• Kittens


  • Everything else


Due to his ability to manifest his imagination, he preformed experiments that led him to believe that everything he created with his powers took on a personality of it's own and developed like a normal person, due to him imagining this, it actually happens and it has driven him insane. Due to his insanity, he is unable to feel pain, and is completely ignorant of all pychic intrusions, rendering psychic intrusion completely usless.

Added onto that is the fact that he has absolute immortality which also drives him further down the path of insanity. When psychics, empaths and the like tried to look inside his mind, they too went insane. They also picked up his like for kittens and his dislike for anything else that is not a kitten or kitten related. What he calls himself is a jumble of his real name. And only he lives that remembers it.