Origin: Dagger was born in Dracconia, the dragon kingdom of Hollow Earth. 

Classification: Humanoid dragon also known as dragonman.

Background: Dagger and his friends were chosen as the next Dark Crusaders because they represented unity between different species, which fits the very purpose of the Dark Crusaders. They were assigned a task by Thrash to capture Lilith, since she escaped from prison. Another part of the task was to make sure Lilith didn't take the Demonicalibur from Reaper's Graveyard. He and his friends failed the task, which created even bigger problems when Lilith revived Argost from the Demonicalibur. They later confronted and defeated Argost and Lilith by fusing into the Dragon Master Knight and using his powers.

Personality: Dagger is very a calm indivdual as shown when his friends were arguing about the mission they failed, he said that they didn't catch Lilith but did they stop her from retrieving the Demonicalibur in a very calm tone, which calm down his friends. Dagger also cares about his friends and will not put them in danger as shown when he told them that he would fight Argost alone despite Argost being way more powerful than any of them including Lilith herself. He also loves Laentina as shown when he showed affection toward her when she got absorbed by Argost and when he kissed her after Argost's defeat.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Goals: Wants to protect Hollow Earth from evil forces and to make sure that the kingdoms are in peace with one another.

Powers: Dragonman PhysiologyEnergy Attacks

Limits and Weaknesses: Can be drained if he uses too much of his power. It also takes 2 hours for him to recharge his powers, regularly. It can go up to a day if he uses all of it at one time.