Young hermes by oliverharbour-d75c3cd
Name: Nick Savor


AbilitesNigh-OmniscienceUltimate Fighter,Omnilingualism,  Space-Time Manipulation

Occupation: Exploreor, Businessman, Government Angent.

Motto: "Having a thurst for knowledge is not a bad thing but it is best to limits one desire for such a thing. Trust me. I should know.."

Goal: To become the supreme mind in the multiverse.

Quote: "Go head. You may enter my mind. But bewarn, there have been people with brilliant intelligence who have entered left broken and retared."

Backstory: Nick is a young freshmen college student who suddely developed the power to connect to billions of minds. Besides his great telepatic feats, Nick can also shape the form of reality to his liking. Since discoving his powers Nick has landed a job with the Government as a spy to collect intel from other government  from different countries. In exchange for this his college is payed for as will as being a member of the government. Nick could simply pay for college himself with his reality bending powers but decides that it is much more fun having the government do things for him because theysee him as a weapon which they are afriad of.

 Taking advantge of his omnipatic abilites he scan every being, animal, and object to cover his hunger for knowledge. Wanting to know what life lies beyond his home planeted he warped space and time to go to varies planets in the universe with the aid of his ESP to locate life, giving him were to go. 

He has since been to many places: The future, past, present, universes, dimensions, you name it. Hundreds of places visted in what seem like it would take decades it only took a year for our hero. During his travles, Nick has seen things that he most remain quite about. However he is willing to share this knowlege with people but not out of kindness. He does it as punishment to those who have tried to take the mulitverse for themselves as well as it's knowlege.