Character: Unilactus

Powers:Complete Arsenal (Infinite supply of powers, to manipulate or destroy everything in the omniverse and beyond) Most notable powers -> Author Authority/Metapotence,(Because he is an author avatar) Mentifery (in the Astral/Enforce Earth verse(s)), Ultimate Fighter/Ultimate Invincibility  (Fight and beat all things) Omni-Negation/Power Immunity (all powers), Adaptive Power-Level (can overcome TOAA in battle, because Metapotence is better then Omnipotence, in theory.) Cosmic Guardian (The guardian from outside Astral Chronoverse/Enforce Earth threats), Absorbing Replication (Threat Level INCREASED) Meta Power Manipulation (Simply take away ANY opponents powers, rendering them useless) Fourth Wall Awareness(He truly knows all) Meta-omni-ulti-potence ( better run.)

Personality: Powerful and he knows it.

Background: In the beginning of fictional existence, there was the void. A realm of utter darkness, which had been in existence before time indefinite. The void was populated by the Meta Circle, a group of dormant omnipotent beings with immense powers, thus earning them the title omnipotent. Then, suddenly, a catastrophic explosion expanded the omniverse, giving the Meta Circle consciousness. The explosion had been triggered by the first human story (from real life), giving birth to imagination. Then, as the explosion became larger and swallowed more of the void, it converted the void into the omniverse, creating an infinite expanse of worlds, dimensions and souls. However, there was only the concept of these places. Soon, the members of the Meta Circle took control over the different planes of existence, customizing them and developing them. They essentially became the creators of such planes. Unilactus took over the the Astral Chronoverse concept, and all its inhabitants, copied Enforce Earth from another plane, and connected the two. The Meta Circle, sensing they had created powerful things that could seriously damage the other's creations, agreed on a rule: Under no circumstance, except under the permission of both the creators, were creations from one plane to enter another. After this, the Meta Circle broke up. Unilactus sensed the presence of a dozen people who were power hungry, and were breaking that rule, travelling from plane-to-plane causing destruction. Uni acted quickly, creating an impenetrable shield of his own power, then set it around The Astral Chronoverse and Enforce Earth. A few other creators followed this example. With his creations protected, Unilactus now observes the antics, actions, times of joy, and times of sadness of his 'story', sometimes changing things to his liking.




Unilactus lives on a floating island high up above the Astral Chronoverse, from which he observes the adventures of the Enforcers on his omniversal 200 inch plasma screen tv. Why? Because he is not that serious, and likes a bit of fun.

Unilactus is the 'author' of Enforce Earth and the Astral Chronoverse

The Olympians

The Olympians

The Olympians

Powers: Absorbing Replication, Planeswalking, Absolute Immortality

Twelve beings, who's mighty names even made it into the minds of humans without interaction. The Olympians, the most powerful planeswalkers in existence, are not a force to be underestimated. This is their origin story.

You know about the Meta Circle, right? Well, I said that Unilactus created a shield over Astral to prevent it from being invaded by ' a dozen people who were power hungry, and were breaking that rule, travelling from plane-to-plane causing destruction.” These twelve people were the Olympians, the beings just under the Meta Circle. They had not creator, instead created by the Omniversal Detonation. So, out of envy, they started to destroy the Meta Circle's creations, finding out a powerful ability each one had...

They had to ability to absorb and replicate anything that was not absolutely immortal in existence, a powerful ability that should not of been used in the wrong way...

...Which was exactly what they did. They continued to destroy creations, absorbing entire universes and replicating deadly sickness, weapons or creatures into the ones they did not destroy. However, once the Meta Circle started to 'close the gates' as it were, they were stuck in the nothingness between planes, floating without aim, existing with no point. Finally, they found out the existence of 'demi-planes', or 'unclaimed planes', places which they could enter without worrying about the omnipotent force stopping them. You see, only a omnipotent force, nothing under, could stop the Olympians from entering a plane. So, they started to harass the demi-planes, destroying the smaller planes and reducing them back into nothingness.



Uni 5

True beauty hides out of sight. In the cosmos.

Uni 2

An enem-y? Expect no merc-y.

Uni 7

Your entire chronoverse is the result of my dreams.

Uni 4

Reality? I can make it different.

Uni 8

I see all...

Uni 9

Larger then life.

Uni 10

The chronoverse is my house, its contents my toys.

Uni 3

Power at its peak.

Uni 1

I was here before space, I was here before time. And I will be here after it as well.

Uni 6

The cosmic entities are my playthings...