Name: Lillian

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Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 14-15 

Personality: Friendly but generally keeps to herself, she is skilled in her work. 

Powers: Mechanical Intuition, Age Shifting, Oxygen ManipulationTechnopathyTechnological Combat

Role: Technology maintenance, Oxygen/Atmosphere Manager and drone operator. Minor and optional role includes examining samples of non living materials collected from planets.

Basic Info: A young person who can manipulate her age to remain immortal. She has a lot of knowledge on technology. Her role on the spacecraft is to ensure the technology is working up to scratch. She has the ability to control the atmosphere so if there was a shortage of oxygen she can generate more. 

Equipment: As well as being able to manipulate many technology and machinery she knows how to use a lot of hardware and software to help her when not using powers. This extra knowledge is also useful for when she does use powers too. And due to Lillians technological knowledge and her role she can access and control every electronic on the ship like security cameras, androids, computers and the spacecrafts flight system (just in case). This means she reserves this responsibility for emergencies only.

Technology: Lillian has a drone that runs on AI and is her personal defence system so she doesnt have to carry weapons around with her. She uses her technopathy to control the bot if necessary. 

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