Name: Ayaki

Species: Angel


Powers: Meta LuckAbsolute WillSingularity,  Divine Magic

Abilities: Enhanced Beauty, Enhanced Condition

Occupations: Destroying her enemies, maintaining peace

Alignment: Good

Personality:  For most of the time Ayaki is calm and friendly, almost embodying goodness itself. When someone gets on the wrong side of her she can be their worst fears. Most enemies try and avoid her.

Appearence: An extremely beautiful angel that captivates anyone who looks at her. Being both the dream of boys and the envy of girls.

Fighting Style: Magic attacks that consist of superheated energy. Her absolute will can manipulate anything she desires, which is usually the enemy themselves. She is many times more lucky than anyone else which means she always wins in conflict to the point where reality alters itself for her.

Other: In this verse there is no heaven or hell, no god and no other angels. Ayaki is the main supernatural being.