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  • DemoIceman

    Legion Yilgoth Lexical

    Basic Info
    Alias(es) The One Who Understands
    Race Looks Human/Unknown
    Gender Male
    Age 15



    Main Abilities


    Flash Combat

    Personal Data
    Birthplace Xeronia
    Nationality Xeronian
    Affiliation(s) Himself
    Occupation(s) Player and Adventurer

    The being known as "Legion" is an odd subject to talk about, I suppose that should explain how he came into this world. You see, Legion's parents didn't want him to be born....per se. What I mean by that is that they didn't anticipate his birth.....Rinne Lexical was raped by an unknown being and gave birth to him three months later. Now any normal person would have given the child away, got an abortion, or even leave the child to die; but R…

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  • DemoIceman

    Zen Kobayashi

    Zen was born in a quintet, he had four older sisters and he was the youngest out of all of them. Zen life started out great, but all good things come to an end. When he was four years old a war broke out in the country that he lived, it was alters vs. human vs awakened. Even though Zen was raised as a human, but he was more than a human, you see you couldn't tell if him or his sisters were four without them telling, because they acted, spoke, and looked like 10 year olds. With their home destroyed and their mothers vanished, the five had to leave to go find a new home, but Zen was not sadden by the event, instead he was happy. As long as his sisters were by his side, he was happy he wou…

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