Michael Eloahim

Son of Amantez Eloahim and a female version of Amantez Eloahim.


Michael Eloahim




Michael was the first Sylvaniis of many things. He was the first of the Sylvaniis to be born after Amantez Eloahim's Apotheosis, the first Sylvaniis since the Alteration Event to have grown old, the first ever to succumb to the Darkness and the first Sylvaniis to master the dark art of Necromancy and become a Lich.

Michael was trained by the Fae in combat, being raised among thm as a faerie. On his 18th birthday, he stopped his home from being completely destroyed, a feat that gave him his ears, the common term for growng into a Sylvaniis. He fled the Fae's homeland and lived as a human, cutting off his own eartips for the chance to be happy with an elvish woman. She gave birth to a set of twins, Kaeda and Alexis, he began to grow older, turning 50 years of age. While playing with his kids in a VRMMO his real body suffered a heart attack and died. He resurrected shortly after, looking 19 years old as Amantez appeared and revealed all to the family.

He is currently deceased.