Tetshuima Morgenstern


Tetshuima Morgenstern

Self-proclaimed adoptive daughter of Amantez Eloahim and Mikata Tradumere



Tetshuima's Theme


         The Purest Darkness' most troublesome child, Tetshuima has been on the side of the Light since the very moment her birth, paining the Darkness and its children with her presence. An outcast of both the Light and the Darkness, she exists on the line of morality, forever wavering between them. Alone and slowly losing hope, she sat in the eternal grey of the Astral Plane, never having enough energy to shape it in any way. In a single moment, she went from being alone to being enveloped in a conciousness that cared for, disregarded, loved, and hated her. It wasn't until she mumbled a tentative 'hello' that the conciousness turned its full attention to her, which was both empowering and frightening.

         HELLO, CREATURE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS... ARE YOU ALONE TOO? The conciousness whispered back. "Yes... I have always been alone." She sensed confusion from the conciousness. ALWAYS? Tetshuima nodded. "Always." The conciousness radiated comfort. YOU NO LONGER NEED TO BE ALONE. I WILL BE YOUR COMPANION, IF YOU WOULD ALLOW IT. She beamed. "What is your name, conciousness?" She felt amusement from the entity. "What's so damn funny?" She frowned. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CALLED THAT NAME BEFORE. IT AMUSES ME. MY NAME IS AMANTEZ ELOAHIM, I AM A GOD. MY POWER COATS THIS ASTRAL PLANE MUCH LIKE THE WATER IN THE OCEAN.

         She and this Amantez/God person talked often, and she learned about his life and history much as he learned hers. When Tetshuima heard about Mikata, she was jealous at first, but grew to understand the depths of his feelings for her and made a silent declaration to herself. I will have a family, I'm tired of being alone. With her newfound hope, she was able to escape the Astral Plane, making her way to the physical world, always leaving a part of herself for Amantez to talk to whenever she left.

        Tetshuima still has yet to meet the famous Mikata Tradumere, but she hopes to meet her 'mother' very soon. As a side project, she's been tracking down people that may hold her reincarnated soul.