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    Character Sheet 2.0

    December 7, 2014 by DarthPlan

    "Your exactly like me. I replicate. You replicate. Except you can turn into anything you image unlike me." Hey, that doesn't me we can't be replicators. Haha, get it?"- Anso during one of his encounters with Nick.

    Name: Anso "Copycat" Diigo

    Age: 24

    Alingment: Lawful Evil

    Powers: Omnireplication

    Talent: Enhanced Combat, Supernatural Intelligence

    Motto: " Life is to short to expricene everything. So I'm going to have much fun as I can and for me that's for ever."

    Quotes: " There has been a point in my life were I asked myself I am during the right thing? Why I am doing this? Then I realize that I'm God. And God doesn't give  a f$%@ about people beneth him."

    Quotes from other Charachters: " He scares me. Not just becuase he is a lunatic but because o…

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    Anybody up for having a great time war like theme with our charaters for the fun of it? 

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    Character Sheet 1.0

    November 28, 2014 by DarthPlan

    Name: Nick Savor

    Powers: Omnipathy

    Abilites: Nigh-Omniscience, Ultimate Fighter,Omnilingualism,  Space-Time Manipulation

    Occupation: Exploreor, Businessman, Government Angent.

    Motto: "Having a thurst for knowledge is not a bad thing but it is best to limits one desire for such a thing. Trust me. I should know.."

    Goal: To become the supreme mind in the multiverse.

    Quote: "Go head. You may enter my mind. But bewarn, there have been people with brilliant intelligence who have entered left broken and retared."

    Backstory: Nick is a young freshmen college student who suddely developed the power to connect to billions of minds. Besides his great telepatic feats, Nick can also shape the form of reality to his liking. Since discoving his powers Nick has l…

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    Personality test(off-topic)

    November 28, 2014 by DarthPlan

    This test is scary accrurate about you It says that I'm a INFP. This test says alot about me. For the best results awnser honestly.

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