Zen Kobayashi

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Void Walker

Purple lady

Basic Info
Alias(es) The One Who Denies All
Race Looks Human/ Grand Void Walker (Unknown Waved Entity)
Gender Male
Age 16

XiaGenesis Cell

XiaGenesis Abomination

Foreign Energy manipulation

Foreign Matter Manipulation


Main Abilities

Dark Arts

Tattoos Creation Summoning

Personal Data
Birthplace Japan
Nationality American - Japanese
Affiliation(s) His Two Best Friends/ U.U.E
Occupation(s) Head of Gun Engineering Facilities

Fighting Music


Zen was born in a quintet, he had four older sisters and he was the youngest out of all of them. Zen life started out great, but all good things come to an end. When he was four years old a war broke out in the country that he lived, it was alters vs. human vs awakened. Even though Zen was raised as a human, but he was more than a human, you see you couldn't tell if him or his sisters were four without them telling, because they acted, spoke, and looked like 10 year olds. With their home destroyed and their mothers vanished, the five had to leave to go find a new home, but Zen was not sadden by the event, instead he was happy. As long as his sisters were by his side, he was happy he would do anything for them..........but..........they started to avoid him one day.......ignored him, so he tried to get closer to them, but it would fail. Then that day had come....the siblings were making their way through the a destroyed research facility. The girls were moving faster than he was and soon he was alone, making his way through the facility when he came to a destroyed pathway. Below the pathway, were shard pieces of the ruined facility, Zen had to be sure he was careful. Then he heard a crack behind him.....before he knew it....he was in the air.....and the next second he saw red on very sharp piece of glass and soon he ran blurry from blood loss and tears.....all remembers from that moment before landing his some that looked lime him....smiling. As Zen's life began to fade he felt something that he never felt before....he just couldn't describe it.....the feeling made him hot and his muscles to tense. At that that moment he realized two things that would create the man today. 1. He was ANGRY for the first time in his life. 2. HE.....DIDNT...WANT....TO....DIE!!!!!!

How he got to Destiny City

On one of Zen's normal days, he was researching a way to preserve the Slumbering Ones. He had was leaving his mansion ,that his mother got due to her wealth, he was planning on going to Uren Ruins to search of a magical relic with stagnation properties. When he got outside he say his brother Chain with his ex girlfriend, Taiga standing a little ways away. Taiga was Zen's latest girlfriend, he figured out that she was cheating on him with Chain when he heard them having sex in Chain's room. She came to his room and told Zen that she was seeing Chain after a couple months after their relationship started, she was the longest girlfriend he had for a decent 10 months. It had been three weeks since their breakup and every time Chain is somewhere, Taiga is there near him. Chain: "Well look who finally decided to showed up, explain to me why you're late." Today was the day that Chain goes to Destiny City, he decided to take Taiga along with him, since the two were in love. Taiga knew the awkwardness that the situation had presented, so she was kind enough not to look at Zen, which he appreciated, on the other hand Chain was something else. Chain was always hard on Zen, he always wanted Zen to train and to get better, while belittling him along the way. Chain wasn't the only one to looked down on Zen, everyone did, but Chain was different because he was persistent and incredibly annoying. Chain was far more fit that Zen was, he had a six pack, black, and was 6'2. Zen took a glance at Taiga and started to walk the opposite direction, but Chain caught on quickly. "I bet it would be really lonely here with no one to be around huh Zen or maybe no one to love." said Chain with a grin forming on his mouth. He knew where jab Zen, where it would hurt the most. "Look I'm just going to the park to hang out for a bit..." said Zen. "You don't have any friends Zen and I think the girls there are a little too young for you there" stated Chain. "Chain just leave him alone, he's leaving anyway" Taiga said making eye contact with Zen. Zen was turned around looking at the two now. He noticed the amount of guards and maids running around, trying get things ready for the departure. Chain mistake Zen's look and thought he was staring at Taiga and things went down hill from there. "Look Chain I am capable of defending myself..." Zen a was interrupted by Chain. " Oh so you are capable of defending yourself, than you can fight me and defend yourself right?" Chain simply looked at Zen. Zen was good at acting, so on the outside he was shocked, but inside he was pissed. "God dammit I'm wasting time with this ass hole why can't he just fuck off." thought Zen. Taiga was about to step in, but she remembered that Chain's head is hard than diamond, when he says he will see it to its ends. Chain was in a fighting stance and Zen was getting ready to walk away, " I knew you were too weak to do anything I was going to destroy you unlike I destroyed your girlfriend." yelled Chain in bored tone. Zen instantly turned around, okay that's it, now he's pissed off. "So Chain...YOU WANT TO FIGHT RIGHT?" Zen said this as cubes of fire began to orbit around him. The cubes grew and were thrown at Chain, soon a giant explosion grew out. Chain was caught off guard, but retaliated by giving Zen a clean right hook and then an uppercut. Flung back, but not down, Zen stared at Chain. " Hey Aneki, you want to see a neat trick..." Zen said this with a psychotic smile. The sky grew black and the temperature began to rise tremendously. Zen's body began glow in a red orange-ish hue and markings started to form all over his torso, while his legs grew blacker. This was his Pyric Corpse spell, he leapt at Chain and began to fire pyric beams at him. Chain dodge a significant amount of the beams, but was cut down when Zen formed a condensed sword of fire. Chain was on his back in a pool of his own blood, " This seriously can't be happening, I lost to him..." Chain could only stare into the sky, that now returned to normal. Taiga ran up to Chain, tears nearly formed in her eyes. She knew something like this would happen, Zen was just too "normal" to her, he was hiding something. "What the hell Zen, I knew you would do this, but not to this extent" Taiga didn't know wether to be upset or angry, so she decided to be angry. Zen stood there incredibly happy with the current event. "Yes, I never knew you could go to such an extent" said a voice behind them all. When Zen looked behind him and his mother stared at him from the mansion's doorway. Zen was shocked, he tried to think of ways he can deny the situation, but it was too late. Butlers, maids, and Taiga all saw, he was screwed. Zen's mother, Leina, and began to give him his "reward". "I never knew you were this powerful Zen, if I did I would've gotten a bigger limo for you." said Leina. Zen was confused: "What do mean a bigger limo and where would I be going?" "To Destiny City of course, a strong member of our family has to enroll to the school there and since you defeated Chain you'll be going there, hope you have fun." Leina said this with a sinister gaze. At that moment Zen's life was over.


Zen is mainly a loner and generally doesn't like people that tag along. He ESPECIALLY hates people who can't protect their themselves, he thinks that if you can't protect your own ass, he is not going to protect yours for you. He is a serious gamer, studies highly in magic, and loves technology/science.


He is a 5'8 albino,p that is kinda skinny. He has a vertical eye on the lower portion of his neck, it's usually closed, but opens if he is awakened.


Zen has the capabilities of being an incredibly powerful being, but do to an experiment that his father preformed on him when he was born, his potential is locked up. The abilities he has now were obtained from experimentation. He was giving the abilities from a higher existential race that needed him for a war.

XiaGenesis Cells: Naturally a solider for the war would only be capable of using one, but he was able to have 87 implanted in him. He was capable of using many abilities.

Foreign Matter Manipulation:He is has been known to make a plethora of weapons, gadgets, and armory with the materials he summons. He is also able to make the matter incredibly thin and similar to a tattoo. He can cause the tattoo to increase in size and mass, he uses this as his basic skill.

Foreign Energy Manipulation: The best way to power is his weapons and gadgets is the energy he brings from other planes.

Magic: Zen learned magic during his time alone as a child. He found an old tome in a destroyed library, which taught him the basics and fundamentals of the arcane.

Blood of Darkness: He learned this when he found a scroll in a locked passage way. He didn't really notice negative effects that the cursed scroll had, he just read the scroll and kept practicing.

Realms of The Mind: With this skill he is capable of creating miniature mindscape fields that can delete objects in them and push them out of reality as long as that field is there.

Dance Of The Brimstone Corpse: Zen was taught many spells by the Brimstone Gate Keeper when he came across that very gate. He enjoys tricking his opponents as they flail around with fire they can't see. Or making people into walking fire bombs. His favorite is to trick people into thinking that a liquid is simple water, until it burns them.

Not Today: He has had this ability since he was child. He is known for being incapable of dying or giving up, he can lose,but he won't give up. He trains so hard that even his [ magical abilities grow each time he uses them.

The Beginning

Zen doesn't know what this power is. He is capable of understanding higher ways of thought even if they are formless. But this still eludes all Began when he went exploring for new material. During his time triangulating a good plane to find said material, an inter dimensional abomination had found him and it was hungry. Shocked and surprised, Zen was unable to block the first attack and soon he found himself inner and grave danger. But, just before his life faded he heard.....Your victory here is only the Beginning. When those words echoed through his mind, his new power exploded through and out of his body, thus knocking him out. When Zen awoke, he felt the power coursing within him and he found the beast dead. Over time he began to study and control his new found power, but it always felt like there was more to.

As A Grand Void Walker

Zen became a Grand Void Walker by successful surviving the unimaginably painful ritual. But by surviving he has gotten a closer step to the power he seeks. Yet there is somewhat of a problem as most of the powers he supposed to have are inactive and the ones that are, don't respond to him or he needs to train more.

Chrono-Lock: Zen has been given a body that exist out of Time. He still eats and sleeps, because he wants to and it feels weird not to.

Limited Well of Infinite: Zen should have the power to create an infinite supply of anything he desires, but every time he uses this power, he gets extremely tired. And before he creates the desired object he must think of what it is specifically.

Hands of God: When Zen activates this power, crimson hands begin to form from his back and around him. He is capable of creating a "blank space" and "paint whatever he wants in it. But when he does go into this mode all he wants is to build and fix. The only way to get him back to control his to kill him.

Semi-Meta Teleport: Zen is able to go any where he wants in totality, but sometimes he randomly goes places he doesn't want to be in. He even teleports when he is sleeping.


Even though Zen would love to show his true strength to the world, but there are reasons to why he can not. Reason 1: He is known as a Slumbering Awakened, this type of awakened is rare and incredibly dangerous. A normal Awakened absorbs ambient energy and awakens at a young age. But, a Slumbering Awakened, continues to absorb the energy throughout their lives. The only way to activate a Slumbering One is to inflict fatal wounds onto them, but this comes with consequences. Each Awakened has a Circuit Form that deems how the Awakened will look, since the Slumbering Ones are mainly teenagers, the Form is greatly altered, and it is very rare for a Slumbering Awakened to look normal when Awakened. And the ambient energy that is stored in them will become highly volatile and can destroy cities if not careful.

Reason 2: His Sisters. Zen hates his sisters with a burning passion, not because they are famous to most of the people in the world, not because of how strong they are, it's because of how they treat him and they treat him like shit. They inlist the way he looks, steals his stuff, destroy the experiments he works on, and even steals his girlfriends. If they were to figure out about the fact that he is a Slumbering One, they will try to "bond" with him. Which involves having his powers downloaded into a "matrix of experience" that all five have access to. And he will be damned if they every get his powers.



This is a rocket launcher he made when he was 11, he didn't like the initial color so he changed it up a bit.


The Heart of Biology, this gem was a gift to Zen from Alex, it allows Zen and him only to manipulate Organic Matter.


Blade of Crimson Thorns. With this blade Zen is capable of summoning deadly plants and poisonous thorns on the tip of his blade.

Hex Armor of the South

This armor is capable of being summoned upon Zen whenever he desires. It is made out of Hexcialium, a type of metal the resonates with magic and his dark arts.

Breath's Skin

The Breath Of Tru Air's Skin. This type of armor is generated when a Thaumaturge becomes an apprentice. It looks like this due to Zen's adaptive ability.


XenoTech, Zen found these weapons during a raid of a dungeon. That dungeon was apart of the "Game". Very powerful, highly mod able

You just died

Pyric Stance

Arsenal 1

From left to right: Demonic Sword of Hexes, Blade of Silver Light, GreatSword of The Frost Dragon, Fang of Shadows.