Mikata Tradumere


Mikata Tradumere

Wife and Soul-bonded partner of Amantez Eloahim

Aliases: Captain, Edge of the First Empire



Mikata's Theme

  • Perusing songs to find it


       Captain of one of the most dangerous Discipline and Security Squads in the First Empire's history, she earned Amantez's respect very early on, despite those around her treating her like a second-rate soldier. At first clumsy and inexperienced in battle, under the tutelage of an "Elvish ambassador," she quickly rose in combat prowess. She has completed many missions deemed impossible by those above her, including the complete annihilation of a rebel assassination group. Despite this, she retains a slight innocence and naivety, defaulting to Amantez's advice when confronted by an extremely difficult issue.

       Rising in the ranks, she began to assemble a small team underneath the ruling class' nose at Amantez's behest, whom she still believed to be an ambassador. It turned out to be a good idea as the ruling class, fearing her quick rise to power, attempted to have her assassinated. Shortly afterward, there was a government sanctioned addition to her squad and an official recognition as a seperate arm of it. This addition, Amantez, was deemed a weak link by most of the squad, but Mikata sensed an unrivaled power deep within him. She instantly recognized the "elvish ambassador."

       After nearly dying in battle, Mikata became much more reserved and thoughtful, often letting Amantez speak for her, as he had a knack of knowing what she was thinking. What she didn't know is that, while unconcious, Amantez had given her his Soul-Heart, which saved her life and let him know how she was feeling at any given time. The squad noted the difference in dynamics and often questioned what had happened on the mission, which was done with only Mikata and Amantez. Mikata began trusting Amantez implicitly when a second assassination was attempted and Amantez saved her.

       As the government's fear became palpable, Amantez revealed the fact that he can make Artifacts of great power. Crafting his signature sword, Enraiha and Mikata's sword, Hel, at the same time. Mikata started to look at him differently as he defended her against his employers, time after time foiling assassination attempts and keeping her safe. The only time she questioned his dedication is when he disappeared for a month, Mikata was strangely distraught, incapable of eating and sleeping until she was forced to. It was when he came back, severely injured, that she realized her feelings for him.