aka Steve?

  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Purveyor of Games and Author of Unfinished Books
  • I am Neither male nor female, but have transcended both Shinigami and Hollow.
  • Derpfish

    Arra, Shaa

    May 31, 2016 by Derpfish
    • Species: Prefers Svartalf. (Originally Neikoulen)
    • Age: 900,000,000,000,000 EY (Earth Years)
    • Height: 5'9" Earth Imperial
    • Weight: 97.2 lbs Earth Imperial
    • Blood Type: A-

    • Immortality
      • Concept-Dependent (So long as she is the last of her species. Specifically Neikoulen.)
      • Self-Sustenance
      • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Dark Element Manipulation
      • Dark Fire 
      • Dark Lightning
    • Element Manipulation
      • Lightning
      • Ice
      • Earth
      • Wind
      • Fire
    • High-Tech Symbiotic Exoskeleton
      • Illusion-Casting
      • Physical Augmentation
        • Arra's neurological impulses are used to augment her speed. Later, she uses actual lightning.
      • Digital Constructs
      • Gives her Immortality
      • Flash Step
        • Converts her entire body into a streak of energy which reforms, physically, at the predetermined destination.
    • Multiple Forms
      • Dragon Physiology (Hu…

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  • Derpfish


    December 6, 2015 by Derpfish

    The soul bonded partner of Maliure Eloahim and Creator of All

    • Author Authority
      • Refrains from using this power except in extreme cases, rather, lets events transpire as they would normally.
    • Geokinesis
    • Power Mixture
    • Elemental Blast
    • Elemental Empowerment
    • Has the ability to shatter the earth and draw the chunks to his body to form a dragon-like suit of nigh-impenetrable armor with wings. The wings have no flaps, instead they act more like a jetpack, using his Elemental Blast power to propel him short distances, however it can be used to hover in place for a short while before sputtering out. In this form he wields a sword made of earth and stone that is somehow technological in nature and can use phials of elemental enegy to modify the effect of the …

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  • Derpfish

    Assajuan Eloahim II

    December 6, 2015 by Derpfish

    Child of Amantez Eloahim and Mikata Tradumere, named after Amantez's brother.

    • Electrical Constructs
    • Magnetic Force-Field
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  • Derpfish

    Maliure Eloahim

    December 4, 2015 by Derpfish

    Full blooded daughter of Amantez Eloahim and Mikata Tradumere

    • Elemental Immunity
    • Pyrokinetic Claws
    • Aerokinetic Invisibility
    • Geokinetic Armor
    • Hydrokinetic Intangibility
    • Ice Shield Construction
    • Electrical Regeneration
    • Astral Form
    • Void Magic
    • Nature Channeling
    • Chaos Magic
    • Magic Burst

    • Supernatural Intelligence
    • Panmnesia
    • Indomitable Will


    Maliure was conceived during the First Empire's second rebellion. She was slain along with her mother, but was resurrected when Amantez grieved over Mikata. He was attempting to resurrect her with the Flames and instead imbued Maliure with their powers. She was born days later, the Flames accelerating her growth, from the corpse. This h…

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  • Derpfish

    Tetshuima Morgenstern

    December 2, 2015 by Derpfish

    Self-proclaimed adoptive daughter of Amantez Eloahim and Mikata Tradumere

    • Dark Angel Physiology
      • Spiritual Angel of Healing
    • Sleep Inducement
    • White Arts
    • Dark Arts
    • Siren Song

    • Anti Storage
    • Malignance Nullification

    • Forze dell'Oscurita

             The Purest Darkness' most troublesome child, Tetshuima has been on the side of the Light since the very moment her birth, paining the Darkness and its children with her presence. An outcast of both the Light and the Darkness, she exists on the line of morality, forever wavering between them. Alone and slowly losing hope, she sat in the eternal grey of the Astral Plane, never having enough energy to shape it in any way. In a single moment, she went from being alone to being enveloped in a conciousness that cared for…

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