Midnight is a vaewolf created by evil scientists. He was born from a human that was mutated by an unknown alien-like substance that contained wolf and bat DNA. The evil scientists wanted to make him more powerful than their other superpowered test objects who would help them gain world domination, so they gave him a mutated nuclear substance which would give him intelligence beyond a normal human and the powers they couldn't comprehend. With his intelligence and newfound power, Midnight had only one goal "power and destruction." In order to accomplish his goal, he killed the scientists, broke out of the science lab and plunged the whole earth into darkness. He would then conquer other planets and even mess up the timelines of alternate universes to search for ultimate power. After years of destruction, he learned about an artifact named "Anubis's khopesh" which would give anyone with indomitable will, ultimate power. An entity known as "Darkness" saw an imbalance of good and evil continue that grew greatly which made him furious and set out to find the source of it. He confronted Midnight right before he would grab Anubis's khopesh, turning him into stone and imprisoning him in the Darkverse (a universe full of darkness).


Midnight is a ruthless, selfish, and sadistic vaewolf who cares about no one but himself. He hates everyone and everything. He only cares about power and the destruction of everything.

Weaknesses & Limitations