The soul bonded partner of Maliure Eloahim and Creator of All


  • Author Authority
    • Refrains from using this power except in extreme cases, rather, lets events transpire as they would normally.
  • Geokinesis
  • Power Mixture
  • Elemental Blast
  • Elemental Empowerment
  • Has the ability to shatter the earth and draw the chunks to his body to form a dragon-like suit of nigh-impenetrable armor with wings. The wings have no flaps, instead they act more like a jetpack, using his Elemental Blast power to propel him short distances, however it can be used to hover in place for a short while before sputtering out. In this form he wields a sword made of earth and stone that is somehow technological in nature and can use phials of elemental enegy to modify the effect of the sword on the enemy. his other hand is a claw that acts as both a shield and a gun, allowing him to charge an Elemental Blast to catastrophic levels before firing, causing quite a large amount of devestation in a small area.