Garrix Miyell


  • Science Manipulation
    • Can choose which laws apply in a given situation. Can also alter the properties of any given law. In order to use this ability, Garrix must have an average knowledge and understanding of the law before being able to change its impact on reality.
  • Combat Specialist


  • Hybrid Physiology
  • Weapon Summoning
    • Can summon: Chereb, the Flame of the East, Guardian of the Gates of the Garden of Eden; Durandal, The Sword of Truth; Ascalon, The Dragon Slayer; Excalibur, The Royal Blade; and Caliburn, Sword of the Betrayer
  • Spatial Slicing
    • Uses this ability to teleport short distances. Also uses it as a weapon. Usable as a weapon only when he is near exhaustion.
  • Conditional Invulnerability
    • Can not be harmed by gods, demons, guns, explosives, any being that has any form of power or above average ability, immune to psychological changes (such as insanity or the development of a mental disorder, i.e. Stockholm's Syndrome.) and can not kill himself. Can not be harmed while asleep or incapacitated in any way.

Theme Song


Garrix is the son of Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor and the half-brother of Connor Ashigawara