Lilith (1)

Origin: Born in Hollow Sanctuary.

Classification: Demon witch

Background: Lilith was created by Argost in order to help him defeat the Dragon King Dragonov and his army. She abandoned her master and went to prison so that she could survive (live to fight another day). Before she went to prison her and Thrash plotted together. Part of their plan was making her clone go to prison for her so that they could prepare for their plan. Lilith hid in the shadows as she watch her clone cause havoc around the world as it released Argost from the Demonicalibur. She watched the defeat of her master by the Dark Crusaders (Dragon Master Knight) and was satisfied as shown when she meant Thrash in a dark alley.

Personality: Lilith is very secretive as the story revealed that she and Thrash plotted Argost's return for years. Lilith is also very tricky as shown when she fooled the Dark Crusaders with a clone of herself. Lilith is also cruel and manipulative as well when her clone brought back Argost, causing shockwaves across the world, and teaming up with him (actually sacrificed Argost on purpose due to her plot with Thrash).

Goals: Wants to rule over Hollow Earth by any means necessary.

Alignment: Neuatral Evil

Powers: Demonic PhysiologyMagical Energy ManipulationReplication

Limitations: Will take up to 30 minutes for her to heal any injury she has.