Name: Maelstrom

Powers: Ocean Lordship, Water Manipulation, Ocean DomainSea OmnipresenceSealife Manipulation, Semi-Immortality.

Physical Form: Intangible due to his water form. He is not invulnerable, meaning he could possibly be killed, but he does not age.

Occupations: Protector and ruler of earths oceans.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Personality: Maelstrom is the god of the sea. He is a good god, who uses his control over the ocean to rule most of the planet. He is a responsible being and plays a role in protecting the earth. Despite his goodness, he is known to have a chaotic side, sending sea monsters to attack ocean liners which dump rubbish into his waters. He is allies with The Nature God aka Mother Nature (most powerful god on earth).

Appearence: His true form is the shape of an enormous human made entirely of water. No details are present (e.g. facial features, hair).

Fighting Style: Use of whirlpools to ward off water-borne attackers. Tsunamis are also used to wipe out land based assailants. These are not average tsunamis; some have reached the stratosphere! It is not uncommon for other Earthen gods to team up when destroying threats. An abolished tactic was to heat or freeze the water in an enemy for either extracting information or punishment.

Known Conflicts: Items found in retrieved treasure chests hint he once submerged an entire island to punish the local populations for killing his followers.