Origin Story

Atmos was born as an egyptian man with a family. He served the Pharaoh well, and lived happily with his wife and 2 kids. What he didn't know was that the Pharaoh planned to kill him after he found out that Atmos' wife was his long lost crush, who ran away from home when they were teens. The Pharaoh saw their relationship as an abomination, seeing as Atmos took his only true love away from him. The Pharaoh one night invited Atmos for a walk, while the Pharaoh's servants would go kill his kids, and take his wife. When Atmos and the Pharaoh went back to Atmos' home he found his children dead in the living room and his wife gone. As soon as he turn around, the Pharaoh stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. The Pharaoh had told his 2 soilders to throw him deep in the desert, where Atmos would be left to die. Thrown deep in the desert, Atmos cried to the Gods for help. Right before he would die, he promised them that he would do anything if they let him live. In the Afterlife he met all of the Egyptian Gods. They promised to revive his family with immortality but in return to keep the balance of good and evil in their universe for eternity. Atmos had accept their promise and became known as Darkness the Balance of Good and Evil. After he became Darkness, he saw that the evil in the universe was greater than the good. The scale showed the source of that imbalance being the Pharaoh. Darkness went back to Egypt and paid the Pharaoh a visit and told him everything that happened after his death. The Pharaoh begged for mercy only for Darkness to chop his head off with a khopesh. Darkness would then keep the soul of the Pharaoh as a trophy and torment it for eternity. Darkness became more ruthless and had promise himself that he would show no mercy to anyone who caused the imbalance of good and evil in the universe.


Starts out as individual who cared for everyone (as Atmos). Later to be corrupted by his hatred of the Pharaoh and the power he the Gods gave him, and become a ruthless being who cared about no one except for the balance of good and evil.


  • If he doesn't keep the balance of good and evil, he will lose his powers and go to the underworld.
  • Sometimes lets his anger get the best of him and becomes very stupid.