of Anael's world and people.

With their divine knowledge and sexual enlightenment, they are ecstatically fathom the infinite possibilities of sexual awakening and empowerment by the practice with their sacred rites of passages, holistic sex rituals and sexual spells to create empathic interconnected bonds, healthy sex integration and to connect with their dimensions and their beloved goddess. Priestesses use and pass on their knowledge of sexuality for sex education for others which they the present essential segments in educational seminars, universities and other educational programs needed to help celebrate and investigate and demonstrating healthy sexual enlightenment. By their educate sensual-sexual education, to help benefit and contribute sexuality and the possibilities.

Wielding divine-sexual magic, prowess of arcane materials and mastery over many forms of energies are capable of forming transcended connections and miracle performance granting them great sexual based abilities that makes them exceptionally powerful beings, so powerful they rival the strength of that of high level Super-Maidens.

Their peaceful nature and dislike of violence they don't use their powers to fight, but rather use it to heal, support and cosmic awareness. They only fight when they absolutely have to, and when they fight they use their magical arts to construct and summonings to fight for them so they won't have to. Their access to summons comes directly from all the entities that come from my infinite world.

Arch-Priestesses or in other words Mother/Grand Priestesses are solely more in tune to with both me and Anael herself both spiritual and physically levels. Anael selected them personally to wield the angelic traits that grant them greater powers and be personal guardians of the purity and knowledge of Anael's world teaching everyone in her world the beauty of sexuality. They are extremely powerful beings, so powerful they are capable of saving worlds with ease. Anael made special bonds with grand priestesses that came to love Anael so greatly that they became apart of our love pod. Grand priestesses and Anael are extremely found with adventures and so joined new adventures outside the borders of her world and even outside my multiverse.

Angelic Interaction


We are the Angels of Anael. We love and care about everyone as much as our mistress does

Anael's created angels of her very own mostly cause she always tended to care for her people she thought it would be appropriate to create her kind in her world. She made them with the same celestial essence I proved for her and with the same humanoid image similar to humans.

The angelic women are inhumanly far more beautiful by nature then humans, but not so sexually liberated as humans woman are. Their kind are the most compassionate, faithful, caring and most loving beings in existence, their kindness was so beautiful that it brings out the best in humanity, they grants the most heartwarming and positive effect to most who do not. Angels practically help remind humans what it still means to be humans.

Angels help in education in all forms of scholarship for those in need of it, they protect children till their maturity, and make great company for those in need of real friends. Angels love to assist other by their nature in whatever way there needed, their compassion for others was their greatest gift to humans ever to be given.

Everyone in Anael's dominion came to love the angelic beings so much they embrace them happily into their arms, but do to their nature in being inhumanly sexy tho not so sexual active as humans they can be very shy in romantic relationships, tho most human women aid the angels in difficult circumstances of sexual activity.

Because of their shyness of their sexuality they don't really have a passion for sexuality like humans do, but they still do have sexual interactions. Their sexual nature isn't so liberated, but still active enough to take pleasure for their sexual activity but limited in experience. The Super-Maidens help Angels have more sexual liberation and experiences, a slow process but functional.

Supernatural Sexuality


This is my love pod, where our friends, lovers and soulmates are free to love each other


We all love our divine and supernatural sexuality, we forge incredible bonds through this gift


Sexuality is sacred to us, we priestess see how divine our sexual energy is, here let me show you


Sexuality is our core center, sexual energy our divine essence, this is our divine rite as mystical beings

When Anael made the Super-Maidens, she made them all the to be ultimate sexual beings with an innate hyperactive sexuality that was naturally and supernaturally imprinted by Anael do to her passionate love toward sexuality, passion, bonds and intimacy.

All woman are inherently sexual by natural, physical, mental, emotional, mystical and spiritual aspects, sex is highly fundamental for procreation and non procreation purposes, basically sex is the center of her world and their way of life, they thrive in sexual activities and are empowered by their multiple orgasmic triggers.

Their sexual hunger is so adapt to their own desires that it can transcend even the most intense orgasm of mundane sexuality outside my multiverse so greatly, that they aren't so easily satisfy with just a single lover, so they tend to create sexual love pods of lovers and friends to connect with. Their sexuality is highly adaptive even by their supernatural levels, that every woman can use to preform supernatural feats through sexuality and their sexual bodily aspects with and without magical energies that are highly mind blowing for everyone who lays with them.

The women use their the sexual magic and energy to further enhance their already incredible sexual experiences of transcending levels which induce a great amount of pleasure that bring them multiple climax to both them and their mates, especially for women who experience the pleasure through their bodies feeling their who being even at the molecular levels is at ecstasy and mostly by their breasts cause of their natural femininity and sexual attributes.

Anael and her people saw that sexuality is a special thing in existence and saw that the world we both left behind people have always misused, understated and demonized it for the worse. Sex is suppose to be special, benevolent and holy, especially for her because she's an angel. So she made sure that it would be in her world and succeeded, succeeded so well that it everyone would treated as such that sex became their religion, like it should've been, tho Anael was not so religious but even she approved they should treat sexuality like a religion/spiritual practice.

And because of Anael's approval for sexuality being a form of spiritual and religious practice she decided to teach her people the spiritual and holy rituals both in personal and open practices that she once taught her friends back on Earth. Because of Anael's past encounters and experiences in life even before my time, she knew what to do and how to do it the right way and making the rituals right and true to make sure that everything in her world stayed true to their nature. With these special teachings, everyone became incredibly satisfied with their sexuality and new found experience through sex. They can change their sex-life for the better and their mates.

Anael even created a special sexual ritual called The Divine Rite. A sanctified version of the earth pagan Wicca ritual The Great Rite, Anael remade this ritual perfectly by using divine-sex magic, sexual tantric arts and the ideals of her past encounter she made a better and truer form of divine sexual ritual of her own. Super-Maidens and Tantric Priestesses both used The Divine Rite to draw sexual energies from powerful and passionate connection between lovers and/or friends and channel said energetic forces by using sex magic to connect with the spiritual aspects of life, create or augment personal connections with sexual experiences and to enhance their magic and supernatural powers, others use it as as hobby to enhance sexual activities, to pass time and connect with people or to even connect with Anael herself.

Tantric Bonding


We bond through sex, friends and lovers alike forge meaningful bond when we sleep together.

Everyone use their sexuality and sexual acts to connect with anyone their heart desire to create strong bonds love or friendships with anyone they care for most, they engaged in sexual acts as means of bonding and pleasure by any means connecting, they take their pleasure seriously and especially for the happiness others.

The bonds and relationships in Anael's territory are more are unlike those of earth, having a supernatural, magical and divine fundamental quantities to support their bonds that goes beyond that of mere mundane understanding.

People here can forge bonds with anyone with sexual and non sexual practices. When they sleep with any other can potentially develop powerful bonds of friendship or of lovers. Bonds can be the develop them through the normality of social interactions for those who wish to have a sense of mundane normality.

When people have sex with anyone be it casual or non casual reasons they'll fundamentally forge powerful bonds with them, building either a friendly relationship connected by an empathic nature with sexual benefits with meaningful principals and/or a very personal, very romantic relationship of pure love where their sexual relationship that can augment to cosmic levels by the silver strings only soulmates have for each other of unbreakable nature.

Everyone here loves everyone purely and sexually, the bonds they forge with each-other links directly to the heartstrings to even the most powerful supernatural and metaphysical levels completely for man and woman alike.

Bonds that come from their friendship are so strong it rivals the bonds that come from lovers. The friendship everyone has here is the kind that comes from empathy and understanding for each other, while romantic relationship between lovers is very non-monogamous ones, everyone who falls in loves with each other are extremely powerful especially do to their supernatural sexuality.

Ultimately everyone be each other's soulmates by the nature of friendships or romantic forms alike and develop connections through interacting with each other.

Artistic Eroticism

As a sexually active angel Anael saw that eroticism and sexually explicit material as a glorious art since the beginning she first discovered it in the ancient human areas, she saw the flaws and the beauty it offered her. So she decided to make it her own and made her own which she perfected in her world, she made perfect forms of art of every kind through her combinations of sexual experiences of her world and removed the flawed principles to it.

Her people saw the glory in arts and eroticism, everyone loved it so. So many of her people tend to create as much artistic structure, films painting based on their unique views of reality and erotic natures.

And do to the supernatural sexual nature of both her and her people, it instantly became apart of everyone's way of life in their world no different from their sexuality in general or the normality they inherited from earth only more artistic.

Anael help create and participated in these activities for the pure fun of it, and everyone loves having her around the most, she taught everyone the luxurious pleasures of these concepts and with her teachings everyone created the friend and loving bonds and connections towards each other happily especially since sexuality is sacred to them, making everyone happy and proud with their lifestyle.



Were nudist we don't wear much, we only wear stuff that makes us feel sexy.

Despite being nudist, the woman tend to like a bit of fashions of their own, having their own unique and erotic tastes, but do to their nudism they tend to wear less much or not at all, they tend to more very revealing clothing with and without erotic purposes, for the look. They take so much pride in their bodies they'll will show it publicly in their world, even if they have clothes.

Men on the other hand their basically half nudist they so far the only thing they wear are jeans or shorts or a revealing jackets, mostly to show off their abs woman tend to drool over their men's masculinity, males only go fully naked on public beaches, pools and or at at home other then that men prefer to focus on their upper body image.

Their nature as erotic nudist they'll find what ever excuse the can make u to wear clothes only to just take them off, to them that makes them feel like their sexy and surprising like that cloths.

They don't really buy clothes they conjure them at will to whatever style they desire and imagine. Mostly they just wear one anklet or a few jewels, but their most popular fashion is basically see through dresses or string bikinis, everything they wear is essential sexy, extremely attractive or nothing at all.

Tho everyone do wears shoes for common sense reasons, they only go barefoot at beaches, home, grass fields or anything that's basically comfortable areas and do to extreme natural weathers such as strong rains, snow, everyone rarely would go naked outside without suitable warm clothes like jackets or raincoats, only users nature or weather magic can go outside and dance in the rain and snow happily.

Most women who visit my islands tend to wear clothes only just for the pulsing pleasure of flashing in public.

Iconic Femininity


In our world breasts are iconic and we love having them and we love using them.


We girls here love getting our breasts touched, its basically a compliment to us.

Breasts are highly iconic in Anaels world, especially for Anael herself, she came to love breasts ever since she met Eve. She loves breasts so much she granted her maidens powerful breasts of their own, imbued with magical energies and substance they can use for any reason.

All females can have any breasts sizes from small to large (mostly large) which they can manipulate to any size they see fit, do to their mystical property they can use and thanks to their more enhance conditions, their back muscles tissue and spine is stronger then mere mundane humans so they can carry their larger breasts with ease with absolutely no back pain from the largeness of their natural cup size and with their mystical aid their breast size and measurements can adapt to the situations of things, completely lacking any form of negativity in having large breasts, even if their choose to make them look natural or augmented.

All the Super-Maidens take pride in their large bust so greatly, that they practically made breasts highly socializing to their world that when someone touches a woman's breasts it would be considered a great compliment to them, when a woman guides others to touch their breasts it be sigh that they trust and like someone, when woman press their breast on someone it would mean they'll either want to form a bond with them or have a sexual activity, and when someone uses their breasts as pillows it would mean having a moment of intimacy they take pleasure from wherever they may be.

Whatever social reason they have, they usually involve breasts on most of them, especially if it involves people that love breasts as much as they do. Women Angels and humans love their breasts so much for many reasons: attractiveness, sexual activity, nourishment, symbolism, intimacy and so on.

Super-Maidens with large breasts have an intense sensitivities to pleasure that increase their libido just by touching them and when they their playing with them they can get easily extremely aroused in mere seconds especially when they lactate, making them sexually active almost constant everyday and at supernatural levels.

Humans breastmilk is perfectly natural and highly potent thanks to the magical properties they have, which can help infants develop naturally like any child should, when nursing a baby the infants can not only develop like they should but can also imprint their supernatural properties to help them manifest their inherent power later on in the future. But for adults it can only augment their natural abilities and focus their powers in even dangerous levels, their breastmilk can also enhance adults sexual libido to enhance their sexual experiences in unique personal levels.

Angels have nearly the same breasts size as humans do, but they have a more holy sanctified substance. Angels use their breastmilk to nurse infants, making sure any newborn would be extraordinarily healthy even as they grow up they will never carry any form of natural diseases, curing and insuring perfectly healthy babies in the future. Angels don't tend to develop a motherly bond when nursing babies, especially when the babies are theirs. The holy substance can also help infants help develop angelic traits such as wings to grant them the ability of natural flight.

Multiversal Ocean

Multiversal Oceans

All hand on deck! We have a new adventure waiting us

Oceanic Planet

A new world dead a head, ready to dock.

Home Island Beach

Beach Made Of Stars, beautiful isn't it.


My beaches can look very ordinary and more


Hangout beach spots for everyone to enjoy life


Don't be scared she's the most caring and playful creature here


Me and my friends having fun at the beach


"We Maidens of Anael love to spend time in our master's (John) beach...


...and we girls have fun like we mean it when our mistress brings us here"


"My love, please be with me, let's drift together in eternal joy and love me forever"

These breathtaking oceans are one of my most iconic and fundamental creations yet, it's the pathway to anywhere and everywhere in my inner multiverse, every worlds, realms, realities, dreams, planes, dimensions, universes and domains linking all those locations and areas to The Home Islands where all things thrives for infinite possibilities and just like any endless ocean they can be traveled like one, but only with highly advanced ships.


The concept and principles to these oceans are both illogically extraordinary and logically similar that of mundane oceans of earth, only more universal rather then just normal seas, making oceanic connections to all worlds.

The mundane principles of my beach are fundamental for beach interaction. The beaches are the same as that of earth, everyone can play, swim and dive in the waters of the sea. As such anyone can have any kind of beach fun like everyone else and more then anyone can expect.

The supernatural properties of my the oceans and beaches are used for anyone who wants to have a fun experiences, making my the beaches, shores, tides and even the aquatic areas of "The Home Islands" very connected to the "Multiversal Oceans".

Just as it is fun to play around my beaches, their also very safe, nothing terrible ever happens when someone falls to these waters it only refreshes anyone who jumps in really. Even if someone accidentally falls on hard rock beach the waters regenerate the wounds, nullify pain and even resurrects any someone who isn't immortal.

Endless Explorations

Every star is the ocean is a galaxy waiting to be explored, and with every world that me and my friends visit can ultimately be connected to my island home, making that much more easer to access for transportation so we can revisit old places whenever our hearts desire.

The exotic sight we see are in our travels are extraordinarily, the beauty of my inner cosmos born from my consciousness and subconscious nature is beyond even my own expectations.

With these never ending supply of worlds and universes to travel around on, everyone has a reason to explore the outer limits of my multiverse and see whatever possibilities that await them.

The expansions of my endless ocean can reach throughout ever corner of my multiverse, including the darkest corners to dangerous for just anyone who isn't truly powerful enough to travel on.

With the aids of our ships users can define the most dangerous areas so that way no one would ever enter them without being ready. Our ships are well advanced for any situation, regardless of what it is, cosmic storms, planets eaters or other forms we do not know.

Intergalactic Possibilities

The Oceans are filled with exotic space matter/energy and galactic creatures/entities that can thrives in the ousters of space each capable of creation and destruction of their own class.

Most of these beings are constructs from my memories and subconscious, remade manifestations of my past encounters with space creatures of outside my dominions, each one having undying loyalties to me making them impossible to harm me or my friends no different from any entity constructed within me, but be warned should they ever be provoke by anyone, they will fight back, no different from a man provoking a lion or bear, consider yourself warned.

These creatures mostly feed of worlds, suns or cosmic energies, so for the ones that do, I created a space for each of them to feed of suitable yet lifeless planet, suns rich with energy and cosmic nebulas endlessly. Most of them join us for adventures for their need for friendship and acceptance, so me and my crew let them come and bond with them, making new friends to join the fun.

Most of these cosmic creatures that don't feed of stars, some are self sustainable and cheerful beings, they play around with my people on the beaches and in the skies of my home, everyone loves playing around with them especially since they are the most playful creatures on our shores and love spend time with the people of the island.

Wild Beach Parties

Everyone in my islands loves having wild hedonistic beach parties endlessly for pure fun of every kind for anyone, especially when citizens from "Anael's Territory" come to visit us.

When they party they mean it, Anael's people are extremely hormonic party animal and when the female members from Anael's world begins to remove their bikinis to expose their naked bodies for pleasing physical liberating experiences is where the real fun begins. When Super-Maidens begin to use their magic to support the parties, augment sensations and share their experiences with others to the point where everyone goes wild with them.

Anael loves to host the parties on my beaches when she visits, so much that me and everyone else voted her to be "The Beach Party Queen", when she makes parties, she makes them insane adult level parties, with her everyone has the bests days of their lives and fantasies made real.

She and I bring drinks and food for everyone, she helps us pick the the right music and so on, I help set the scenery and everyone loves to party with us all. I always love to join the parties and share the experience with everyone to the point where they had enough.

Carefree and Ecstatic Experiences

All my friends have the most fun in the beach, I always join them for the fun, sometime when it's just to relax, chill out and escape my problems in being a hero for the fun of it, even I need time for myself two.

I spend most of my time near the waterfalls and in caves where waters of the oceans flows through so beautifully, here I can be alone and experience the connections the Multiversal Oceans freely.

Anael and I both love to go to our favorite areas of beaches, to spend more time to be together alone, especially in our under the pure clean waters of the ocean where we kiss and make love under, we love being romantic that way.

With her and I in our oceans we embrace each other in our arms and use they ocean to experience aquatic pleasures and sceneries that augment the joys of both our visual and physical excitements.

We have such ecstasy when we have our time together in the ocean, the sunshine so brightly under the water we can see every so clean and pure, the waters all around us tingles in our skins, our scene of touch advance to the point where we feels each other's skins with pleasurable sensitivity.

Here we express our love so greatly and romantically most couples would get jealous of.

Spoils of Adventures

I've made and collected a lot of things through out my eternal years, from items, weapons, armor and really awesome stuff. Most of this these things really helped me go through serious situations in my adventures, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual struggles. My most favorite of creations where ultimately constructed by my infinite pool of knowledge and power, just as mush as my favorites of collections came from the adventures worth remembering forever.

Each thing I bring from others worlds are either cursed, blessed or other, I mostly take the most dangerous non living of items and locked them away eternally so no one would ever again fall to its corrupting and destructive power plunge it into a dead world to corrupt to be saved that cursed item can destroy for the better, while the blessed instruments I keep to maintain and use to help others in need of a hero/savior or pass on to those of greater need for it then me and a potential savior of their world.

And with all the adventure yet to come, I'll still keep on collecting and make new things for fun and memories. With each new adventures come awesome new stuff most people would kill for, and I mean that literally. Luckily I always keep all of my stuff inside the most secure areas my inner multiverse, a hall of rooms where I can storage everything that's mine, so no one can steal them from me and everything can be safe from. I made many storage rooms everything from arsenals, souvenirs, etc, each one is well organized and perfectly safe for everyone who wants to look inside, no one can use the weapons unless I say so, if anything brakes it'll reassemble itself, and if anyone excellently gets lock inside their automatically teleported outside the room.


I've always prefer to use my hands in battle it's more admirable that way for me, but in truth even I saw the value in the use of weaponry and armory, especially advanced versions of them. My arsenal are contain numerous of highly advance weapons of all kinds and respectively traditional weapons and tools such as daggers, swords, firearm, etc, to honor the historical struggles that humanity deserve to be remembered. All my weapons are highly adaptive, magical, scientific, and potentially any known source of power worth using and imbued my most powerful of weapons, armors, etc.

Primary Weapon

The Sword Of New Dawn - This highly advanced mixture of magic and science, is my most prized and most powerful weapon of all. A this blade of power was a creation born by the strength and ambition of heart and imbued with magical properties and technological superiority. This super weapon was forge by my very hands, and thanks to my meta crafting skills I created it without flaws.


The Sword of New Dawn, in its original form.

This technomagical weapon is the symbol of my courage and can intuitively replicate any form of technology and supernatural properties to adaptively infuse itself perfectly and completely any verity regardless of its nature. Making it the ultimate weapon for myself, with its application I can take on any villain in a sword fight. My sword can adaptively suits all my conflictual needs in battle for both offensive or defensive purposes, making it highly intuitive and analyzing to a any variety of situations shifting from a different weapon firearms, melee, combo, etc, capable of overcoming any and all obstacles whether it be mystical, psionic, or scientific outcome.

A sword this powerful is highly binding to me, making me its true master bound by my soul, I can summon it at will wherever it is making it impossible for it to be lost to me anywhere and anytime. With this bond this shifting weapon and I are truly one making it apart of me, most swordsman believe one has to be one with weapon, I took that to much more literal levels, weapons this great are not toys and most be respected. New Dawn isn't just a sword that an be use for just anyone especially do to its magical and technological nature, this weapon has the potential for sentient intelligence and empathy making it nearly impossible for just anyone to use, it doesn't matter what they are. New Dawn has symbiotic and empathic relationship with me, it can sense my intentions and thoughts, making me capable of manipulating it at will.

Since New Dawn has a mind of its own bound to me directly, anyone who tries to wield with malevolent intentions always ended up dead or worse then dead. Only those who heart are kind, just and humble can wield it, but sadly can't use the absolute power of my blade, its true nature and power can only be access by its true master, me.

New Dawn Armor - The Sword of New Dawn has more then just weaponry applications, it's also comes with symbiotic exoskeleton. This armor is made of the same essence that ultimately come from The Sword of New Dawn, but as a counterpart for physical battle and protection, thanks with its techomagical application I became a formidable opponent for many enemies regardless of theirs nature other worldly or otherwise.


Armor of New Dawn, I make this look badass.

NDA possesses a same technomagical application as The Sword of New Dawn even a symbiotic bound. This armor acts as an exoskeleton empowering me through supernatural and scientific means, compensating any form weaknesses that I may have, filling in the faults, blind-spots or shortcomings between mysticism and physics by making me complement one another, constantly augmenting and adapting itself by me.

This armor has aided me in great battles, there are time where I don't need to use this super suit mostly because I prefer to fight without it to truly test my own physical endurance in a fight, but even I learned that there is a time and place in using what you need in combat.


I've made and collected an array of miscellaneous items for a multitude of activities and situations such as tools for to make or fixing, advance devices to use, potions for experimentation and support, mystical relics and endless items with powerful properties to use.

Users possess an array of miscellaneous items, usually a set of equipment related to a particular activities: protections, tools, devices, potions, relics and various items of power. They usually hold special properties allowing their user to successfully face various situations, and well-prepared users may be able to overcome virtually any challenge by combining the appropriate items to their own skills.

Main Device


A phone that can do anything, so many fun things to do with.

Super-Phone - My Super-Phone is the most advanced technomagical mobile device ever created, it can be use to achieve a wide variety of incredible effects related to supernatural, technological, digital and reality alternation applications. My phone possess an arsenal of highly of application and multi-shifting advancement that can that can forms from phone, tablet, digital watch, etc and empathic-symbiotic A.I. sentient system that allows it to be completely resistant to anyone who isn't me to use it and those I trust most. I mostly use this to help channel my cyber transcendent based powers and the impact it has on reality.

  • Positive Power Source - My phone uses has a limitless battery powered by pure positive energy, a highly clean and beneficial form of energy systems that radiates a positive effect. The energy can be to do more then just power my phone it's use to emit self frequencies similar to a transmission by a phone to but at a highly technological and telepathic levels. Unlike most phones on earth that can cause damages of the human brain and psyche, my phone can emit positive effects to heal brain damages and healing, making it less addictive to the human brain and curing brainwashing effects, people's phones have highly dangerous effects to the human being that my phone can counter act, making my phone fight of addiction to help humans have a much more healthier interaction with each other cause by it's positive energy.
  • A.I. Bonding System - Is a techno-empathy system that both me and my A.I. use to form a synergistic unit to ensure my satisfaction with my device. The bonding system is perfectly designed to help me and my A.I. help understand each other to help me in important needs. The A.I. and I can interact like actual humans and empathize/sympathize with each other, making our bond strong and highly active in any situation in need. My A.I. is empathically bond to me and helps me in any situation and to make sure that everything thats publicly and privacy needs to be where are and making sure it won't be used by just anyone but those I trust, care for and those in threatening need of if.
  • Apps - My apps can both have ordinary schematics and reality altering functions, each apps having is specifically designed for any variety such as media, music, video, edition, reality interaction and so on. All my apps modify reality by the design of the app I'm using customized fragments of reality and overwriting the original with precisely defined in order to work properly. These apps can do almost anything, adding new elements, remove existing ones and modify any aspect of reality. Each app can be activated and deactivated at by a push of a button or by my will, so that way all the re-modified can be added and/or remove, allowing me to try out an unlimited number of experiences without consequences.
  • Multi Shifting Material - Is a highly adaptable alloy program and design to morph into any form of device for me to use and highly self-sufficient making waterproof, heatproof, bulletproof during serious situations. And because of my techno-empathic bond between me and the A.I. system it can reconstruct/replicate itself, adapt to threats and hostile environments, perform advanced analysis, take control of technological structures and even transformation forms such as to self express against any threat it can handle and human interactions.
  • Infinabytes Downloader - My phone has infinite amount of exabyte that can have limitless storage to download any data, from anywhere, downloading any information. And do to the nature of digital information of my phone I can access any information from any network, computer, phone, etc, and download and high speed levels.
  • Self-Computer Internet System - With this advance form of technology my phone has its own super advance internet sequence and computer system that can interact with others. I can hack anything in cyberspace and impossible to track while doing. Because it has it's own advance internet I can interact with other forms of internet that can be used access anything cyber related. With this forms advance digital tech and access I can hack any world with a top of my finger.
  • Personal Security System - Is highly design to make sure that absolutely no one can use the most highest level of my phone with out my knowledge. Making sure no one can hack, track my phone by anyone no matter how advanced they claim to be. If my phone is ever stolen from me it will only work like any primitive mobile device people get so dissatisfied with. Only I can access its full power and advance technology because of our techno-empathic system most egotistical minds don't believe in. My phones security system is highly advance and protected by any means and can never be used by anyone it can't even be infected by computer viruses no matter how advance they are.